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May 28th, 2009

Bedroom interior is worth of special attention. Here are some useful links about it.
- Now it has become popular not to hide linen under the coverlets. So if you had a new graceful complete set, do not hesitate to show it. And if you want to impress guests with your innovation, cover only the footboard with short coverlet, combined on color with bed-clothes and add some decorative pillows from a coverlet fabric.
- If you are following European fashion and your apartment is quite warm, it is possible to refuse from traditional blankets, having replaced them with blankets-coverlets.
- Admirers of traditional decisions can “play” with drawing stitches for bed furniture. Choose quilted coverlet and pillowcases for pillows which will lie from above, from one fabric. The size stitches will be the only difference:├В┬а small squares on pillowcases and large squares on a coverlet – large.
- If you all the same prefer to hide bed under cover of plaid or coverlet, but would like to diversify a bedroom interior, try to decorate bed backs with fastened small pillows.
- What about combining the coverlet on bed with any elements of bedroom? Spread out the cascade of pillows on the narrow plaid-path, laid directly on a wide window sill. Or add some multi-colored padded stools combined with coverlet on color.
- Plaids in this premise can play especially decorative role, if on color they are combined with pillows, coverlet or upholstery of padded stools (armchairs) on color.
- According to a today’s fashion, the more pillows on bed headboard you have, the better. These pillows should be different: one – in pillowcases from the bed-clothes complete set, for example with a pattern, others – monophonic, corresponding on a shade the first one, the third one – in the same color scale.

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