Interior design ideas

Country style

September 5th, 2009

Country style – is the style, which has come to us from the multinational USA, but in due course it lost its geographical binding, and today it is considered as international style.
First of all we will remind of ecological compatibility of the country: arranging home in this style, you should minimize use of synthetic materials, preferring natural materials – tree, stone, and paper, metal (only not chrome plated, but “made old” one). And even straw or dried leaves can become ornament of your interior – you should use your imagination.
Country style is not cheap style, so, or natural materials – be it stone or a tree, or paper – are quite expensive.
If to speak about the inherent country of polychrome, it is necessary to notice, that it is, as a rule, juicy, dense, not shouting tone. Gentle shades of green, dark red, blue, beige are preferred. As to patterns (which, certainly, are characteristic for style of the country style), they should be simple – flower motives for walls, the Scotswoman – just for decoration.
Certainly, rural style means also quite certain furniture – simple, even rough forms.
And, certainly, the country style means lots of accessories: copper, clay and ceramic ware, services with a vegetative ornament, figurines, and candlesticks.
In a word, the today’s country style – is an eclectic style, which means naturalness, coziness and comfort.

The most expensive house in the world is on sale in Germany

August 11th, 2009

The most expensive house in the world at the cost of square meter is exposed on sale in Germany. Realtors want to sell├В┬а the house with area of only 30 square meters, located on the island Zilt, popular sea resort, for EUR 4,8 million, that makes approximately EUR 160 thousand for one square meter.
The house from a red brick with a roof covered with turf, is called “Duckling” (“Waterkueken”). It is located on the ground area by the area of 2400 square meters, which covers dunes and coast in immediate proximity from place Kampen, chosen by millionaires.
Nevertheless, because of legal formalities the small house cannot be expanded and reconstructed. Realtor Matthias Haase Immobilien tried to achieve re-planning permission from local authorities, but unsuccessfully. Cost of “Duckling” then would rise to EUR 6,3 million, which the seller promised to give on the charitable purposes, however, the authorities have refused to give the permission.

Dark blue colour in interior

July 30th, 2009

Dark blue and blue are natural colors. These are the colors of water and sky. They bring calm and energy; you will never get tired of dark blue color.
Interior in dark blue tones not only calms, but also possesses freshening effect.

Dark blue tones are especially good for small premises. Blue color in interior is also recommended as expanding tone for small rooms. Light blue color of ceiling will visually make a premise higher and more spacious. It is good color for working zone as it helps to organize itself. The walls, painted in blue, are good for the premises, arranged in the southern part of the house, but they are not recommended for the rooms which windows leave on the east and the West, as they will make room dark and gloomy.

Color psychology
Dark blue color creates the precondition for deep relaxation and sense of life. But at the same time it is the color of melancholy. People, who prefer this color, try to keep all in order, they always have own point of view, and they are betrayed to the business.

Positive characteristics: organization, inflexibility, strength of mind.
Negative characteristics: fanaticism, subordination.
In color therapy dark blue promotes restoration of nervous system, helps at absent-mindedness, stresses, frustration of intestines and the strengthened palpitation. Dark blue color extinguishes emotions, reduces arterial pressure.

Dark blue with yellow – pleasure combination
It is better to counterbalance dark blue warm tones. The combination of blue with the gold looks magnificent and noble. Turquoise color is in harmony with pastel tones. Adding of yellow to dark blue will bring some pleasure note into the house. Combination with grey color will make house warm and cozy. The unpainted tree is perfectly combined with all dark blue of all shades.

From office to children├втВмтДвs room
Presence of dark blue tones gives nobleness; therefore dark blue color is often used in classical interiors. Meanwhile it also color of youth, which is ideally entered in hi-tech or a modernist style. Dark blue approaches and for working premises. It is good in those rooms, where conferences and discussions are held. Weakening and calming action of the blue will help you to create cozy interior of children’s room. Blue color normalizes blood pressure. If you want to create sea mood, it is enough to add some blue details into interior. This method is especially good for bathrooms.

China – royal tea drinking

June 30th, 2009

Still any half a century ago porcelain and crystal in the house were considered as a narrow-mindedness sign. And now coffee, tea, lunch and other services are being carefully collected.
As Chinese porcelain was always out of competition, today we will talk about its European colleague. However, in spite of the fact that the china exists very much for a long time, there is still a lack of world-wide recognized marks.
Europeans managed to disclose secrets of the Chinese skill only in 18th century, earlier only wooden or clay utensils was used. It is interesting, that this opening has been made practically simultaneously in Germany and France. Only Germans have adjusted manufacture of so-called “firm” porcelain from the Dresden clay, and Frenchmen – “soft”, without kaolin application.
Already for hundred twenty years table porcelain of DM Rosenthal has been treated as royal porcelain all over the world. It combines skill, quality and art elegance. Distinctive feature of cups of this mark is that they are completely covered by glaze whereas others are simply polished at edges.
Coeval Rosenthal – Villeroy&Boch trade mark is not so grandiose, but is not less refined. Besides it is accessible not only to persons of “blue” blood as production shares on daily ware and for solemn occasions.
Two centuries ago Englishmen have tried to add kaolin into bone flour. Experiment has been very successful. Products turned out not only snow-white, but surprisingly strong. For example, it is considered, that factory Wedgwood cups can sustain weight in some tons (at correct distribution, certainly). Till now bone porcelain is produced and painted only manually by gold and platinum dropping.
The invention of English mark Worcester – is a so-called “jeweler” decor.

Wattled furniture

June 11th, 2009

Weaving -is one of the most ancient human crafts. It is even is more senior than potter’s business.├В┬а It is surprising, that today masters work practically the same as slaves in Egyp. Initial materials, technology of its preparation and manual skills have not changed.
The refinement of wattled furniture relies in difficult fret work and unusual modest wattled furniture luxury.
By the way material is quite cheap, products are not inexpensive, and they are practical in use, easy in care and are durable.
Now the main value of wattled furniture relies in its ecological cleanliness. The more it is closer to nature, the more valuable it is: both durability and easy care are important.
And though the most expensive and best furniture is exported from Italy, Spain and Germany, the majority of the European firms bring an exotic half-finished product.
Traditional Russian wattled furniture is made of willow rod, Indonesian is made of raffia, Chinese – of bamboo, Malaysian – of reed, Philippine – of abaca.

Mirax predicts high prices for building materials

June 5th, 2009

Mirax Group experts mark positive tendency in the market of the basic building materials, cement and armature, for the first time since autumn of last year – increase in demand and a rise in prices is observed.
In May the volume of the auctions by cement has increased twice in comparison with an April indicator, and the price index of branch has grown on 7 %.
It is possible to expect the further rise in prices for cement in the near future. It is connected with activization of demand and simultaneous increase in costs of manufacturers of the cement, caused by growth of tariffs for gas, the electric power, and transport expenses.
Besides, after stable April prices, in May prices for armature have grown on 1,25 %. Metallurgical combines have raised the prices for 2-7 % for June shipments.
Today the average price of armature has reached level of February, 2007, and makes RUB 17,125 thousand for ton.

Welcome to the county of sweet dreams

May 28th, 2009

Bedroom interior is worth of special attention. Here are some useful links about it.
- Now it has become popular not to hide linen under the coverlets. So if you had a new graceful complete set, do not hesitate to show it. And if you want to impress guests with your innovation, cover only the footboard with short coverlet, combined on color with bed-clothes and add some decorative pillows from a coverlet fabric.
- If you are following European fashion and your apartment is quite warm, it is possible to refuse from traditional blankets, having replaced them with blankets-coverlets.
- Admirers of traditional decisions can “play” with drawing stitches for bed furniture. Choose quilted coverlet and pillowcases for pillows which will lie from above, from one fabric. The size stitches will be the only difference:├В┬а small squares on pillowcases and large squares on a coverlet – large.
- If you all the same prefer to hide bed under cover of plaid or coverlet, but would like to diversify a bedroom interior, try to decorate bed backs with fastened small pillows.
- What about combining the coverlet on bed with any elements of bedroom? Spread out the cascade of pillows on the narrow plaid-path, laid directly on a wide window sill. Or add some multi-colored padded stools combined with coverlet on color.
- Plaids in this premise can play especially decorative role, if on color they are combined with pillows, coverlet or upholstery of padded stools (armchairs) on color.
- According to a today’s fashion, the more pillows on bed headboard you have, the better. These pillows should be different: one – in pillowcases from the bed-clothes complete set, for example with a pattern, others – monophonic, corresponding on a shade the first one, the third one – in the same color scale.

New life of old furniture

May 22nd, 2009

Times when people were trying to get rid of old furniture have passed. Now the opposite tendency is observed: people are ready to spend weight of forces and time if only to get an olden time subject. Owners of offices – the rooms which conditions approximately in 80 percent of cases have a historical bias are especially interested in this trend. But it is quite difficult to find and buy furniture ├В┬лwith the experience├В┬╗ – here it is necessary to feel the real value of historical heritage.
The main thing – is to give this subject new life!
The whole complex of restoration works is quite difficult: restoration of the lost fragments, the decorative painting, popular today artificial ageing, if necessity, selection and replacement of textile upholstery and accessories.
Modernization, due to which the ancient furniture is equipped with the additional modern equipment, requires special attention.
For example, your office table can be equipped with computer keyboard.

Costume jewelry for sofa

May 22nd, 2009

Buttons is not only a utilitarian detail of furniture upholstery. Buttons allow adding a new shade to the finished interior! And what it can make your interior elegant, ironic, glamour – it depends only on you and on buttons, certainlyтАж
Buttons became very popular in furniture design in the middle of XIX century, they are still considered as an element of elegant classical style.
So what is costume jewelry for a sofa? There are two basic methods of sewing buttons: cave-in buttons will be fixed deeply, that will create an appreciable dent on a surface, and superficial or floating method – thus a fabric surface is not almost deformed.
Buttons look especially well on leather, silk, atlas and velvet basis.
If you wish to match the original form of armchairs and sofas, you should take advantage of buttons!

Italian style

May 15th, 2009

Italian style in interior distinguishes by elegant glamour, grace and accent on details.
So, if you want to create solar Italy, take advantage of our advice.
Luxury in the Italian interior is perfectly combined with functionality, and antiquarian things peacefully co-exist near to samples of modern design.
The preference is given to classical furniture from dark breeds of a tree, sometimes with hammered pattern.
Sated, deep, juicy colors, warm color scale and soft illumination create sensation of constant presence of the sun. For coloring of walls take advantage of decorative plaster, for example terracotta, olive or tenderly-yellow color. It is possible to combine some invoices on the same level with plaster; it can be a mosaic or fresco imitation.
Pictures and illustrations on walls is one of distinctive lines of the Italian houses. It can be landscapes, portraits or abstract images. In order to group a composition from several pictures correctly, at first spread out them on a floor and change a configuration until you will choose the best variant. Pictures in group should be leveled on the centre. Making a composition from several pictures, pay attention color scale combination.
It is possible to use a few antiques and old tree samples in order to give interior spirit of old Italy.
Marble figurines, ceramics from majolica and bronze candlesticks on regiments will add glamour to sitting room. Do not go too far in decorative ornaments, only two-three elements would be enough.
Convenient sofa with set of bright pillows can become a favorite place in the house. Add an interesting detail to the design, using pillows from brocade.

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