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The end of season: flower bed, lawn and garden

October 27th, 2007

Take care of a flower bed
If you have not made it earlier yet, cut off stalks and “dead” leaves at all wintering eutherophytes (including peonies, phloxes and to a host). After that redig the ground around of plants accurately and add humus.
Clematises, blossoming on this year runaways, also require a scrap on 2 units from a level of the ground. After scraps the plant should be covered – powder with peat or dry foliage, or powder foliage. Remember: cover only after the ground will be chilled on 2 centimeters.
When minus temperatures and the ground will be established, and the ground will be a little bit chilled, it is possible to start winter crop eutherophytes – Iberias, calendulas, clarkias, larkspur, poppies, chrysanthemums, a mignonette, lobelias. Sow simeons on the equal ground; powder them with a mix of peat, sand and humus. Early winter sowing is good that plants will get under way in growth in the first warm days and will amicably blossom during the season.

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