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The most expensive house in the world is on sale in Germany

August 11th, 2009

The most expensive house in the world at the cost of square meter is exposed on sale in Germany. Realtors want to sell├В┬а the house with area of only 30 square meters, located on the island Zilt, popular sea resort, for EUR 4,8 million, that makes approximately EUR 160 thousand for one square meter.
The house from a red brick with a roof covered with turf, is called “Duckling” (“Waterkueken”). It is located on the ground area by the area of 2400 square meters, which covers dunes and coast in immediate proximity from place Kampen, chosen by millionaires.
Nevertheless, because of legal formalities the small house cannot be expanded and reconstructed. Realtor Matthias Haase Immobilien tried to achieve re-planning permission from local authorities, but unsuccessfully. Cost of “Duckling” then would rise to EUR 6,3 million, which the seller promised to give on the charitable purposes, however, the authorities have refused to give the permission.

Mirax predicts high prices for building materials

June 5th, 2009

Mirax Group experts mark positive tendency in the market of the basic building materials, cement and armature, for the first time since autumn of last year – increase in demand and a rise in prices is observed.
In May the volume of the auctions by cement has increased twice in comparison with an April indicator, and the price index of branch has grown on 7 %.
It is possible to expect the further rise in prices for cement in the near future. It is connected with activization of demand and simultaneous increase in costs of manufacturers of the cement, caused by growth of tariffs for gas, the electric power, and transport expenses.
Besides, after stable April prices, in May prices for armature have grown on 1,25 %. Metallurgical combines have raised the prices for 2-7 % for June shipments.
Today the average price of armature has reached level of February, 2007, and makes RUB 17,125 thousand for ton.

Spanish companies are sill suffering from crisis

September 6th, 2008

Losses of the second-largest in Spain real estate agency Colonial in first half of year have made 2,38 billion euro.
Such damage of the company has been caused by crisis in the market of the real estate of the country because of which cost of the majority of its actives has considerably decreased. The agency has lost a lot of investments in trading networks Riofisa and civil engineering firm FCC.
At the end of June the total cost of Colonial’s objects made 10,5 billion euro. As it has become known, 85 % from them are represented with leased office premises. The company has declared that it is going to reduce quantity of objects of the inhabited real estate and will be concentrated to projects of business centers.
Let’s remind, earlier the largest building company of Spain – Metrovacesa – has declared about possible bankruptcy.

Haute couture apartments: apartments from ARMANI

May 16th, 2008

Creating the house of the dream, the rare person today will not take advantage of professional architects and designers’ services, which will with pleasure, embody all dreams in the refined interior. Absolutely soon true judges of design haute couture, and also admirers of philosophy of Fashionable Armani House can plunge into the refined comfort and functional elegance of own design dwelling, created by experts of one leading divisions.
So, two-level exclusive apartments will be placed on 59 and 60 floors of a tower “Federation” in Moscow-city. The lay-out and design of interiors are created with use of finishing materials and furniture from Armani Casa. The average area of apartments makes 509, 724, 939 and 1069 square meters; the apartments have huge sitting rooms, two bedrooms, a special zone for a maid. There will be enough place for the real winter garden.
Interiors of the future apartments will completely transfer philosophy of the designer. The minimalism, precise lines, neutral shades and expensive materials will create a unique atmosphere of laconism and luxury.
The cost of these apartments will be considerably above the cost of other elite habitation.
It is caused by a lot of their unique features. Besides, Armani Casa completely develops a lay-out and design of interiors with use of finishing materials and furniture of own manufacture, and in the apartments the basic accent is put on unique view from windows.

S7 will construct new hotel in Egypt

April 25th, 2008

Belonging airline S7 Airlines tour operator S7 Tour will carry out reconstruction of four-star hotel Grand Plaza in Hurgada together with Egyptian accepting company Als Tour. As a result the tour operator will receive the exclusive right on sale of hotel in Russian market.
S7 Tour invested in construction of hotel Grand Plaza Resort (200 room-numbers), which is located on the second sea line near to already existing hotel Grand Plaza (320 room-numbers).
Because of this S7 Tour receives for five years all Russian quota – about a half of room-numbers. The hotel will open in August of this year.
The sum of investments in S7 Airlines is not disclosed. According to hotel business CB Richard Noble Gibbons department manager, construction of such hotel will manage in $20 million.

Three-kilometer skyscraper will be built in the USA

April 10th, 2008

The project of the highest skyscraper in the world is developed in Northern America and it can be carried out within the nearest years. The height of building will make more than three kilometers; the quantity of floors will be equaled to 500.
The two-mile construction was developed by American company Tsui Design&Research. The name of the project sounds as Ultima Tower.
The height of a building will exceed 3,2 thousand meters (approximately 500 floors). Travel upward, according to the plan of the author of a tower, should take 9 minutes and 40 seconds. The building will be constructed owing to high-strength concrete with system of the tense steel cables.
Around Ultima Tower artificial lake should be created. Its water will be used for creation of inside of system of the rivers and falls which, besides other, can influence a microclimate of construction. Ventilation should be also natural, without superfluous energy expenses.
According to the architect, construction of unique skyscraper will require $150 billion.

Kidman has paid $7 million for living near to the former husband

April 10th, 2008

Famous Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman has bought houses for $7 million in area of Los Angeles.
It is surprising that Kidman will live on one street with her former husband Tom Cruise.
Actress’ new house, which has settled down right in the end of the silent deadlock, has five bedrooms, and also a pond with gold small fishes and turned off lawns. Kidman has bought the house for $10,5 million

Kidman has paid $7 million for living near to the former husband

April 10th, 2008

Famous Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman has bought houses for $7 million in area of Los Angeles.
It is surprising that Kidman will live on one street with her former husband Tom Cruise.
Actress’ new house, which has settled down right in the end of the silent deadlock, has five bedrooms, and also a pond with gold small fishes and turned off lawns. Kidman has bought the house for $10,5 million

Shocking truth about real estate in Scandinavia

March 27th, 2008

According to the research, carried out by the newspaper 24timer by means of the Statistical bureau of the country, 100 thousand houses of Denmark have no bathrooms, and nearby 25 thousand are not equipped with toilets.
Inhabitants of such houses are compelled to go to a toilet to neighbors and to use public bathrooms in the cellar.
There are no toilets and bathrooms in the apartments constructed in the beginning of 20 century. Their typical tenants are young men with a low level of incomes, and also greater group of elderly citizens.
In many houses, where there is no bathroom, bathrooms are established directly in the bedroom or in the kitchen.
Making comments on the results of research, specialists from scientific research institute Building Research Institute have noted, that “politicians of the country are more anxious with the state of city streets and squares, instead of improvement of living conditions of citizens”. In their opinion not less than 15 years before should pass until houses and apartments of Denmark will be equipped with toilets and bathrooms.
It is necessary to note, that Denmark has borrowed 12th place in the list of the most stable and prospering countries of the world.

USA: clever house will look after your children

March 21st, 2008

The technologies are presented to the USA, allowing supervising the house, pressing the button or with a touch of finger to the screen. The new system not only raises comfort and safety, but also allows looking after children.
Earlier systems of household automation were offered only to buyers of new houses, but now the systems can be established easily in any house. “House of new generation” became the most evident embodiment of system’s opportunities.
In the given construction it is possible to warm up an oven with a call from a mobile phone. It is possible to receive the notice by e-mail if the window in a nursery opens in the middle of night. If someone has come, the video recorder is put on a pause, and on the screen the face of the person calling at a door is displayed. When you start to look film, jalousies are automatically closed, and light gradually die away.
The most part of these devices are wireless. The system includes 170 switches, chambers of tracking and other devices, connected to house computer network and adapted for Lifeware software. Provisional cost of system NextGen home will make nearby $30 thousand.

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