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Dark blue colour in interior

July 30th, 2009

Dark blue and blue are natural colors. These are the colors of water and sky. They bring calm and energy; you will never get tired of dark blue color.
Interior in dark blue tones not only calms, but also possesses freshening effect.

Dark blue tones are especially good for small premises. Blue color in interior is also recommended as expanding tone for small rooms. Light blue color of ceiling will visually make a premise higher and more spacious. It is good color for working zone as it helps to organize itself. The walls, painted in blue, are good for the premises, arranged in the southern part of the house, but they are not recommended for the rooms which windows leave on the east and the West, as they will make room dark and gloomy.

Color psychology
Dark blue color creates the precondition for deep relaxation and sense of life. But at the same time it is the color of melancholy. People, who prefer this color, try to keep all in order, they always have own point of view, and they are betrayed to the business.

Positive characteristics: organization, inflexibility, strength of mind.
Negative characteristics: fanaticism, subordination.
In color therapy dark blue promotes restoration of nervous system, helps at absent-mindedness, stresses, frustration of intestines and the strengthened palpitation. Dark blue color extinguishes emotions, reduces arterial pressure.

Dark blue with yellow – pleasure combination
It is better to counterbalance dark blue warm tones. The combination of blue with the gold looks magnificent and noble. Turquoise color is in harmony with pastel tones. Adding of yellow to dark blue will bring some pleasure note into the house. Combination with grey color will make house warm and cozy. The unpainted tree is perfectly combined with all dark blue of all shades.

From office to children’s room
Presence of dark blue tones gives nobleness; therefore dark blue color is often used in classical interiors. Meanwhile it also color of youth, which is ideally entered in hi-tech or a modernist style. Dark blue approaches and for working premises. It is good in those rooms, where conferences and discussions are held. Weakening and calming action of the blue will help you to create cozy interior of children’s room. Blue color normalizes blood pressure. If you want to create sea mood, it is enough to add some blue details into interior. This method is especially good for bathrooms.

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