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Elite furniture (Part 2)

July 12th, 2007

For the last years some changes in definition “lux” in interior and furniture design, which are not connected with a fashion, are being observed. The “lux” category is defined any more by cost and skill of manufacturers, but with other criteria which have been recognized secondary: reproduction of moral values, successes in research of materials, ecological compatibility and others. All these qualities are not evident, but they considerably raise value both each subject of furniture, and a uniform of interior design composition. Thus the important components of quality of elite furniture gain originality, novelty, beauty and, first of all, functionality.
It appears so that the furniture of “lux” class serves not only to image of the owner, but it also carries out functions of furniture in general – it provides coziness and comfort in the house. Today functionality of furniture means bilateral communication between the designer and the consumer. Designers do not chase extreme novelty of forms any more, and aspire to make stylish beautiful furniture as much as possible ergonomic. With this purpose new creative decisions are created and samples of classical design are staticized.
Do not hesitate of luxury. In fact furniture is not only for a body, but it is also a hobby.

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