Interior design ideas

Country style

September 5th, 2009

Country style – is the style, which has come to us from the multinational USA, but in due course it lost its geographical binding, and today it is considered as international style.
First of all we will remind of ecological compatibility of the country: arranging home in this style, you should minimize use of synthetic materials, preferring natural materials – tree, stone, and paper, metal (only not chrome plated, but “made old” one). And even straw or dried leaves can become ornament of your interior – you should use your imagination.
Country style is not cheap style, so, or natural materials – be it stone or a tree, or paper – are quite expensive.
If to speak about the inherent country of polychrome, it is necessary to notice, that it is, as a rule, juicy, dense, not shouting tone. Gentle shades of green, dark red, blue, beige are preferred. As to patterns (which, certainly, are characteristic for style of the country style), they should be simple – flower motives for walls, the Scotswoman – just for decoration.
Certainly, rural style means also quite certain furniture – simple, even rough forms.
And, certainly, the country style means lots of accessories: copper, clay and ceramic ware, services with a vegetative ornament, figurines, and candlesticks.
In a word, the today’s country style – is an eclectic style, which means naturalness, coziness and comfort.

Italian style

May 15th, 2009

Italian style in interior distinguishes by elegant glamour, grace and accent on details.
So, if you want to create solar Italy, take advantage of our advice.
Luxury in the Italian interior is perfectly combined with functionality, and antiquarian things peacefully co-exist near to samples of modern design.
The preference is given to classical furniture from dark breeds of a tree, sometimes with hammered pattern.
Sated, deep, juicy colors, warm color scale and soft illumination create sensation of constant presence of the sun. For coloring of walls take advantage of decorative plaster, for example terracotta, olive or tenderly-yellow color. It is possible to combine some invoices on the same level with plaster; it can be a mosaic or fresco imitation.
Pictures and illustrations on walls is one of distinctive lines of the Italian houses. It can be landscapes, portraits or abstract images. In order to group a composition from several pictures correctly, at first spread out them on a floor and change a configuration until you will choose the best variant. Pictures in group should be leveled on the centre. Making a composition from several pictures, pay attention color scale combination.
It is possible to use a few antiques and old tree samples in order to give interior spirit of old Italy.
Marble figurines, ceramics from majolica and bronze candlesticks on regiments will add glamour to sitting room. Do not go too far in decorative ornaments, only two-three elements would be enough.
Convenient sofa with set of bright pillows can become a favorite place in the house. Add an interesting detail to the design, using pillows from brocade.

Unique interior details

May 8th, 2009

Hand-made carpets are considered as the most durable and steady against fading carpets. Many travelers prefer to buy them in countries, where masters perfected their art for centuries: Tunis, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and China. Some copies can be equal to real masterpieces; therefore, price can be almost incredible.
The carpet can be so original, that it becomes the main part of your interior. Though, of course, much more often designers prefer to order carpets under own sketches in special studios, instead of to waste time on search of mass production product of necessary color and the drawing, corresponding to the general concept of interior.
In the first case the flight of fancy is not limited neither forms, nor the sizes or color scale. It is possible to order an author’s sculptural carpet (it is made by a method of manual stuffing – tufting, that allows creating relief, difficult invoice and color scale on nap surface).
Many companies offer to weave a portrait of the favorite person or all family photo on a carpet. So, it can be an excellent and, the main thing, unique gift! Though, it is necessary to consider that such surprise should be prepared in advance.
How to define fake
Today in the numerous markets dealers are dashing sell the roughest synthetics under the pretext of wool. However, there are many ways to define fake.
First, the cost price of an inexpensive woolen carpet makes approximately $35 for sq. meter, therefore such carpets should cost from $50 per meter. If high density carpets are offered for $35-40, than it is a fake.
And here is one more secret. Collect fibers from surface of carpet, braid it and set fire. If the formed charred ball is scattered, and the nose catches a specific smell of hair – then you are offered natural product, if not, then you are offered counterfeited product.

Fashionable interior 2009

March 22nd, 2009

What do we mean, when we say “fashionable design”? We have good news for you!!! Well-known fashionable marks, known for the fashionable clothes are also engaged in decor and furniture business. In 2006 networks Esprit and Zara have represented summer collections of textiles and decorative elements, and also furniture for dandies.
ESPRIT home collection 2009 is represented with bright, violent colors, giving energy to rooms. This collection is created by means of such experts as A.S.Création (furniture-tapestry materials), Leonardo (glass products), R.F.Petersen (carpets), Bervision, Kitan, Hukla (textiles).
Can you imagine modern furniture and bright strips for sitting room, bright colors for walls, stylish forms just for decoration or quiet warm tone for all conditions: walls, furniture, illumination? Maybe, you would prefer minimalist design, mixed with modern Asian style…
Well-known network Zara opens new boutiques Zara Home. This year Zara is going to open its business in France. Textiles and decor subjects by Zara Home show last tendencies of interior business.

5 ideas for comfortable kitchen

February 13th, 2009

First, you should decide, what basic functions you want to have at your kitchen – only cooking or it will be combined with a dining room or, maybe, the rest zone – so, it will be a place, where all family will gather for dialogue.
In design of kitchen has a triangle rule: the less the distance between refrigerator, sink and cooker. The more ergonomic kitchen will be. The kitchen can be like a straight line, island, G-shaped, semicircular etc. The main thing is to find an optimum parity between kitchen zones.
1. Storage zone
First of all the refrigerator should be placed. It can be built in kitchen set or it can be settled down separately. Besides, in this zone it is desirable to place a case for the products requiring long storage (canned food). The sizes of this zone depend on quantity of members of family and volumes of purchases of products.
2. Kitchen utensils zone
Utensils can be stored in the bottom drawers of kitchen set or in hinged cases. It is desirable, that this zone adjoined to a sink.
3. Sink zone
Here there a sink, place for garbage and branch for storage cleaning and washing-up liquids can be placed. Dishwasher and waste grinder can be settled not far from the sink.
4. Cooking zone
This is basic place on the kitchen. Here you should settle down a working surface – chopping boards, various capacities etc.
5. Eating zone
This zone should have enough space for all members of a family. And if there is not enough place, it is better to arrange eating zone in the separate room and arrange bar here.

Feng Shui has come to McDonalds

January 3rd, 2009

Network of snack bars “McDonalds” has extended worldwide. In New York, Paris, London, Budapest, Kiev or Antalia you will easily see McDonalds and its traditional red-yellow interior.
However, owners of one of Californian McDonalds have gone far from traditions, having added Feng Shui McDonalds. Now, there is no plastic furniture in this McDonalds, and its interior is made in the muffled natural colors: beige, green and sand. Except for it there are traditional Feng Shui attributes: fountains, “handbells of wind” and numerous amulets.
Owners consider that the correct organization of space helps visitors to receive the maximal advantage and pleasure from food. Visitors with approval have apprehended similar interior and have started to visit from food more often.
Despite of the maximal unification, McDonalds has its own peculiarities.  In each country McDonalds owners try to give national color to restaurants.

World of love and coziness

December 3rd, 2008

Children’s room should be arranged in silent zone of the house, it should be well shined with natural light, with large windows, and it is desirable, that in first half of day, the sun was constantly shining there. The children’s room should be comfortable! The world of children’s things creates special aura of cosines and fabulousness, in which game and sleeping spaces successfully incorporate. The equipment and furniture for employment, games and dream depend on age of the child. The most important thing is that all subjects should be proportional to child’s growth, so that the child could use them freely.
For school age children’s room place not only for games and storage of toys, but also for study, should be arranged. In this case transformed furniture is one of the best variants – transformed furniture. Within one day the nursery can turn into the cozy house, puppet theatre, shop, a ship, a tent or a cave with «a fantastic giant», and in many other things, depending on mood of the child. Modifications are possible in process of growth of the kid. Such “transformer” will save not only a place, but also considerable sum of money and, probably, will serve to your child for many years. Furniture sets include not only separate subjects, but represent the multipurpose furniture combine consisting of two-story beds, short flights of stairs, hills, from which it is possible to move down, various lockers, shelves and tables. «Cascades» of different modules and niches make room more interesting.

Flowers in bathroom

July 2nd, 2008

Today bathroom interior is not less important part of design projects, than all other premises.
Small architectural forms and various compositions from immortelles or indoor plants make bathroom a place for relaxation and rest. But for some reason indoor plants in bathrooms are quite rare in spite of the fact that these premises require that rigidity of walls has been smoothed by gentle greens of plants. Actually, by means of greens bathroom can be made really magnificent.
Presence of the big window in bathing – is an ideal variant for gardening. In a warm bathroom it is better to contain the plants, which have come to us from the countries with a tropical climate.  Small window limits a choice of arrangement a little, but more hardy plants here will approach. If there is no window in bathing, do not despair. And in this case there are ways of plants maintenance.
In the big bathroom with a good window it is possible to create a certain similarity of jungle or, as a last resort, small garden. Magnificent ferns and huge leaves of philodendrons will transform your bathroom into magnificent garden. Sprawling betel palms will help to soften coldish shine of tile.
Bermuda arrowroots will perfectly approach for warm and damp atmosphere of bathroom.
Place some large single plants in large bathroom. It can be various palm trees.

eBay is fined on € 40 million for sale of Louis Vuitton’s fakes

June 30th, 2008

The Internet-auction eBay is fined on 40 million euro in connection with sale of counterfeit production under easily soiled French groups Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), the world’s largest luxury goods manufacturer. Such decision was born with one of courts of France.
According to LVMH representatives, French division of the Internet-auction has not accepted necessary measures to prevent carrying out of auction, in which copies of bags and perfumes with trade marks of the companies, among which Christian Dior, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton are, have been exposed on sale.
In turn, eBay representatives are measured to protest the decision of court.
Let’s remind, in May, 2008, one more scandal has burst. The police of Germany have begun investigation on the fact of occurrence on a eBay announcements site of sale of the 7-month’s child for 1 euro. The announcement was in the open access on a site of auction within 2,5 hours.
In I quarter of 2008 net profit of eBay Inc. has grown on 22 % – up to 460 million dollars, the proceeds of the company (on results of accounting quarter) have increased on 24 % – up to 2,2 billion dollars.
The Internet-auction eBay works in three segments of the market – Internet-trade, electronic payments and communications.

Parquet in interior

June 19th, 2008

It is possible to consider influence of parquet covering on all interior as defining one. The invoice, color and structure of parquet set the fashion to the general color score. No other material gives such opportunities at the choice of style. Light wide strips of parquet boards create sensation of space, light and ease of a premise while at set of narrow strips the floor seems more compact. The light tree adds light to dark room and, on the contrary, a dark tree gives intimacy to the same room.
Much depends on a kind of stacking of parquet. The most widespread and durable stacking “fur-tree” though many already search for other, “not hackneyed” kinds of stacking are considered. Recently “deck” stacking parquet rods all over the world is popular.
In this case rods are displayed in a direction of light from a window that seams were not visible. Other traditional and new figures, each of which has the unique features are also popular.
Even the simplest parquet from ordinary breeds of tree considerably wins in comparison with other kinds of floor coverings, owing to the simplicity and ecological compatibility. Tree, as a building material, has a unique the ability to be restored.
No other floor will give such natural sensation of life and heat, as parquet does.
The parquet from a natural tree creates cosines and inspiration. But there is also one more difference of parquet from other coverings. It remains the same beautiful and stylish for a long time. The present wooden floor in the course of time ripens and becomes even more beautiful. It is the way how the truly natural materials work.

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