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Glass and crystal as color ornaments of the house (Part 5)

January 26th, 2007

The change of two styles-a rococo and classicism-has occurred during short time. The rococo, in its form of the presentation, was close to a late baroque. In the early beginning, classicism comprised the elements of the Antiques and the Renaissance. The glass, on appearance faultlessly imitated jewels. It became an ideal material for imitation of precious ornaments and at the same time the base on which manufacture of the costume jewellery was developed.
It was the revival of enamel paints of the glass and the products of this magnificent glass became available to ordinary people. Snuffboxes in the form of glass vials, bottles for moonshine and the glass painted pictures created on various motives, became very popular.
This epoch is characterized by the invention of the glass imitated semiprecious stones -red and black hyalite, based on characteristic for an empire style semi-precious stones and minerals.
The most important discovery in the glass-making industry was a red florid prograss decorated by an engraving.
Almost all and glass-making factories produced suspension brackets for lusters. By the end of XIX century lusters in Venetian style with the multi-color thermally formed colors were in the great demand.

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