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Comfortable colors

August 30th, 2008

Color strategy can be divided into three areas of influence.
1. Active, invigorating, toning up zone. It can be sitting room, cabinet, gym and game zone of children’s room. Here bright, sated, intensively-warm colors should be: red, orange, yellow.
They invigorate and adjust on active way of life, and still raise arterial pressure, speed up pulse.
2. A quiet, weakening, relaxing and calming zone. It can be bedroom, a bathroom, and wardrobe. Here it is recommended to use pastel, cold shades: green, blue, dark blue, violet.
3. The combined zone, uniting cold and warm tone. It can be kitchen, table, and hall.
Here various combinations are possible, but they should cat in harmony.
Colors of rest and well-being: these are natural shades, especially those, which are connected with the sea: sand, coral, pearl.
Colors of the surrounding nature: shades of color of green moss or pine needles, gentle-brown.
And, certainly, colors of the sky: from pale color of the gray-blue winter sky up to deep blue of summer midnight.
All these colors can be used both in furnish of walls, and in furniture.

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