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Children’s furniture

January 30th, 2007

For the child the house should be a symbol of heat and coziness. For this purpose it is necessary to give a maximum of attention at a choice of children’s furniture.
The child should feel cozy and comfortable in the room. The right choice of furniture is important. First of all, the furniture should be ecologically pure, in fact that the health of a young growing organism depends on it. At purchase it is recommended to pay attention to materials of which the children’s furniture is made. Unfortunately, there is a children’s furniture from materials and varnishes that are harmful to the child. It is necessary to study closely characteristics sheet which is applied on furniture. Secondly, the coloring of furniture is also important. Strongly sharp and bright colors of children’s furniture negatively affect the mentality of the child, make children nervous and irritable; too faded and cold colors are also negative for the reason that the child often runs into depressions and an apathetic condition.
Thirdly, at a choice of a couch or a bed the mattress is important. Couches in children’s rooms are most widespread. As it is known, a mattress is put on a wooden skeleton of a couch. It is recommended to choose a rigid mattress to avoid a curvature of a backbone of the child whose skeleton is forming and very strongly reacts to such elements. The best mattress is one made from a coconut fiber, but it is very expensive and not each family at a choice of children’s furniture presumes to buy such mattress. Optimum variant at the price of and qualities is a mattress from foam rubber with a thickness not less than 10 centimeters. Also the mattress should be rigid and should be minimally deformed at compression.
Correct colors of the room, illumination and competently chosen competently chosen children’s furniture will as much as possible improve a life and development of the child.
From all spectrum of children’s furniture children’s couches, tables, chairs, shelves, beds and cases are in great demand.
Very often, if in family there are two children, a two-story couch is preferred. It helps to save up a place in a room, giving the child more space for games and development.
The children’s furniture takes the important place in a life of the child. By means of it the kid studies in simple household things which will be useful to him in the subsequent life: to put furniture, for example, chairs on the necessary place, to clean a table after game or lessons, to wipe a dust and to make a bed. Contrary to opinions, that the quality of children’s furniture is not so important for the child, it is possible to say, that furniture is the important element. So, it is not necessary to save at purchase of furniture, in fact its choice is also as important for the kid, as a feed and fresh air.

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