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4 fresh ideas for children’s room

February 26th, 2007

Mobile furniture
Constant aspiration to knowledge and to reorganization is the characteristic feature of all children and teenagers. So, we advise you to meet these desires – screw on furniture in a children’s room small wheels. Such wardrobe (table, sofa) can be easily moved from one place to another place or, for example, to be fenced off by it from the annoying younger brother if children share one room for two.
Miracle carpet
It is possible to make a wonderful carpet for children????????s room from pieces of the carpet coverings remained after the repair or bought on sale. It is necessary to cut through both coverings – and a background, and curved fragment to make all the details ideally coincide. Then you should collect the received fragments as a mosaic and fix (from a wrong side) a bilateral sticky tape and paste on any felt covering. The carpet it is ready!
Star sky
These wall-papers look like usual wall-papers of soft color and with lovely asterisks. But it is just necessary to switch off in the evening light – and all asterisks start to be shone by soft, muffled light. Such effect suffices, certainly, not for all night, but it is quite enough for that the child to go sleep with pleasure. Such wall-papers (pasted both on walls and on a ceiling) are recommended for those kids who one is afraid to sleep in darkness.????
If your kid has grown up, you may remove the forward panel from a bed. Now it is possible to use darling sofa for child????????s visitors.

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