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Washing up…..with pleasure

October 6th, 2008

Getting washstand, pay attention to following parameters. The width of washstand should make 50-65 centimeters.
The washstand of smaller width is very inconvenient – sparks of water can gather around it on the wall and on the floor, and greater one takes too much place.
If you plan to establish a double washstand, arrange it so that the space between the middle of two bowls the distance was not less than 90 centimeters – otherwise two people, standing beside, can bother each other.
Depth of washstand makes 48-61 centimeters. It is possible to check up, whether the attracted model approaches you, even without the ruler – approach closely to a washstand and extend a hand. The washstand should end in the middle of a palm or at tips of fingers.
Choosing a washstand on a pedestal or built in curbstone, do not ignore its height. Usually the washstand is established at height of 80-85 centimeters, but it is not convenient at all.
According to anthropometrical requirements, for the majority of men comfortable height of a washstand (already on pedestal!) from a floor up to top of a board makes 94-109,2 centimeters, for women – 81,3-91,4 centimeters.
Certainly, the area of bathroom does not always allow establishing two washstands at different height; therefore in calculation it is necessary to take average indices – 86-93 centimeters.

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