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Color of house coziness (Part 2)

January 13th, 2008

Selection of color for various functional zones
In a children’s room pertinent light, warm and moderately bright tone is recommended. But if your child is active, we recommend you to add blue and green color. And red in a nursery is undesirable. It is useful to update children’s room interior even time in two-three years, in fact the child grows and develops. It is possible to change and color scale.
Both traditional white and various shades of blue are highly recommended for bathroom. Silvery color has become very popular today. If the bathroom is rather spacious and light, it is possible to make emerald or cowberry as primary color.
The kitchen and dining room allow using both bright warm tones. And for noble calmness – you may choose various shades of green or colors of a natural tree. If you aspire to a full transparency, it is possible to make white kitchen.
Bedroom – is the empire of soft tones. If you dream of a meeting with the partner you will enjoy bedroom in peach or light pink tones. In any case you should avoid registration of great volumes of red, bright yellow and bright orange (differently it will be difficult to fall asleep) and black. Dark blue, dark-violet and dark brown is also very dark for bedroom. We also recommend you to avoid grey (in order to prevent depression).

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