Interior design ideas

Kitchen furniture

January 31st, 2007

Undoubtedly, kitchen interior is very important for its owner. The kitchen set, a coloring of walls, home appliances and correct illumination can transform usual kitchen into a place pleasant for visiting, cooking, eating and communicating.

The choice of kitchen set should be started with measurement of the kitchen. It is better to draw the plan of the kitchen, to mark a desirable site of furniture, to choose a coloring of furniture so that it was in harmony with the color of walls, a floor and a ceiling. Further it is recommended to consult with the designer about an optimum configuration of kitchen set for the given premise.

The furniture industry has stepped far forward and already nobody can be surprised with usual kitchen set of the standard of the twentieth century. Therefore furniture manufacturers are searching for new decisions and concepts of kitchen furniture using glass, metal, plastic.

For example, transparent tables, made from the strong glass, which is built in a metal skeleton, became very fashionable. The chairs, combining leather and metal, have the same tendency.

Certainly, if the kitchen is small it is necessary to combine opportunities and desires. for solving this problem, the designers have already fond out interesting decisions, building in kitchen furniture refrigerators, household appliances and even TVs to make the kitchen as much comfortable as possible.

Usually the structure of kitchen set includes a table, chairs or stools, hinged cases and floor cases. Often floor cases are combined with a table-top and they play a role of a table for cooking.

Some people prefer to put a soft kitchen corner in the kitchen. It consists of an angular soft sofa, chairs and a table. It allows saving a place, in fact the basis of a soft sofa often contains additional compartments for storage of various products, kitchen utensils and devices.

Kitchen is recommended to be well shined and a table should be put in the center of a premise or at a window as light exposure of kitchen positively influences mood and enlarges premises.

Modern kitchen sets contain even such necessary components, as additional illumination, thermometers, original compartments and fastenings for devices and kitchen utensils.

It is necessary to understand, that the kitchen set is not only necessary furniture for the kitchen, but it is also furniture which turns eating procedure into pleasant moment in a life of each person.

How to Choose Domestic Stairlifts

January 31st, 2007

When it has become impossible or difficult for you to go up and down your stairs, you have three options: first, live downstairs; second, move to a ground floor apartment or bungalow; and third, install your own domestic stairlifts.

If you are thinking of the first option, consider the time, work and money that will be spent providing you with bathroom facilities, renovating the living room area or adding another room downstairs. The second option is also not practical because you need to have money for down payment, six or twelve months advanced payment, moving services and many more.

Installing your own domestic stairlifts is not only the most economical option; it is also the most practical alternative for people who need help in going up and down the stairs. Domestic stairlifts are available as lifts designed with shafts, standard stairlifts and through-floor lifts.

Personalize your Domestic Stairlifts

Before buying stairlifts, you need to consider several things to find the most suitable machine for you. For instance, for people who have disabilities that have a possibility to deteriorate, consider the best long-term solution for your condition. If you can manage seating on a standard stairlift today, you need to determine if you will be needing a lift that can accommodate a wheelchair, just like through-floor lifts.

Another thing to consider in choosing domestic stairlifts is the mode of operation. Determine if you can operate the machine by yourself, your nurse or both. This factor is important because it would cost you less money when you include this feature during installation.

Determine if you prefer to sit, stand or use your wheelchair when going up or down the stairs. Understanding your needs for traveling position can help you maximize the benefits of your domestic stairlifts. Check to see if you feel comfortable with the standard seat included in the stairlifts. Be aware that seats can be personalized to ensure you sit perfectly tight on the lift. The seats can also be removable or mounted.

Another thing to consider about traveling position is the direction you wish to face. Most stairlifts have seats that face sideways. For this reason, people who have stiff knees should face forwards to allow more room for your knees.

When buying your own stairlift, consider the domestic stairlifts as an investment and think of its long-term life. If you may recover from your condition, having a durable, comfortable and flexible domestic stairlifts can allow you to resell it to other people who have no luxury of buying brand new.

Metal ladder

January 31st, 2007

Metal is, probably, the strongest material. Its???????? opportunities in many respects depend on what of metals is used and in what quality.
The steps, exposed to the most rigid operation, should be made of steel or pig-iron. For greater durability of steps it is desirable to use metal with edges of rigidity (relief), which prevent deformations, sliding and the vibrations peculiar to sheet metal. Steel steps are made of profiled hire, pig-iron – shaped moulding. The metal, having a smooth surface, can be used for manufacturing steps if its thickness allows avoiding deformations at operation.
Ladder fencing is usually made of metal even then, when a ladder wooden, stone, ceramic or glass. The basic variants are: blacksmithing from ferrous metal and polished structure, a pipe (stainless steel, a brass). More rare and expensive, applied basically in manufacturing ladders of lux class, it is possible to name moulding from nonferrous metals, and also various combinations – metal and glass, metal and ceramics, etc.
The choice of metal and technologies is defined by design problems. The stylistics of the polished metal is close to modern interiors and offices.
Wrought metal is more universal and it is widely used both in private-type dwelling in style “modernist style” or “gothic style” and in big public, construction which are not having the exact stylistic characteristic.
At the same time, metal can be used as a cheap variant of fencing manufacturing. In this case design decisions also can be the diversified and much depends on your imagination and skills.


Children’s furniture

January 30th, 2007

For the child the house should be a symbol of heat and coziness. For this purpose it is necessary to give a maximum of attention at a choice of children’s furniture.
The child should feel cozy and comfortable in the room. The right choice of furniture is important. First of all, the furniture should be ecologically pure, in fact that the health of a young growing organism depends on it. At purchase it is recommended to pay attention to materials of which the children’s furniture is made. Unfortunately, there is a children’s furniture from materials and varnishes that are harmful to the child. It is necessary to study closely characteristics sheet which is applied on furniture. Secondly, the coloring of furniture is also important. Strongly sharp and bright colors of children’s furniture negatively affect the mentality of the child, make children nervous and irritable; too faded and cold colors are also negative for the reason that the child often runs into depressions and an apathetic condition.
Thirdly, at a choice of a couch or a bed the mattress is important. Couches in children’s rooms are most widespread. As it is known, a mattress is put on a wooden skeleton of a couch. It is recommended to choose a rigid mattress to avoid a curvature of a backbone of the child whose skeleton is forming and very strongly reacts to such elements. The best mattress is one made from a coconut fiber, but it is very expensive and not each family at a choice of children’s furniture presumes to buy such mattress. Optimum variant at the price of and qualities is a mattress from foam rubber with a thickness not less than 10 centimeters. Also the mattress should be rigid and should be minimally deformed at compression.
Correct colors of the room, illumination and competently chosen competently chosen children’s furniture will as much as possible improve a life and development of the child.
From all spectrum of children’s furniture children’s couches, tables, chairs, shelves, beds and cases are in great demand.
Very often, if in family there are two children, a two-story couch is preferred. It helps to save up a place in a room, giving the child more space for games and development.
The children’s furniture takes the important place in a life of the child. By means of it the kid studies in simple household things which will be useful to him in the subsequent life: to put furniture, for example, chairs on the necessary place, to clean a table after game or lessons, to wipe a dust and to make a bed. Contrary to opinions, that the quality of children’s furniture is not so important for the child, it is possible to say, that furniture is the important element. So, it is not necessary to save at purchase of furniture, in fact its choice is also as important for the kid, as a feed and fresh air.

Furniture in the house

January 29th, 2007

The furniture is the integral attribute of each house. Furniture in the house is the same usual phenomenon in human life, as food and water.
We have a rest on furniture, we work, and we accept food. Existence of the person cannot be presented without furniture in the house.
During ancient times the furniture was more primitive, than now. Then in dwelling of the person there were some simple furniture subjects. Usually, these were a table for reception of food, study and work; some chairs, a bed, a case or a locker.
Eventually people searched for new forms and embodied new ideas in life. The furniture in the house became more various, there were new products and components which made human life more convenient and comfortable. Furniture masters understood, that with the development of the human world, the spectrum of tastes and needs would extend, there would be new images and forms.
Also they have realized, that the competition in the market of furniture arisen.
The struggle for the client was won by the one who put fresh ideas and forms.
The best furniture has always been produced in Italy. It differed from the furniture made in other countries by the design and unique style. Certainly, this furniture is very expensive, but it is of very high quality.
The furniture in the house became more various. The assortment has extended and the classification of furniture has also occurred. It was possible to divide it into upholstered furniture – beds, sofas, couches, armchairs; office furniture – tables, chairs, armchairs, shelves, cases; kitchen furniture – every possible variations of kitchen sets; children’s furniture – children’s couches, two-story beds, small tables, children’s chairs; furniture sets – sets of furniture for halls and drawing rooms.
Earlier the furniture was made only of a tree, now metal, glass, plastic and other synthetic and chemical materials are widely used.
Some materials for manufacture can be dangerous to human life. One more problem has appeared in the world- how to make safe house furniture? Many states have entered and adhere to various ecological standards which limit or forbid the use of those or other unsafe elements. For the last years the ecological furniture enjoys a great popularity as people realize the necessity of all-round health protection.
It is necessary to continue the improvement of ecological standards so that the furniture in the house did not harm future generation.

How should a fashionable garden look this summer?

January 28th, 2007

Manual work and natural materials are the main highlight of the fashionable garden.

The garden furniture from plastic is not so modern this season. Natural materials are in fashion. The so-called sans serif furniture becomes especially fashionable. The qualitative, sound wooden furniture frequently speaks about a high social status of its owner. Its major advantage is an ecological compatibility.

Now the most progressive public buys archaic wooden chairs and the armchairs cut from trunks of the big diameter with a great pleasure. The most valuable is an expressiveness of the rough, almost raw texture, and various defects, for example, cracks and knots are emphasized in every possible way.

When it is necessary, such furniture it is artificially olden: the tree, beaten by bugs, is filled with a special dust, and from above it becomes covered by the structure protecting it from rotting. The “ecological” furniture reminds very much museum subjects of a country life. And in it its main glamour!

Especially valuable furniture is the furniture made of old boards, thrown out the sea and long laid under the sun is considered. Salty sea water discolors wood a little, and the sun does it more darkly. Firstly, it seems, that such furniture is unpretentious and simple; however its cost can reach enormous sums.

It is possible to arrange all territory of a garden with subjects made of crib. There are also chairs with tables, benches, supports for colors, stools, lockers and other elements of a decor: wooden mushrooms, artificial hemps. There are unusual combinations to glass and metal.

Wicker furniture is in a great demand. The fashion on it is constant and does pass neither in the summer, nor in the winter. Armchairs-rocking chairs are an embodiment of romanticism of a garden, and also furniture complete sets use huge popularity. A hazel grove turns into baskets, armchairs, carriages, flowerpots and colors, lamp shades, holders for newspapers, cases for gas bags, caskets, padded stools, and small houses for cats.

Glass and crystal as color ornaments of the house (Part 6)

January 27th, 2007

Stylization of the nature finds a new application in the glass-making industry. The linearity, poured with color scale and plainness, is preferred. All this can be applied in the art of the glass-making. On glass there are metal lusters, the twisted irises; flower patterns prevail in motives and forms.
Alongside with the French and American glass in a modernist style of the end of XIX century- the beginning of the XX centuries, the Czech glass in the same style belongs to the best glass that has ever been created in the world.
The key value for the achievement of success in glass-making industry in a modernist style had cooperation of the glass-makers with the best artists and painters.
In the XX century glass-making has gone through more radical restructurings, than ever before. Manufacturing, which earlier depended on the qualified manual skills, varied in process of gradual introduction of the automation, strongly taken a place in the manufacture of glass tare and technical glass, and later- in the manufacturing of dishcloth glasses.
The greatest event in the history modern glass industry was the exhibition which has opened in Paris (1925), and the exhibitions in Bruxelles (1935) and again in Paris (1937). Since the end the fiftieth and the beginning of sixtieth years of the XX century the cooperation of manufacturers of glass with artists is still developing.

Glass and crystal as color ornaments of the house (Part 5)

January 26th, 2007

The change of two styles-a rococo and classicism-has occurred during short time. The rococo, in its form of the presentation, was close to a late baroque. In the early beginning, classicism comprised the elements of the Antiques and the Renaissance. The glass, on appearance faultlessly imitated jewels. It became an ideal material for imitation of precious ornaments and at the same time the base on which manufacture of the costume jewellery was developed.
It was the revival of enamel paints of the glass and the products of this magnificent glass became available to ordinary people. Snuffboxes in the form of glass vials, bottles for moonshine and the glass painted pictures created on various motives, became very popular.
This epoch is characterized by the invention of the glass imitated semiprecious stones -red and black hyalite, based on characteristic for an empire style semi-precious stones and minerals.
The most important discovery in the glass-making industry was a red florid prograss decorated by an engraving.
Almost all and glass-making factories produced suspension brackets for lusters. By the end of XIX century lusters in Venetian style with the multi-color thermally formed colors were in the great demand.

Glass and crystal as color ornaments of the house (Part 4)

January 25th, 2007

Renaissance style

Renaissance became important critical moment in the development of the European glass, considered from the technological and art points of view. The Venetian glass, on which for the first time there was colored enamel, has played a key role in it. It was the beginning of the era of present color glass,decors???????? implementation, and the engraving.

Czech glass makers aspired to open know-how of the Venetian glass and to imitate this glass. They have learned better, than in the past, to cook and clear the glass, to make new patterns and to use new kinds of techniques (the implementation of strings and sticks, an engraving a diamond edge, painting and bake out of the enamel paints). The painting of the enamel has brought the first significant successes to the Czech glass.

This epoch is characterized by big glasses (approximately 0, 7 liter), jugs, tetrahedral bottles and various cups and wine-glasses, as, for example, the so-called “Remer”. Wedding cups were also popular. Since the second half of XVI century, it is possible to speak about the regular export of the Czech glass.

Baroque style

After the end of Thirty-year war the best experts, technologists and artists have appeared in the glass making. Popularity of dressing has led to attempts to improve the quality of the glass which would replace expensive rock crystal. The success has not kept waiting. Czech masters made a strong, thick-walled, but thus the transparent and sparkling glass till now bearing a designation ????the Czech crystal????.

The surface of this glass was ideal for engraving and slotting.

At the end of XVII century glass makers began to make lusters and Czech has turned to the center of the lusters???????? manufacture.

Glass and crystal as color ornaments of the house (Part 3)

January 24th, 2007

The oldest finds of glass beads in territory of the historical Czech areas concern to an early bronze age when this territory has been inhabited by the Celts, known techniques of glass making and drawings of enamel. Slavonic people lodged on these grounds in V and VI centuries B.C. As archeological finds testify, glass beads were very popular among them. Benedicts???????? monasteries were, obviously, engaged in the manufacture of glass. Monks owned skill of painting on the glass and drawing up of compositions of a color windowpane of which stained-glass windows were done. During an epoch of a Gothic style these stained-glass windows represented the important component of architecture of cult constructions. In medieval Czech glass-makings masters were able to cook and almost colorless glass. The glass which has been painted over various oxides of metals was also made.
The assortment of medieval glass was rather rich; it included both usual production, and unique subjects. Medieval Czech glass-makers could both do typical products, graceful glasses from the transparent glass, usually decorated with pasted on them beads, and bottles with the necks formed of several bound tubules, referred to “cutrolf” and served for drinking of moonshine and wine.
Special vessels for medieval doctors and druggists were also produced. The glass mosaic “Terrible court” testifies to exclusively high degree of development medieval Czech glass-making. Nowadays this mosaic decorates Golden Gate of a St. Vitt Cathedral in the Prague Hailstones, made under the order of so known “Sacred Roman empire” ruler and Czech King Charles IV (1370-1371).

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