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Garden on the roof (Part 1)

June 27th, 2007

Do you remember how much little Alice wished to get into a magic garden? The way to beauty, violence of paints and smells, has been always difficult. So, the inhabitants of a mega cities (the same as little Alice) have also to overcome not one obstacle to get into the country garden.
However, small green garden can be done even at home and more truly – on a roof. To attention of owners of penthouses and those, who only thinks of purchase of a heavenly dwelling: the garden on a roof is easier, than it seems! Do you wish to enjoy a rustle of the leaves excited by a wind in personal garden of magnificent height every evening? For this purpose it is necessary to understand that the expenses for its creation can be equaled to expenditure for its exploitation. Garden on a roof – is a serious and long-term invention. But it is not necessary to think, that height is a handicap for the most courageous imaginations. We insistently advise you to entrust creation of a garden to professionals.
In an ideal it is necessary to invite experts from Germany. It appears, Germans are the world leaders in business of the green roofs device. Almost 14 % of roofs in Germany have at least a pretty lawn. Gardening of is roofs also stimulated In Japan legislatively. There is lot of gardens on roofs in the USA. The basic argument in struggle for gardening of roofs all over the world is hidden in the ecological advantage. Cities overheat; we breathe not air, but evaporations from bitumen roofs. But there is nothing new in pendant gardening.

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