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Dining table (Part 3)

June 18th, 2007

Chairs have been thought up by people long time ago. Among archeological finds of Ancient Egypt harmonious stools and thrones with a straight back and a quadrangular seat, rectangular tables on four legs and round on one support, have been found.
In Slavonic countries all people, including approached to the imperial person, sat on a bench. The chair served as a throne, and tsar sat down on it only in “special” cases. Rich people upholstered a bench with a thick both dense rag and felt, and pulled green cloth from above. The owner always sat in a “red” corner, and the mistress took a place on edge.
In the Western Europe in XV century people have thought up to attach a back and armrests to stools. During solemn receptions chairs with pillows stood out only to members of royal family. The nobility sat on stools, less well-born court – on harmonious seats, other people stood. King at the choice granted ladies with “the right of a stool” – to sit at his presence. Chairs of an epoch of a baroque are as beautiful, as well as inconvenient. The groove became covered with a mix of chalk with glue and special additives and the thinnest leaves of gold from above were attached. ????????????????????

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