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6 secrets of a beautiful lawn (Part 2)

June 21st, 2007

????lean earthen heaps
These “hills”, certainly, spoil a kind of a lawn. Besides they stir to a hairstyle and can even damage knifes of a lawn-mower. These “hills” can be done by moles, shrews, changas, earthworms and ordinary ants. All these essences together with the ground pull out outside seeds of weeds and damage lawn grasses.
Each of wreckers should be struggled against differently. In order to get rid of ants and changas you may use special preparations. Earthworms do not like sour ground. Therefore do not use lime for a lawn. It is very difficult to get rid of moles and that is why we strongly recommend you to call for special service.
Struggle with spots
There are many reasons of ugly spots: dog “spots”, a burn the fertilizers, the spilled fuel, the condensed ground, illnesses of a grass, rare having watered.
So, what shall we do here? For the beginning cut out a piece of the lost turf and loosen with a plug a surface of a site. Now it is high time to sow densely these “bald head” (approximately 30 – 50 grams seeds on square meter) and fertilize with peat. We stamp ground and it should be watered plentifully (but so that water has not washed away peat and seeds).

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