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The most expensive house in the world of scandalous Saudi prince is still for sale

July 7th, 2007

For certain in the vainest dreams of each of us there was an idea to lodge in the most expensive house on the planet. Now minions of fortune had a unique opportunity to embody this dream in a reality. In the American city of Aspen (state of Colorado) a private residence officially recognized by the most expensive apartment house on a planet is exposed on sale.
It is a question of smart estate Hala Ranch, whose owner, Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, is now occupying a post of chairman of Security Council of Saudi Arabia. Since 1984 Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan was the ambassador of Kingdom Saudi Arabia in the USA. The Arabian prince was famous for close friendship with the president of the country Georges Bush-senior and ability to become the center of a different sort of scandals such as, for example, a bribe at a rate of more billion pounds sterling from British weapon corporation BAE Systems.
However, the impaired reputation has not in any way reflected in magnificence of his dwelling. Smart private residence Hala Ranch in cost of 134 million dollars is located in picturesque hilly district. It has everything you would desire: 15 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a separate compartment for children, a beauty salon, pool, a tennis court and even own ski line. On hearings, more than half of windows of a magnificent private residence have a magnificent view on beautiful mountain district.
According to the real estate agent Joshua Saslove, who is engaged in sale of the house, lawyers of prince have approved only 11 applications on survey of the estate, two of which were from the journalists, written about ranch enthusiastic clauses. Selection was exclusive, considering the fact that more than a thousand people wanted to see the house.
Prince and wife have constructed the house in 199, when Aspen has started to reincarnate from small hippie town into the place for billionaires.


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