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Unusual fireplace

August 19th, 2008

The principle of work of a fireplace without flue is quite simple. In special capacity (the fiery bath, the chamber of combustion) from stainless steel pour a little liquid fuel and set fire by means of a special long hook.
There are classical variants of fireplace decoration – with portals from valuable breeds of tree and marble. There are fantastic, vanguard forms, where the fiery bowl is placed in glass cylinders of the various sizes. First, thus even greater safety is reached. Secondly, unlike traditional forms, in glass fireplaces fire can be considered from any party. All fireplaces are produced only from high-quality natural materials: glasses of better quality, the present ebony delivered from tropical woods. There are models, where for a basis the Scandinavian stone and aluminium popular is used.
There different models of fireplaces: models for terraces, angular, on rolls, built in and separately standing fireplaces-frameworks. There are eve wall fireplaces.
The operating time of a fireplace depends not only on quantity of fuel (from liter up to five), but also on model of the fireplace. In average, it is a question of two-three hours, but burning can last even all day long.

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