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The most expensive house in the world is on sale in Germany

August 11th, 2009

The most expensive house in the world at the cost of square meter is exposed on sale in Germany. Realtors want to sell  the house with area of only 30 square meters, located on the island Zilt, popular sea resort, for EUR 4,8 million, that makes approximately EUR 160 thousand for one square meter.
The house from a red brick with a roof covered with turf, is called “Duckling” (“Waterkueken”). It is located on the ground area by the area of 2400 square meters, which covers dunes and coast in immediate proximity from place Kampen, chosen by millionaires.
Nevertheless, because of legal formalities the small house cannot be expanded and reconstructed. Realtor Matthias Haase Immobilien tried to achieve re-planning permission from local authorities, but unsuccessfully. Cost of “Duckling” then would rise to EUR 6,3 million, which the seller promised to give on the charitable purposes, however, the authorities have refused to give the permission.

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