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Costume jewelry for sofa

May 22nd, 2009

Buttons is not only a utilitarian detail of furniture upholstery. Buttons allow adding a new shade to the finished interior! And what it can make your interior elegant, ironic, glamour – it depends only on you and on buttons, certainly…
Buttons became very popular in furniture design in the middle of XIX century, they are still considered as an element of elegant classical style.
So what is costume jewelry for a sofa? There are two basic methods of sewing buttons: cave-in buttons will be fixed deeply, that will create an appreciable dent on a surface, and superficial or floating method – thus a fabric surface is not almost deformed.
Buttons look especially well on leather, silk, atlas and velvet basis.
If you wish to match the original form of armchairs and sofas, you should take advantage of buttons!

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