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Wattled furniture

June 11th, 2009

Weaving -is one of the most ancient human crafts. It is even is more senior than potter’s business.  It is surprising, that today masters work practically the same as slaves in Egyp. Initial materials, technology of its preparation and manual skills have not changed.
The refinement of wattled furniture relies in difficult fret work and unusual modest wattled furniture luxury.
By the way material is quite cheap, products are not inexpensive, and they are practical in use, easy in care and are durable.
Now the main value of wattled furniture relies in its ecological cleanliness. The more it is closer to nature, the more valuable it is: both durability and easy care are important.
And though the most expensive and best furniture is exported from Italy, Spain and Germany, the majority of the European firms bring an exotic half-finished product.
Traditional Russian wattled furniture is made of willow rod, Indonesian is made of raffia, Chinese – of bamboo, Malaysian – of reed, Philippine – of abaca.

New life of old furniture

May 22nd, 2009

Times when people were trying to get rid of old furniture have passed. Now the opposite tendency is observed: people are ready to spend weight of forces and time if only to get an olden time subject. Owners of offices – the rooms which conditions approximately in 80 percent of cases have a historical bias are especially interested in this trend. But it is quite difficult to find and buy furniture «with the experience» – here it is necessary to feel the real value of historical heritage.
The main thing – is to give this subject new life!
The whole complex of restoration works is quite difficult: restoration of the lost fragments, the decorative painting, popular today artificial ageing, if necessity, selection and replacement of textile upholstery and accessories.
Modernization, due to which the ancient furniture is equipped with the additional modern equipment, requires special attention.
For example, your office table can be equipped with computer keyboard.

Costume jewelry for sofa

May 22nd, 2009

Buttons is not only a utilitarian detail of furniture upholstery. Buttons allow adding a new shade to the finished interior! And what it can make your interior elegant, ironic, glamour – it depends only on you and on buttons, certainly…
Buttons became very popular in furniture design in the middle of XIX century, they are still considered as an element of elegant classical style.
So what is costume jewelry for a sofa? There are two basic methods of sewing buttons: cave-in buttons will be fixed deeply, that will create an appreciable dent on a surface, and superficial or floating method – thus a fabric surface is not almost deformed.
Buttons look especially well on leather, silk, atlas and velvet basis.
If you wish to match the original form of armchairs and sofas, you should take advantage of buttons!

Window sill in kitchen interior

October 15th, 2008

Kitchen – is the center of our life-support. Therefore, each element and window sill is not in the last instance. Window sill on the kitchen, unlike other premises, usually it is open space with raised functional loading.
From the designer’s point of view the ideal height of window in relation to floor and height of kitchen (furniture) should coincide. Then there is an opportunity to prolong a working surface of kitchen under the window and “to involve” the area of a window sill. Sensation from uniform space of the bottom part of kitchen and window sill is unusual!
And in the Europe uniform working zone with a sink under the window – it stays already for a long time one of the most actual kitchen design decisions.
Unfortunately, because of features of standard lay-out do not always give an opportunity to put standard kitchen base under a window and to deduce kitchen on one level with a window sill, having put uniform top on them.
Practice shows, that if the height of a window from the finished floor makes 84 centimeters it will allow to place a part of furniture under the window and to make window sill continuation of kitchen working surface.
In case, when the height of window is below 84 it is necessary to issue beautifully in the general style of the design decision of kitchen.
And if a window a little bit above, than 84 centimeters, the designer has other means: centimeters can be added at alignment of floor. Sometimes it is possible to put kitchen on small podium, especially if the kitchen is all the same transferred from the general strut.

Washing up…..with pleasure

October 6th, 2008

Getting washstand, pay attention to following parameters. The width of washstand should make 50-65 centimeters.
The washstand of smaller width is very inconvenient – sparks of water can gather around it on the wall and on the floor, and greater one takes too much place.
If you plan to establish a double washstand, arrange it so that the space between the middle of two bowls the distance was not less than 90 centimeters – otherwise two people, standing beside, can bother each other.
Depth of washstand makes 48-61 centimeters. It is possible to check up, whether the attracted model approaches you, even without the ruler – approach closely to a washstand and extend a hand. The washstand should end in the middle of a palm or at tips of fingers.
Choosing a washstand on a pedestal or built in curbstone, do not ignore its height. Usually the washstand is established at height of 80-85 centimeters, but it is not convenient at all.
According to anthropometrical requirements, for the majority of men comfortable height of a washstand (already on pedestal!) from a floor up to top of a board makes 94-109,2 centimeters, for women – 81,3-91,4 centimeters.
Certainly, the area of bathroom does not always allow establishing two washstands at different height; therefore in calculation it is necessary to take average indices – 86-93 centimeters.

Unusual fireplace

August 19th, 2008

The principle of work of a fireplace without flue is quite simple. In special capacity (the fiery bath, the chamber of combustion) from stainless steel pour a little liquid fuel and set fire by means of a special long hook.
There are classical variants of fireplace decoration – with portals from valuable breeds of tree and marble. There are fantastic, vanguard forms, where the fiery bowl is placed in glass cylinders of the various sizes. First, thus even greater safety is reached. Secondly, unlike traditional forms, in glass fireplaces fire can be considered from any party. All fireplaces are produced only from high-quality natural materials: glasses of better quality, the present ebony delivered from tropical woods. There are models, where for a basis the Scandinavian stone and aluminium popular is used.
There different models of fireplaces: models for terraces, angular, on rolls, built in and separately standing fireplaces-frameworks. There are eve wall fireplaces.
The operating time of a fireplace depends not only on quantity of fuel (from liter up to five), but also on model of the fireplace. In average, it is a question of two-three hours, but burning can last even all day long.

5 advertising myths about shower cabins (Part 2)

August 8th, 2008

The door from polystyrene is cheaper, but in due course “grows turbid” and looses its attractiveness. It is better to buy matte or with figures ones: on such background traces of time are less appreciable.
Choosing doors sway a skeleton. If it is easily loosened, refuse from this variant.
In order that your legs did not slide in soap water, choose the pallet with figure.
Pallets of the angular form have not the most successful sizes.
Buying a cabin, take the plan of the bathroom and compare it with exact sizes of the cabin.
Getting multipurpose shower cabin you should be ready that it will be necessary to arrange repair in bathroom. You should be offered the scheme of “preliminary” works.

Shower subtleties
The more shutters the door has, the less than place will be inside of a cabin, but the skeleton at the same time is stronger.
Good doors are opened and closed silently.
Doors on rollers are more convenient and break less. Ordinary opening door requires greater area. It is more convenient to wash it, but in 10 years it will be necessary to change rubber linings.
Choose a cabin with a convenient seat. Do not hesitate to check in shop a degree of comfort: sit so as if you are in a sweating room.

5 advertising myths about shower cabins (Part 1)

August 4th, 2008

Multipurpose cabins which can be established instead of a bath are becoming more and more popular.

Myth â„–1
This pleasure is not only for elites
Today practically everyone can buy shower cabin. It is necessary to choose only suitable size and adequate price. If you have small bathroom, you can lay out a tile, make a waterproofing, hang up the amalgamator and establish shower corner, which would consist from one door and the pallet.

Myth â„–2
Shower and sauna in one bottle

In high-grade sauna the temperature of air should be not less than 80 оС. At such temperature of heating, if you would casually touch plastic, you would receive the strongest burn. Therefore in shower cabins only a Turkish bath, the coolest one, can be arranged. At 100 % humidity of pairs gets warm up to 40 – 45оС. If the seller will convince you, that in a cabin pairs get warm up to 60оС, do not believe in it.

Myth â„–3
Real massage!
In order that the massage was real, water from vertically located atomizers should flow not at the same time: first some seconds – from the lowermost of some, then – from the following, and so up to the top. Then it will repeat all over again. If such process is not present, it is not a massage, but a usual shower. Massage atomizers should be rotary and with jet thickness regulation.

Myth â„–4
Electronics is always cool!!
In multipurpose shower cabins the thermostatic amalgamator is better than electronic regulator. In them there can not be electronics of the same quality, as in models at the price of nearby 10 thousand dollars.

Myth â„–5
The cabin will serve you for a long time
Practically all details of shower cabins are made of plastic. It is considered as the most qualitative German plastic. But even the most expensive plastic cabin will serve a maximum for 15 – 20 years.

Yves Delorme in Russia

July 19th, 2008

One of the most popular in the Europe and Russia of luxury-marks of bed-clothes Yves Delorme offers elegant mistresses and owners graceful “bed-clothes” for beds and sofas.
The new collection autumn-winter 2008-2009 from the French brand will be presented to the European public only in September, at Parisian exhibition Maison&Objet. Russian clients are lucky: they can choose fashionable bed-clothes now. Novelties are “ahead of schedule presented in conceptual interior Yves Delorme Lifestyle by Mis En Demeure, which has been again opened after reconstruction. The main idea of new space – the union of the French linen manufacturer with colleagues from Design house Mis En Demeure which not only sells furniture and interior objects in Old French spirit, but also renders services on houses and apartments interior arrangement.
In Yves Delorme Lifestyle by Mis En Demeur, besides new collections of linen from balloon cloth and sateen with jacquard or print ornaments, pillows and towels from actually YD, and also Kenzo, Oliver Desforges and Pierre Frey, it is possible to buy oak beds, lockers and cases from natural or artificially olden oak (for example, one bed looks cracked up to cracks and grinded by wood fretters), baroque consoles and mirrors, cut color glass, lusters with the crystal suspension brackets, the flavored candles and amusing figurines.

Economy class Ceilings

July 12th, 2008

They do not assume use of expensive finishing materials and technologies. Each kind demands, that old paint or whitewashing has been removed from a ceiling all over again.

-these works are not so expensive.

-such ceilings do not allow hiding a pipe;
-if ceiling is curve (one party is more than on 5 centimeters above another), cracks between plates of overlapping will be seen.

The plastered and painted ceiling
The ceiling should be leveled on described above technology and then painted. Whitewashing and an oil paint are not used any more and can be replaced with more convenient water-dispersive paints.

Ceiling wall-papers
Ceiling wall-papers are being glued on the leveled ceiling.
In what premises are they applied? – in any except for damp ones – bathroom and kitchen.

Ceiling plates

Ceiling plates are made of polystyrene or polyfoam. They may be glue on any surface, which need to be slightly leveled. Plates happen not laminated – it is possible to paint them with paint and to wipe dust with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.
In what premises are they applied? – In any and especially on kitchens and in bathrooms.

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