Interior design ideas

Marble ladder

November 23rd, 2007

Today opinion that stone ladders are good only in smart locks is absolutely irrelevant. The stone is pertinent in any dwelling; its main advantage is harmonious combination to other elements of design.
In translation with ancient Greek the name “marble” means “brilliant stone”. The marble is formed of limestones under influence of heats and pressure. More often the marble possesses granule structure. Marble breeds can be completely (actually a marble) or are partially (marmoric limestones) crystallized.
In general there are small-, medium-and coarse-grained breeds. Fine-grained are the strongest and the steadiest. High wear resistance is provided with close communication of grains.
In beams of the sun the marble comes to life and starts to play every possible color combinations. By means of a marble it is possible to create so different ladders: warm and cold tones, massive or air, modest or magnificent.
The marble is quite strong and abrasive resistant; it is well processed and polished.
One of the most known and valuable deposits of a marble is in spurs of Alps in Carrara. The stone passes light on 4 centimeters depth. Such parameters are characteristic only for the most high-grade material.
The surface of a marble ladder can be polished, polished or is artificially made older. Polishing allows emphasizing beauty.
But at all advantages the marble is very much afraid of influence of various chemical reagents. Marble ladders should be preserved against thermal influences, from hit at a step of ladder sand and other abrasive particles.
It is very important to choose correctly cementing material for stacking a marble. If to use a cement mortal or glue, spots will soon appear on the marble. It is recommended to use special glutinous structures.
Restoration of the marble, damaged by scratches, may be done by means of repeated polishing surface. And for care of marble surfaces of ladders special means are required: stone impregnations and beeswax, which will protect a surface, will keep shine and color.
The combination of a marble to other materials is also possible. The combination of marble and metal elements will approach at “hi-tech” style, marble steps and marble hand-rail and carved columns will give to a premise a magnificent kind.
The combination of a marble to the wooden varnished parts of a ladder complex is not also excluded.

Spiral and straight staircases

November 12th, 2007

Everyone who owns a cottage or 2-level appartments surely thought what lader to choose. You may think that ledder has no other functions as to serve your transportation from one floor to another but if you think so – this is not correct. Internal ledder can be the main decoration of your house. It can make it beautiful as well as to make it ugly. It has to work in pair with other decor elements. Ledder can show your character – if you own a wide straight staircase this means that you are opened for the guests. As far as if your ledder contains 2 or 3 parts underlines that your house is separated into few parts and shows that the entrance to private one is restricted. If you own a narrow spiral staircase this means the same as multi-part straight ledder. Stairs play a very important role too. We recommend you to consult with your designed before to buy a ledder. This can save you for doing a big mistake. Staircase is not a thing you’ll change in a week so be carefull while choosing it!

Bruno Wheel Chair Lift. Choice Of Stairlifts

February 22nd, 2007

Wheel chair lift is one of the most convenient things in life for a wheel chair-bound person. This technological wonder basically helps to cope with daily challenges of their mobility, such as climbing stairs, going into a vehicle, reaching out for something very high on a cabinet, and so on. There are various types of wheel chair lifts and the demand for it has been quite high for many years. Bruno Independent Living Aids is one of the leaders in this sphere.

Just like their name says, their product – the Bruno wheel chair lift aids helps such people to live independently. It is extremely important, when the person is lonely or stays home alone for a long period of time. Bruno wheel chair lift range is not just limited to the indoor wheel chair lift. There is also the auto wheel chair lift, so that people, bound by wheel chair are not left behind by their families when they go off somewhere.

Quality products

The Bruno wheel chair lift is considered as one of the most reliable and durable wheel chair lifts in the world. It is explained by high quality control of the products, which come out from their campus in Wisconsin. The products, which also include the Bruno wheel chair lift, go through various stages. These are the quality, durability, reliability and value standarts. The Bruno wheel chair lift was awarded the Today’s Caregiver magazine’s “Caregiver Friendly” Product Award. It once again demonstrates its high quality.

Unlike other common wheel chair lifts, Bruno wheel chair lift comes with safety, mobility and convenience.

Choice of staitlifts
Each potential owner of own house or two-level apartment will face this question. The choice of stairlift is necessary for beginning at a stage of construction of the house, or at the initial stage of apartment furnish. In order that the stairlift was convenient, it is necessary to learn in advance – whether the prospective aperture approaches, whether the place under a ladder suffices. In eight cases from ten places insufficiently, it is necessary to break plates in already trimmed premises.
If you have a small country house – you may easily choose a simple ladder from a pine which can be bought in the building market. It is inexpensive, and the possible scratch is compensated with low price. In all other cases – the country house, a two-level apartment require a ladder from firm breeds of wood-oak, a beech, ash or exotic breeds of the tree. The ladder from these breeds of wood is more expensive, but it will also serve much longer.
Firms stairlifts???????? manufacturers can be divided into three basic categories: large (the manufacture, office in prestigious area), small (the manufacture of more modest sizes, a small warehouse of finished goods) and assembly (there is no manufacture, elements of ladders are bought in the building market), therefore the prices for the same ladders can differ. Unfortunately, elements of ladders from oak and a beech, which are on sale in the building markets, frequently do not differ with high quality. Storage (including winter time) in cold premises, different thickness of steps in one party, cracks define a low class of the future ladder ??????? Nevertheless, the size of firm-manufacturer does not define the quality of the product.
Potential customer should ask to show already made ladder in the house and it is desirable to see work, which has made not less than a year ago. It is very important to choose the manufacturer, which will not refuse from further repair, even after a warranty period.

Spiral stairlifts

February 16th, 2007

Screw, or spiral ladders are applied, when there is not enough place for straight ladders. Spiral staircases are less convenient for movement, than straight lines, but they allow saving the area of a premise and they are often applied as auxiliary to rise or descent in a ground floor. Basic feature screw relies in fastening steps around of a column, or racks. Steps of a spiral staircase are of cuneated forms and are being located around of this central rack. More often it is carried out in the form of a metal pipe. The narrow party of steps fastens to a rack, and wide more often – to rail posts or to walls. Stair riser, as a rule, is absent – the step fastens to a rack of a handrail by its wide end. In order that the leg would feel comfortably on the step, the central width should make not less than 200-250 mm and no more than 400 mm in its widest part.
Thus the form of a spiral staircase contrary to traditional representation about it can be not only round, but also square, octagonal etc.
Spiral staircases are more often made of metal or tree. So, it is possible to create an original interior and spiral staircases can be settled down not only at a bearing wall, but also in the center of the room.
Though spiral staircases take not so much place, they are used less often than rectilinear. The matter is that they are not so convenient. Descent on them demands attention and care. And consequently the preference is more often given to mid-flight analogue. Basically “screw” is used as an auxiliary variant (because the main smart ladder in the house is always mid-flight). Besides, screw stair lifts are used, when the aperture for installation of a ladder is too small. Though there are big spiral staircases – up to 3 meters in diameter. However, experts consider that in an aperture of such size it is more reasonable to choose a mid-flight ladder. It is defined with the whole complex of components. The ladder is designed under the concrete house. The optimality of its parameters also creates comfortableness of rises and descents. The height of a step can vary from 15 up to 19 centimeters, and height of a hand-rail should make 90-95 centimeters.????

Modern step-ladders

February 11th, 2007

Ladder and step-ladder are two greater differences. Ladders may be of various kinds and they differ from step-ladders by the fact that they refer to “added”. Ladders are being put to wall – otherwise it will be impossible to get on it. Step-ladders stand independently. And, as experts say that, step-ladders may with bilateral and unilateral climbing.
Bilateral climbing occurs when steps are located from both parties of the step-ladder.
Except for steps, the step-ladder is still equipped with racks. The step-ladder has also legs (on which the step-ladder stands) and hand-rail (it is not obligatory).
The height of a step-ladder is defined by last step or platform. The distance between steps is, as a rule, about 22-25 centimeters. Usually step-ladders have five or six steps – having raised on its top platform it is possible not only to hang up curtains, but also to touch ceiling. Of course, some step-ladders are quite higher – sometimes they have even seven or even eight steps.
The universal step-ladder can be both a step-ladder, and a ladder, depending on owner????????s desire. It consists of two-three sections and each section consists of 6-8 steps. Putting forward section one after another -as a telescope (not without reason such step-ladders name still telescopic)- it is possible to construct quite high ladder. Junctions of sections are fixed by special hooks or automatic clamps. However, universal step-ladders may be not only telescopic, but also simply folding: when sections are not put forward one after another.


Step-ladders in everyday life

February 3rd, 2007

During long researches it was found out, that step-ladders can be divided into two basic types- household and professional. It is obvious, that household step-ladders are used at house facilities. But it was also found out that they have different functions, purposes and problems. And though, tree is not the best material for step-ladders, but, at my female sight, such lovely bagatelle will decorate an interior.
If a classic is not your style and you love bright color spots, buy a step-ladder from plastic of any radical coloring. This, for example, may be the model “Step&bimbo” (Magis). There are models in two and three steps, from easy strong plastic of the most different colors. In the combined kind it is possible to hang up such step-ladder on a wall or to hide it under the case. Plastic is not afraid of water, therefore, these models suit for work in bathing or in any damp premises.
There are also household metal step-ladders in shops both with unilateral, and with bilateral climbing. Of course, bilateral climbing is more convenient. For example, you need to wash the window or to hang up notorious curtains. Having put such step-ladder before a window, you will easily reach both parties of the window. And if you will buy model, it is necessary to move each time it “there” or “here” and to drag from a corner to corner. What a trouble.
So, here are the main requirements to household step-ladders: they should be reliable, easy, compact and not ugly externally.



Ceramic steps – practicality and durability

February 2nd, 2007

Practicality and durability -is a suitable and well known variant. All Mediterranean architecture, since the most ancient times, has been based on application of ceramics level with a stone. And many ladders of the Middle Ages reveted with tile, serve not only museum pieces. Today, when we choose materials for facing the ladder, there are complexities – the list of possible variants is so much longer. We shall try to announce it even in general.
If to describe “know-how” of ceramics in brief, it is possible to reduce all to temperature of roasting – the higher the temperature of roasting is, the more strongly material will be. Though, everything depends on structure of clay weight, technology, modes of roasting.
Red (yellow) clay:
Terracotta – clay, burnt at the temperatures from 500 up to 900 degrees. It is not covered by glaze. Moisture absorbs very actively. Durability is low. Products from terracotta are used as decorative or as capacities for dry substances and products. At the negligent reference becomes soiled. Usual building brick of red color is also terracotta.
Majolica – it is the same terracotta, but covered with glaze or ceramic enamel. Durability is higher than at terracotta. If glazing technology was kept (in glaze there is no lead, the factor of expansion of glaze coincides with similar factor of clay weight – it means there are no cracks), it can be used as utensils for foodstuff, otherwise – only as a decorative product. If roasting has been made on the maximal temperature mode, it can serve as a covering of walls, a floor, a ladder in an interior of the individual house in conditions of sparing operation. It is traditionally used in furnish of fireplaces and furnaces.


Ceramic steps – practicality and durability (Part 2)

February 1st, 2007

Products from white clay:
Faience – it is a mixture of white clay with caolin and quartz components. It burns at 1100-1200 degrees and has porous structure. It should be glazed. It is used in manufacture of sanitary technicians, tableware, decorative products. If you wish to understand from what your plate is made – turn its bottom upwards. You will see unglazed round edge (on it the plate is put in the furnace at burning). Touch it with tongue – if there is a sensation, that tongue sticks, it is a faience, which absorbs moisture in its pores. Durability of faience is quite low, but it is firm enough. It can be used in furnish of the individual house as a covering of walls, floors and ladders. The same as majolica for a long time and it is with success used at manufacturing a tile and tiles for furnaces and fireplaces. It can be applied as elements of dressing of a ladder. For example, if ladder steps are done of a tree, stair risers can be reveted by a tile.
Porcelain – is a mixture of white clay with very greater caolin maintenance and with additives of quartz components. Roasting passes at 1380 degrees. It is the firmest material from all kinds of ceramics. The range of use is very wide – from tableware and subjects of an interior, up to prosthetics in stomatology and technical application (engine building, electric power industry and so forth). It is the most expensive kind of ceramics. Not-glazed porcelain has a beautiful name – a biscuit. In other languages of the world porcelain it can be named “china” (in a place of the invention – China) and “porcelain”. For dressing ladders it is applied in the form of inserts into rail post, stair risers, to creation of separate elements of the stair lifts.


Ceramic steps – practicality and durability (Part 3)

February 1st, 2007

Products from ceramics:
Mixture for ceramic
tile is a mixture from clay, including quartz and other special additives. It is made by the manufacturer of tile, proceeding from purpose of production. After roasting the tile has porous structure. It allows using confidently it for the device “warm” (with heating) floors and ladders. Roasting of floor tile is, as a rule, unary – for the maximal sintering weight with glaze that raises stability to fretting. The tile of soft colors – by virtue of features of used dyes is steadiest to fretting. Soft, “earthen” shades of color usually have a natural origin – on the basis of color clays.
For floors and stair lifts especially strong tile with a matte not sliding covering is used. Term of operation is predetermined by use at stacking modern gluing mixes and absence of emptiness under already laid tile. It is recommended for use in private-type dwellings or in premises with small passableness.
Ceramic granite is the most perfect achievement of modern technologies in facing ceramics. It has monolithic structure, it does not absorb moisture. It is not subject to atmospheric and temperature influence. It is steady to fretting.
All the elements, which are a part of ceramic granite, have a natural origin. These are caoline clay, quartz components, feldspar, and pigments on the basis of metals???????? oxides. All components, in result of sintering form the monolithic structure, capable to surpass on operational qualities and granite natural origin.
It is worth of mentioning about ecological cleanliness of this material. Color and the invoice can be various, as simulating natural materials (a marble, a granite, malachite and so forth) with the original design.
It is applied everywhere in conditions of high operational loadings (shops, sports constructions, public buildings, etc.). Steps are specially made for facing ladders from ceramic granite. They have spin in the forward edge, the necessary size and can be of various configurations). Not sliding matte covering predetermines safe operation even at use outside of buildings. The ceramic granite demands thorough training of the equal basis for stacking. Infringement of technology of stacking subsequently can lead to damage of a covering. From all kinds of ceramic coverings it is the most suitable material for facing ladders.

Metal ladder

January 31st, 2007

Metal is, probably, the strongest material. Its???????? opportunities in many respects depend on what of metals is used and in what quality.
The steps, exposed to the most rigid operation, should be made of steel or pig-iron. For greater durability of steps it is desirable to use metal with edges of rigidity (relief), which prevent deformations, sliding and the vibrations peculiar to sheet metal. Steel steps are made of profiled hire, pig-iron – shaped moulding. The metal, having a smooth surface, can be used for manufacturing steps if its thickness allows avoiding deformations at operation.
Ladder fencing is usually made of metal even then, when a ladder wooden, stone, ceramic or glass. The basic variants are: blacksmithing from ferrous metal and polished structure, a pipe (stainless steel, a brass). More rare and expensive, applied basically in manufacturing ladders of lux class, it is possible to name moulding from nonferrous metals, and also various combinations – metal and glass, metal and ceramics, etc.
The choice of metal and technologies is defined by design problems. The stylistics of the polished metal is close to modern interiors and offices.
Wrought metal is more universal and it is widely used both in private-type dwelling in style “modernist style” or “gothic style” and in big public, construction which are not having the exact stylistic characteristic.
At the same time, metal can be used as a cheap variant of fencing manufacturing. In this case design decisions also can be the diversified and much depends on your imagination and skills.


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