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7 rules for your sofa

April 19th, 2007

Unsuccessful purchase of furniture is a serious mistake, which consequences can be felt for years (soon it will collapse, will become unstuck, will appear absolutely unfashionable etc). Nothing negative will happen to you, if you follow such rules:
1. If you are a private buyer, try sit on the sofa. If the sofa is folding (try to move apart it for some times. Thus, it is not necessary to be over-modest, especially in the mechanism; in fact you will do this operation not one thousand times!)
2. If you the wholesale buyer and you have arrived to the factory, look of what the furniture is made. If your request is rejected, choose other manufacturers.
3. The skeleton of a sofa should be made well dried converted timber. (Some factories ignore this rule. Thus, non-dried skeleton will dry at your apartment, and the sofa, owing to this, – will creak.
4. Your sofa can be soft due to foam rubber, the spring block and polyurethane foam. It is quite impossible to prove, which material is the best. It depends on your sensations and tastes. But there are some principles.
The more softly foam rubber is, the easier it is crumbled. Sofa pillows, filled with foam rubber crumb, will quickly lose the form.????
5. The folding mechanism is one of the most important elements in the sofa. There are three kinds of folding mechanisms: the book (the seat is put forward half and the back leans back), the folding bed (the mechanism which is displayed in a berth and is under a seat) and sliding. Many companies refuse from “book” and we also advise you to choose between the folding bed and sliding.
6. If you have chosen folding bed, try to find out, of what the “sleeping” support of the folding mechanism is made. Belt supports and metal grids are the most popular kinds of folding mechanism.
7. Upholstery. A flock (a fabric with the pile, put with the electrostatic spray) is easily cleaned and not easily soiled. Large factories never use our flocks and try to avoid flocks with “dry” spray because of very strong electrostatics. It is possible to consider a fabric with Teflon covering as the ideal upholstery: water, tea, coffee will simply flow down from a sofa, upholstered by such fabric, not leaving any traces. But the price! The price is not so idealтАж


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