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May 8th, 2009

Hand-made carpets are considered as the most durable and steady against fading carpets. Many travelers prefer to buy them in countries, where masters perfected their art for centuries: Tunis, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and China. Some copies can be equal to real masterpieces; therefore, price can be almost incredible.
The carpet can be so original, that it becomes the main part of your interior. Though, of course, much more often designers prefer to order carpets under own sketches in special studios, instead of to waste time on search of mass production product of necessary color and the drawing, corresponding to the general concept of interior.
In the first case the flight of fancy is not limited neither forms, nor the sizes or color scale. It is possible to order an author’s sculptural carpet (it is made by a method of manual stuffing – tufting, that allows creating relief, difficult invoice and color scale on nap surface).
Many companies offer to weave a portrait of the favorite person or all family photo on a carpet. So, it can be an excellent and, the main thing, unique gift! Though, it is necessary to consider that such surprise should be prepared in advance.
How to define fake
Today in the numerous markets dealers are dashing sell the roughest synthetics under the pretext of wool. However, there are many ways to define fake.
First, the cost price of an inexpensive woolen carpet makes approximately $35 for sq. meter, therefore such carpets should cost from $50 per meter. If high density carpets are offered for $35-40, than it is a fake.
And here is one more secret. Collect fibers from surface of carpet, braid it and set fire. If the formed charred ball is scattered, and the nose catches a specific smell of hair – then you are offered natural product, if not, then you are offered counterfeited product.

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