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Italian style

May 15th, 2009

Italian style in interior distinguishes by elegant glamour, grace and accent on details.
So, if you want to create solar Italy, take advantage of our advice.
Luxury in the Italian interior is perfectly combined with functionality, and antiquarian things peacefully co-exist near to samples of modern design.
The preference is given to classical furniture from dark breeds of a tree, sometimes with hammered pattern.
Sated, deep, juicy colors, warm color scale and soft illumination create sensation of constant presence of the sun. For coloring of walls take advantage of decorative plaster, for example terracotta, olive or tenderly-yellow color. It is possible to combine some invoices on the same level with plaster; it can be a mosaic or fresco imitation.
Pictures and illustrations on walls is one of distinctive lines of the Italian houses. It can be landscapes, portraits or abstract images. In order to group a composition from several pictures correctly, at first spread out them on a floor and change a configuration until you will choose the best variant. Pictures in group should be leveled on the centre. Making a composition from several pictures, pay attention color scale combination.
It is possible to use a few antiques and old tree samples in order to give interior spirit of old Italy.
Marble figurines, ceramics from majolica and bronze candlesticks on regiments will add glamour to sitting room. Do not go too far in decorative ornaments, only two-three elements would be enough.
Convenient sofa with set of bright pillows can become a favorite place in the house. Add an interesting detail to the design, using pillows from brocade.

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