Interior design ideas

Dark blue colour in interior

July 30th, 2009

Dark blue and blue are natural colors. These are the colors of water and sky. They bring calm and energy; you will never get tired of dark blue color.
Interior in dark blue tones not only calms, but also possesses freshening effect.

Dark blue tones are especially good for small premises. Blue color in interior is also recommended as expanding tone for small rooms. Light blue color of ceiling will visually make a premise higher and more spacious. It is good color for working zone as it helps to organize itself. The walls, painted in blue, are good for the premises, arranged in the southern part of the house, but they are not recommended for the rooms which windows leave on the east and the West, as they will make room dark and gloomy.

Color psychology
Dark blue color creates the precondition for deep relaxation and sense of life. But at the same time it is the color of melancholy. People, who prefer this color, try to keep all in order, they always have own point of view, and they are betrayed to the business.

Positive characteristics: organization, inflexibility, strength of mind.
Negative characteristics: fanaticism, subordination.
In color therapy dark blue promotes restoration of nervous system, helps at absent-mindedness, stresses, frustration of intestines and the strengthened palpitation. Dark blue color extinguishes emotions, reduces arterial pressure.

Dark blue with yellow – pleasure combination
It is better to counterbalance dark blue warm tones. The combination of blue with the gold looks magnificent and noble. Turquoise color is in harmony with pastel tones. Adding of yellow to dark blue will bring some pleasure note into the house. Combination with grey color will make house warm and cozy. The unpainted tree is perfectly combined with all dark blue of all shades.

From office to childrenテ「竄ャ邃「s room
Presence of dark blue tones gives nobleness; therefore dark blue color is often used in classical interiors. Meanwhile it also color of youth, which is ideally entered in hi-tech or a modernist style. Dark blue approaches and for working premises. It is good in those rooms, where conferences and discussions are held. Weakening and calming action of the blue will help you to create cozy interior of children’s room. Blue color normalizes blood pressure. If you want to create sea mood, it is enough to add some blue details into interior. This method is especially good for bathrooms.

Color scale of bedroom and private life

April 8th, 2009

Secret role of color in bedrooms interior is great. In antiquity healers knew about the influence of colors of surrounding subjects, and wrong color can cause various diseases.
Searching for harmony in private life demands to follow such principle, as balance. In order to create harmonious interior, it is necessary to think over a color scheme. Color – is an important component, which influences state of health, psychological comfort, coziness and sexual behavior of the person.

Psychological influence of color combinations
Dark blue + black = absolute rest
Dark blue + grey = calmness
Dark blue + brown = tenderness
Dark blue + violet = aspiration to a subtlety of feelings
Dark blue + yellow = desire to understand and be understood
Dark blue + red = emotional satisfaction
Dark blue + green = accuracy, accuracy, logicality
Green + red = initiative, activity
Green + yellow = a gain, a recognition
Green + violet = aspiration to win an arrangement of associates
Green + black = intolerance to influence from the outside
Yellow + violet = adventures
Yellow + black = aggression
Yellow + brown = private secrets
Red + violet = a sensuality, excitation
Violet + brown = pleasure
Violet + grey = feeling of high feelings
Violet + black = requirement for imitation, desire to become a part something
Grey + yellow = indecision
Grey + brown = necessity for special attention
Grey + black = unwillingness to have with the world of any relations

Comfortable colors

August 30th, 2008

Color strategy can be divided into three areas of influence.
1. Active, invigorating, toning up zone. It can be sitting room, cabinet, gym and game zone of children’s room. Here bright, sated, intensively-warm colors should be: red, orange, yellow.
They invigorate and adjust on active way of life, and still raise arterial pressure, speed up pulse.
2. A quiet, weakening, relaxing and calming zone. It can be bedroom, a bathroom, and wardrobe. Here it is recommended to use pastel, cold shades: green, blue, dark blue, violet.
3. The combined zone, uniting cold and warm tone. It can be kitchen, table, and hall.
Here various combinations are possible, but they should cat in harmony.
Colors of rest and well-being: these are natural shades, especially those, which are connected with the sea: sand, coral, pearl.
Colors of the surrounding nature: shades of color of green moss or pine needles, gentle-brown.
And, certainly, colors of the sky: from pale color of the gray-blue winter sky up to deep blue of summer midnight.
All these colors can be used both in furnish of walls, and in furniture.

Color of kitchen and appetite

June 10th, 2008

Psychologists have for a long time tried to study the influence of color on the behavior, mood and appetite: different colors differently influence not only our mentality, but also our appetite. Letテ「竄ャ邃「s find what color to choose for kitchen that everything that you will prepare on it was tasty. And, the main thing, it did not allow us to overeat.
Grey color will help to grow thin
Are you going to loose some kilograms? Color kitchen in grey-pink tones: such combination muffles appetite and even causes disgust for meal! Grey color does not cause irritation, but thus it calms and muffles anxiety, and together with it and appetite.
Pink color (only not bright, but pale) makes the impression of some mystery, in a combination with grey it promotes self-scrutiny.
Orange and turquoise colors stimulate appetite
Orange and turquoise shades, and also their combinations concern to “tasty” colors. If you even will hang up a picture of these colors on kitchen and will look at it during meal you quickly will get rid of excessive leanness.
Orange color acts excitingly, thus it is very warm and vital color and it adds optimism.
Turquoise and blue-green colors muffle irritation because these are natural colors.

Germans have invented system which will completely change modern cities

May 5th, 2008

At art and NEXT technologies exhibition in Denmark the dynamic facade of a building, developed by Germans, has been represented. This invention is capable to change completely appearance of mega cities all over the world.
Skyscrapers, which walls are made entirely of the glass, abuse many for plainness of shape, but they are capable “to change” appearance depending on color of the sky.
Recently the following logic step in city buildings facades’ evolution has been made. Various parts of facade differently reflect the sky, surrounding buildings, ground and asphalt. These reflections live their life, constantly varying. On a wall of building light and dark strips, waves, circles run – “patch of light-facade” (flare facade) is capable to provide such enchantling show.
This facade was developed by Berlin Company WHITEvoid interactive art and design. It calls the system “kinetic membrane”.
Such facade consists of set of blocks of the complex form, each of which is a mirror from the polished steel. Intricate corners and sides of one such plate allow grouping the “screen” from them, which is capable to close a facade of any form.
Change of “pixels” in this “screen” is reached by very simple image. Each mirror block is established on axis and can deviate on a small corner by means of pneumatic driver.
When the surface of “pixel” is focused vertically, it reflects the bright sky for the ground observer. If pneumocylinders will incline the steel block downwards – it will already reflect the ground. And light and dark points on “screen” will turn out.

Multilevel illumination (Part 2)

March 14th, 2008

In working zone unusual decisions are not required. Here light should be uniform and disseminated: it should be general fixture, not giving shadows, and additional lamp at a workplace with an adjustable light stream on a flexible bar or hinges.
According to fashionable tendencies bedroom should have two light centers: at a bed and near the wardrobe. And it is important, that from each party of bed there was a separate fixture: the muffled, matte lamp on night little table or wall sconce above the bed. If it is childrenテ「竄ャ邃「s room with two beds “night lamp” also should be applied on each of them. The most important here is that illumination was sufficient for reading. And for a case the built in dot fixtures will ideally approach.
Dining table is a special place. Its illumination should be soft and cozy. The unusual aura above a table is created with pendant fixtures. Well, if you want a holiday, place on a candle on the table. It is the best way to create the atmosphere of mystery and celebration.テつ
It is boring to follow all necessary rules. From original novelties – “window” with artificial illumination in ceiling, playing a role of a luster is offered. In this case it is necessary to dot fixtures, which form a shone contour in the form of oval are placed on the access-ceiling. It looks very unusual and effective. Such “hole” in ceiling visually raises it and speaks about not ordinary taste of the owner.

Color of house coziness (Part 2)

January 13th, 2008

Selection of color for various functional zones
In a children’s room pertinent light, warm and moderately bright tone is recommended. But if your child is active, we recommend you to add blue and green color. And red in a nursery is undesirable. It is useful to update children’s room interior even time in two-three years, in fact the child grows and develops. It is possible to change and color scale.
Both traditional white and various shades of blue are highly recommended for bathroom. Silvery color has become very popular today. If the bathroom is rather spacious and light, it is possible to make emerald or cowberry as primary color.
The kitchen and dining room allow using both bright warm tones. And for noble calmness – you may choose various shades of green or colors of a natural tree. If you aspire to a full transparency, it is possible to make white kitchen.
Bedroom – is the empire of soft tones. If you dream of a meeting with the partner you will enjoy bedroom in peach or light pink tones. In any case you should avoid registration of great volumes of red, bright yellow and bright orange (differently it will be difficult to fall asleep) and black. Dark blue, dark-violet and dark brown is also very dark for bedroom. We also recommend you to avoid grey (in order to prevent depression).

Color of house coziness

January 6th, 2008

The small detail of contrast color is capable to recover every day interior.
Characteristic of primary colors
Colors may be warm, cold and achromatic (white, black and all shades of grey). Warm colors (from yellow up to crimson) cheer up and tone up. Cold – calm.
Red – is a color of force, vital energy, and at the same time it is perceived by the some people as danger, therefore hot-tempered people do not need to take a great interest in red color in interior.
Yellow color cheers up, makes active intelligence. Such color is pleasant to people vigorous, loving to communicate, travel.
Orange color improves appetite, promotes rise of enthusiasm and creative inspiration.
Green color is the most “natural” color; it causes feeling of stability and rest.
Dark blue calms and creates sensation of cool morning. It also promotes free flight of idea. Violet color involves philosophers and pensive natures.
Brown is the color of ground; it approaches to people, quivering concerning the roots.
White color visually expands space and allows decorating interior with bright color details.
Black color draws depth and mysteriousness.

Best colors for your bedroom (Part 2)

December 17th, 2007

Important details窶ヲテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつ
Nuances are very important as they can create special atmosphere in the room.テつ Sofa pillows, coverlets, plaids, a sconce and floor lamps, carpets, floor vases and figurines, decorative utensils – these decor elements are creating good color link between, say, curtains and a furniture upholstery. Besides, it very much recovers and diversifies interior. The main thing is that is not recommended to overload premise with a lot of shades.
Your coziness
It is important to remember about the parts of the world. Northern (cold) part should be necessarily flavored by warm bright tones, southern – by cold. By the way, cool shades of gray-blue, pearl, pale-green can visually expand a premise. If the room, on the contrary, is very spacious, it will be desirable to use pastel or sated tones of warm scale.
Nougat on walls
Designers recommend sating scenery of the house with new paints depending on a season. For example, in spring interior colors may remind egg shell, golden-yellow or apricot. Paints should be gentle as the first spring flowers: cornflower-blue, May greens.
In summer cool and dim shades are recommended. Color accents should be made on silver-gray, green or bluish-beige, chocolate or coffee with milk. Metals and natural materials should be silver and bluish.

Best colors for your bedroom

December 15th, 2007

Modest variant
Any pure color is capable to cause irritation in human perception, it requires contrast. – Therefore, working out at the apartment’s interior, it is not necessary to prefer any one color, especially if it concerns to the so-called active palette (yellow, orange, red), because it will be psychologically impossible to stay in such premise for a long time. Color can be always combined with another. The main thing is to avoid strong contrasts – they tire eyes very quickly. Combine not less than three shades.
Pastel in bed
Blue and muffled yellow shades are well combined and the calming effect creates superficial light green tone – this variant ideally suits for bedrooms. – It is better to choose no saturated coloring lilac, green, blue and pink colors for childrenテ「竄ャ邃「s room. The composition of dark blue, yellow and white colors would be the ideal variant both for relaxation and work. Golden-brown color scale will create special cosines in your house.
Grey ambitions
Popular orange is capable to give the tired by black-and-white scale interiors joyful heat and high spirits. this color will attractively look in country and folk style interiors. But even in minimalist style orange color can be quite pertinent because of emotional discharge. From the functional point of view this color should be used in sitting room or living room as it promotes the liberated dialogue and individuality. Orange color can stimulate appetite – that is why it is simply irreplaceable in a dining room and on the kitchen.テつ
Red color requires absolutely special context – no other color can “argue” with its causing ambition and bright temperament. Perhaps, beige, grey and all the same white tone are the only shades, which are capable to restrain its ardor.

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