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Wattled furniture

June 11th, 2009

Weaving -is one of the most ancient human crafts. It is even is more senior than potter’s business.├В┬а It is surprising, that today masters work practically the same as slaves in Egyp. Initial materials, technology of its preparation and manual skills have not changed.
The refinement of wattled furniture relies in difficult fret work and unusual modest wattled furniture luxury.
By the way material is quite cheap, products are not inexpensive, and they are practical in use, easy in care and are durable.
Now the main value of wattled furniture relies in its ecological cleanliness. The more it is closer to nature, the more valuable it is: both durability and easy care are important.
And though the most expensive and best furniture is exported from Italy, Spain and Germany, the majority of the European firms bring an exotic half-finished product.
Traditional Russian wattled furniture is made of willow rod, Indonesian is made of raffia, Chinese – of bamboo, Malaysian – of reed, Philippine – of abaca.

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