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Steel character: Fixtures Esedra, Status, Grossmann

May 31st, 2008

Many factories, having given in to charms of minimalism, precise lines and brilliant surfaces, have decided to devoteв the whole collections to high-tech style. This problem has been in the best way solved by three factories – Esedra, Grossmann and Status.
So, Italian factory Esedra specializes on decorative fixtures. Esedra combine rigid character of a mega city and own game of design, idea, and light. Other Italian factory – Status – combines in the fixtures severity and a practicality. Already more than 30 years production of company Status guarantees high quality and functionality. The laconic, brilliant fixtures executed in cold tones, become an original interior detail and will emphasize purposefulness, activity and gravity of the owner. The lamp with the fantastic name Colibri, created in 1998, is the sample of minimalism and the favorite of office interiors, and collections of fixtures of factory Status, for example, Papira is a combination of the high quality, the sated, deep color palette and functionality.
German company Grossmann has made high tech as the basic style direction. Grossmann is a real German quality, a wide range both decorative, and architectural light, a variety of models and interesting details.

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