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Fashionable reflection (Part 2)

October 4th, 2007

Bathroom is one more traditional site of mirrors installation. Usually, the mirror is being arranged above a washstand. Its form, the size and design depend on the general concept of registration. And in general a bathroom is, perhaps, a unique place in the house, where mirror all can be absolute. Though, probably, such interior will very soon tire you.
The magnificent kind is given with walls from a mirror tile. However, more advantageous and elegant variant relies in combination of ceramic facing tile of the dark or sated colors with mirror tiles. In order to realize your author’s idea of registration, experts recommend buying all over again a ceramic tile and already only after that to buy mirror tile – of the necessary size and quantity.
Sitting room
Here it is, certainly, possible to manage without mirrors. But if you all the same wish to experiment and make a guest room unusual, it is necessary to know some design secrets. For example, the mirror behind of a locker, chimney or book shelves helps to consider subjects, standing on them from different directions, not taking them in hands. It is especially important for collectors of antiquarian figurines, porcelain and the other knickknacks valuing the invaluable treasures. Some mirrors, located under the corner to each other, give rise to phantasmagoria: even if there are not a lot of expensive things, it is possible to create illusion of their abundance.
Usually, it is considered that the person feels vague anxiety if the door is out of sight. That is why skilled designers recommend putting a bed so that it would be possible to see entering in a bedroom, or advising to achieve the good review by means of mirror reflection. There is also one more rule: the mirror should not “look” at the sleeping person. So, conceiving a mirror ceiling or walls in your boudoir, think twice, whether it is really necessary.

Fashionable reflection (Part 1)

October 3rd, 2007

Mirror is the most surprising subject of an interior. It may destroy sad symmetry of an apartment and even bring harmony into your dwelling. It may move walls apart, raise a ceiling, transform faded into bright and make usual things mysterious:
Mirror has so many faces: oval, round, square, rectangular, triangular, in graceful frame or in solid baguette: Today the mirror can be of any form and in the most fantastic frame. The models, consisting of different fragments under the form, are especially popular. Their purpose is not exact photographic display, but creation of absolutely new image of a premise and unusual effects in an interior, owing to refraction of light.
Greater mirrors more often arranged in hall. Usually the mirror is placed at the left or to the right from the entrance door, but not opposite to it. With its help narrow corridor may be visually expanded. For this purpose one of walls can be made completely mirror, in a role of “wall” the facade of the built in case or wall cloth with opening “shutter” – a door in a room – can act. Such mirror creates both functional and pleasant illusion of huge space.
Mirrors help to solve a problem of a rough ceiling in small-sized apartments without damaging it. Pendant or tension ceilings with a smooth surface will, certainly, “steal” 10-15 centimeters after their installation, but owing to an optical deceit neither you, nor visitors will not notice it. Experts recommend ordering square mirror plates of the average size for a ceiling: fine plates excessively split up reflection, and large ones may be damaged during installation. Your design imagination has gone further away, and now, what do you think about mirror floors? There is nothing impossible! Usually, such floors are created by means of polished metal plates alternating a floor ceramic tile.
about mirror floors? There is nothing impossible! Usually, such floors are created by means of polished metal plates alternating a floor ceramic tile.


Oh, those magic mirrors!!!

January 16th, 2007

The designers knowingly consider a mirror as the most interesting element of house decor. A skillfully picked up mirror can refresh even the most boring interior, giving to it a special unique style. It can be an imperceptible detail, and can set the fashion to all interior. The mirror is able to generate various spatial and light illusions, to hide lacks of the lay-out and to do many other things ???????

One, two, three! Be ready – the magic is starting!

In olden times the mirror was considered as the occult subject full of secrets and riddles and the set of superstitions has been connected with it. Today a mirror is not only a high-grade detail of the furniture of, but it is also the original design tool by means of which it is possible to correct some architectural, building lacks. For example, mirrors often use for creation of illusory light and spatial effects. So, if you hang up a mirror opposite the window, the room will get an additional illumination that is rather important for small dark premises.

The illusion of the expanded space is created by large mirrors – when the reflection of various subjects is visible from different points of a room. The mirror can double the width or length of the room (especially, in sitting rooms and bedrooms), but thus it is better to separate the borders of the reality and the “world behind the looking-glass”. For this purpose you should put any small furniture attribute or design near to such wall it can be a small sofa, an armchair, a padded stool, a coffee table, a beautiful floor vase, a floor lamp, the floor fixture in the Japanese style from a fabric, or a rice paper, a statue from the ethnic shop, etc.

Mirror fashion

The designers say that the frame is the most important part in a mirror which allows it to be a stylish ornament of the house! Today’s fashionable tendencies are the following: mirrors with frameworks from natural breeds of trees (a beech, a bleached oak, a nut), painted in various colors or covered by a usual transparent varnish, from copper and a brass, made in the style of an olden time are welcomed. The most important is that the mirror frame should follow the style of your house: somewhere it may be evident, allocating a mirror; somewhere it should be hardly noticeable and ascetic.

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