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Furniture in Russian style

May 13th, 2008

The furniture in Russian or pseudo-Russian style has for the first time appeared at the international exhibition in 1867 in Paris. And it will be successfully exhibited at the further, always causing genuine interest of public and experts. It is indicative, that the products executed in this style, have forced Europeans to change the opinion of Russia and more closely to concern to what Russian manufacturers offered.
The new direction, in which genuine interest and surprise prevail comes on change to opinion occurred in the West that “Russia is the country of imitations”, and its manufacturers are guided only by creation of copies. European experts have at once noted, that Russia aspires to be released from whose that there were influences to create own, based on national elements, style.
Russian furniture has completely grown from these conditions. Connections of a tree are not hidden by artificial veneer, but, on the contrary, to they are attaching special expressive significance. It also explains why partitioning of separate parts are executed with full understanding of the elementary techniques; each element makes impression, as if it has been quickly and easily made by a cutter or on a lathe.
No any synthetic material, but a tree can fill the house with such powerful natural power.

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