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Elite furniture (Part 1)

July 11th, 2007

Conceptually the furniture can be divided into two kinds: furniture for a life, and other furniture, “for eyes”- as a hobby.
Elite furniture – criteria of estimation
There is furniture of absolutely other grade. Furniture is a sign on taste and social status of the owner. Such furniture is not on sale in ordinary shops and it is not made at factories by million parties. It is called furniture of “luxury” class.
In opinion of the inhabitant for furnish of luxury furniture the original concept and use of natural materials – a tree, leather, natural fabrics, nonferrous metals are characteristic. And it is quite natural – transcendental cost of the goods is really “charming”.
The attitude to furniture is not always defined by a material status, and more likely world position. Those, who wish to transform a place of residing at the house into the dream, hardly will save on an interior.
Despite of current of time and development of the furniture industry (improvement of technologies and materials), and its further improvement (introduction on the furniture market of the new companies and countries) Italy remains the world leader on the market of elite furniture.
“Elite” – the luxury – has not always been the defining characteristic of the Italian furniture. But today the furniture of a class “luxury” differs not only, and not so much by price, but on many other qualities. Among other furniture markets researchers of the of the Italian furniture market features mark it????????s (paradoxically!) availability.???? In other words: the increasing numbers of people are capable to decorate the life with rather qualitative furniture. When we say “furniture”, we mean everything, including, lighting devices, accessories, textiles, table silver – all movable subjects of interior design.


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