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Furniture in the house

January 29th, 2007

The furniture is the integral attribute of each house. Furniture in the house is the same usual phenomenon in human life, as food and water.
We have a rest on furniture, we work, and we accept food. Existence of the person cannot be presented without furniture in the house.
During ancient times the furniture was more primitive, than now. Then in dwelling of the person there were some simple furniture subjects. Usually, these were a table for reception of food, study and work; some chairs, a bed, a case or a locker.
Eventually people searched for new forms and embodied new ideas in life. The furniture in the house became more various, there were new products and components which made human life more convenient and comfortable. Furniture masters understood, that with the development of the human world, the spectrum of tastes and needs would extend, there would be new images and forms.
Also they have realized, that the competition in the market of furniture arisen.
The struggle for the client was won by the one who put fresh ideas and forms.
The best furniture has always been produced in Italy. It differed from the furniture made in other countries by the design and unique style. Certainly, this furniture is very expensive, but it is of very high quality.
The furniture in the house became more various. The assortment has extended and the classification of furniture has also occurred. It was possible to divide it into upholstered furniture – beds, sofas, couches, armchairs; office furniture – tables, chairs, armchairs, shelves, cases; kitchen furniture – every possible variations of kitchen sets; children’s furniture – children’s couches, two-story beds, small tables, children’s chairs; furniture sets – sets of furniture for halls and drawing rooms.
Earlier the furniture was made only of a tree, now metal, glass, plastic and other synthetic and chemical materials are widely used.
Some materials for manufacture can be dangerous to human life. One more problem has appeared in the world- how to make safe house furniture? Many states have entered and adhere to various ecological standards which limit or forbid the use of those or other unsafe elements. For the last years the ecological furniture enjoys a great popularity as people realize the necessity of all-round health protection.
It is necessary to continue the improvement of ecological standards so that the furniture in the house did not harm future generation.

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