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Shower without water: a magnificent choice for the best offices

April 12th, 2007

Director of any large company does his best to make the office the most stylish and cozy for workers. But inventive Japanese, who in all are guided by the motto “for cleanliness and order”, have gone further and have thought up a way how to make not only a workplace, but also each employee pure and beautiful.
Japanese scientists have developed “shower”, which works without water.
Manner Jet from Okamura and Sanki Engineering device – is the so-called “must-have” for solvent employers. This exclusive and magnificent office subject becomes the irreplaceable assistant in struggle against various bacteria. It can make so that the clothes of workers of the company were absolutely pure without special efforts, and will make everything that you could forget about the dust.
The system of new “shower” work is following: before coming into office, the person comes inside the cabin, where the employee is blown with special filtered air. This air deletes motes and bacteria which, in turn, are soaked up by the machine. As a result – the employee comes to the office faultlessly pure.
Manner Jet will be on sale in October, 2007, and it will cost approximately 16 thousand dollars. Well, those who have the allergy on the dust will really appreciate this tremendous novelty!




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