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The end of season: flower bed, lawn and garden (Part 2)

October 30th, 2007

Make winter “hair dress” to a lawn
Watch, that the lawn did not leave under a snow???? not cleared from leaves and not short-haired, otherwise in the spring the lawn will rot, and fresh grass will make the way hardly through a brown layer of a last year’s grass and fallen down foliage. When the lawn is cleaned, it is high time to carry out prewinter hairstyle. Thus the height of a grass remains quite high – 10 – 12 centimeters, for this purpose you should establish a mower on the maximal height of a cut. After a “hairstyle” it is recommended to cover the lawn with a mix of peat and sand in order to smooth roughness and to fill crack in the ground.
Well, the lawn is ready for wintering. It is necessary to take care of mower. Remove dirt and the rests of a grass from it; erase all traces of rust with a fabric or rigid brush. Merge oil and gasoline from the petrol machine. After that grease with lubricating oil all bearings and spray an aerosol against rust (is on sale in shops for gardeners) all metal parts of the machine. The mower winters better, when it is being put on a wooden surface, instead of the ground or concrete.


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