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Kitchen????????s important elements (Part 2)

February 28th, 2007

The stylized equipment manufacturing is one more direction in creation of kitchen techniques. Many companies have the whole retro-series including an oven, a cooking surface and an extract. In white kitchen in country style even the extract can be sheathed wooden cover under the furniture color; for achievement of harmony in an interior in the same style the plate is carried out.
The modern style kitchens, besides “under the olden times” variants, demand techniques demonstration. In such kitchens the techniques are an ornament and the important decorative detail of kitchen interior. As a rule, at arrangement of such kitchen, all subjects (plates, ovens, the microwave ovens, etc.) are bought from one manufacturer. It is the easiest way of keeping to one style.
According to the level of used technologies and, accordingly, the prices, all kitchen techniques can be conditionally divided into techniques of a luxury class, an average and economy class.
The luxury kitchen technologies reach a high level of progress development. For example, the extract at a pulse level defines the optimum mode corresponding work of an induction cooking surface which, in turn, is difficult for naming an oven. Here, the process of cooking occurs due to contact of an induction surface to utensils at the bottom of which the magnetic layer the Plane of the oven remains cold during the whole process. The refrigerator makes ice, shows cinema and orders products through the Internet. Coffee makers and other “fine” techniques of super-kitchen are also built in.
The middle-class kitchen devices are also usually being built in. Extracts have the touch control panel (cope a contact), a refrigerator is two-chamber, and the separate refrigerating case can be established for storage of wine. The ceramic cooking panel is built in a table-top, and the oven has system of self-cleaning. The microwave oven, a combine, a toaster are on the kitchen, but they are not built in, as it was done in luxury-class kitchens.
And finally, let????????s talk about the techniques for kitchen of an economy class. If you are limited in means, it does not mean that you won????????t be able to equip the kitchen to your taste. It is possible to save some money, having bought not the already built in techniques, but a “solo” variant. We assure you that neither quality of work nor its characteristics will suffer from this.
The main thing at designing and a choice of a variant of registration of kitchen is to analyze the way of life and, depending on it, to define the list of necessary functions of the premise. And then even the most laconic composition can become a quite sufficient and exhaustive variant of your favorite kitchen.



Kitchen elements (Part 1)

February 27th, 2007

Depending on a way of life of owners the kitchen can play a different role in an interior of the modern house.
If the kitchen is not intended for the place of preparing food, it can be united both into the sitting room and a dining room. Such kitchen, for example, in the house of a bachelor or young childless family, can consist of a minimum of furniture, practically only from home appliances. This stylish small kitchen consists of the big refrigerator with branches for wine, a cooking surface and a sink. Racks for utensils (glass and plastic) and the small chrome plated serving trolley have rollers and they can move. In such kitchen the extract is not practically used and has the more likely function of the decorative shelf.
The absolutely different situation is when the kitchen is used on its direct purpose and to the full: it is a place of cooking for all family. In such kitchen there should be a lot of the various home devices and there should be enough furniture – all this should serve to the maximal convenience for cooking. Therefore – functionality, and from this point of view, kitchen is better to be isolated by the basic criteria of kitchen designing.
Modern kitchen is often the most “advanced” premise in the house, most of all sated by home devices. But even the most hi-tech equipment presently quickly enough becomes obsolete – in fact practically every year the techniques is updated, and it is necessary to be ready to that bought today washing or the dishwasher tomorrow will soon become outdated.
Therefore, maybe, also it is not necessary to select techniques only by a principle of innovations. It is meaningful, getting home appliances, to pay special attention not only on its characteristics, but also to think over, how much organically it will be entered in the general design decision of kitchen interior. Thus the style harmony, certainly, is better for observing; however there are interesting variants when the “hi-tech” equipment was implemented into the classical kitchen. Mixture of styles is quite risky, but the result can be very original.
But, aspiring to harmony of the style, it would be erroneous to consider, that the “conservative” kitchen in classical style or “retro” style cannot be well-equipped. The companies-manufacturers often do kitchen furniture under the individual order; therefore the techniques can be hidden behind wooden panels. The full sensation of kitchen in an ancient estate is created: the presence of modern home appliances can be guessed, but it can????????t be seen.

4 fresh ideas for children’s room

February 26th, 2007

Mobile furniture
Constant aspiration to knowledge and to reorganization is the characteristic feature of all children and teenagers. So, we advise you to meet these desires – screw on furniture in a children’s room small wheels. Such wardrobe (table, sofa) can be easily moved from one place to another place or, for example, to be fenced off by it from the annoying younger brother if children share one room for two.
Miracle carpet
It is possible to make a wonderful carpet for children????????s room from pieces of the carpet coverings remained after the repair or bought on sale. It is necessary to cut through both coverings – and a background, and curved fragment to make all the details ideally coincide. Then you should collect the received fragments as a mosaic and fix (from a wrong side) a bilateral sticky tape and paste on any felt covering. The carpet it is ready!
Star sky
These wall-papers look like usual wall-papers of soft color and with lovely asterisks. But it is just necessary to switch off in the evening light – and all asterisks start to be shone by soft, muffled light. Such effect suffices, certainly, not for all night, but it is quite enough for that the child to go sleep with pleasure. Such wall-papers (pasted both on walls and on a ceiling) are recommended for those kids who one is afraid to sleep in darkness.????
If your kid has grown up, you may remove the forward panel from a bed. Now it is possible to use darling sofa for child????????s visitors.

Furniture for the pupil

February 25th, 2007

Place “under the bed”
It is a real rescue for small-sized apartments if the child still does not have his own room. Monoblocks are very compact: a bed and a table under it. And capacious boxes and shelves for books and clothes are on each side. It is necessary to take care of the good fixture such design can????????t be located near the window.
Also keep in mind, that certain “freedom” under a table is necessary for the teenager. The space where he puts legs should have 50 centimeters in width, 60 centimeters in height and 65 centimeters in depth.
School desk
School desk is good for pupils of the elementary grades. To hold a bearing – to sit at an inclined table-top – will be possible only with a “direct back”. Mums should look from time to time that the distance on behalf of the future genius up to the book on a school desk was approximately equal to length of a hand (from an elbow up to fingers).
There are such standards for pupils: for younger pupils the height from a floor up to a table-top should be 60 – 62 centimeters. For more senior children it should be 68 centimeters. And the standard German school desk changes a corner of an inclination and can be adjusted under any size – from the pupil up to the student. It is also possible to work even standing.????
How to choose an armchair for the teenager and to teach him to sit correctly?
The armchair should not be too narrow: it is necessary, that it was convenient and your child felt comfortable in it. Otherwise the child will quickly get tired.
It is also possible to adjust height and depth of a seat, height of a back and position of armrests.
The top part of a back should be a little bottom. At such configuration the back well supports a body, a backbone and gives hands freedom of movement.
The compressed fist should pass between edge of a seat and a back surface of a shin. This would provide a normal blood-groove in legs. The forward part of a seat of an armchair should be rounded and should have a small deviation downwards. It reduces pressure under the knees, and legs do not become numb.
50 % of pupils have already the infringement of bearing! Therefore it is so important to choose correct furniture for the child.

Children’s room

February 24th, 2007

Oh, those adults with their bedrooms, sitting rooms, cabinets, masterful and other billiard rooms!!! At the child has all this variety in one room. Therefore, when you are making out a children’s room, you should remember, that it is the whole country!
Psychologists consider that the child needs his private territory since two years till the high-grade development. It is known that even an adult needs to spend two hours a day in full loneliness (or it is simple without dialogue) to feel the psychological comfort, so, what to say about the small person who is just strains to discover this world!! Besides the private space, where nothing and nobody bother your child, where everything arranged according to his tastes, creates an atmosphere in which, actually, and there are no obstacles for the further development of your child and allowing your child to become a self-complete and confident person. Here he gradually starts to realize him as a separate essence, studies to concentrate, to create and to work. Therefore, even if you can????????t provide to your kid with a separate room, you should give him necessarily to his using even the small corner precisely allocated from the general living space.
House geography
The personal room for the child is a place, where all life passes, except for unless feed and hygiene. For this reason children????????s room simultaneously is both a bedroom, and a cabinet, both a drawing room, and game, both a sports hall, and an art workshop, and still is all that you or your child wants. What the tiny room has got to the small little man, it is all the same necessary to think of how to divide it into functional zones. It is possible to allocate such three basic zones: dream and rest area, games area, study and work area.
If you have two children and they live together in one room, your sacred duty is also to divide a room according to this principle. The only thing that can be common for young tenants is a game zone. Division into personal “apartments” can be made even without obvious partitions. Increase by two basic set of subjects of furniture for a life: a bed, a wardrobe, a desk. Arrange them in the different ends of a room that children did not stir each other. And arrange “a game carpet” in the middle of the room- a neutral strip on border of two countries. Some designers advise to pick up for children furniture and textiles on color – the firm shade-code for everyone. It is possible to make division into zones even more obvious, having fenced off a sleeping or educational place of each child by the wardrobe or the rack.
Room-person “grows” together with the owner
In the same manner as the sitting room is a reflection of a private world of owners of the house, and a children????????s room is a place, where the interests of your kid converge all and is shown its individuality. Psychologists consider, that even the three-year-old children have their own opinion and it is necessary to consider this at planning (or age alteration) of the children????????s room interior. At this age color predilections, tastes, and also creative propensities of each child – to drawing, designing, outdoor games- are already quite designated, so, it is necessary to be guided by the child, buying cases for toys: how many, what size and a style. On the other hand, parents should understand that for such tender age statement that “life defines consciousness” is especially important. Therefore your problem is to decorate the room so that the child has grown in an atmosphere of spiritual development and which would not go counter with other space of your apartment.


Decorative fountains

February 22nd, 2007

Room fountains represent the decorative device, brining coziness and comfort to our life and besides, rendering favorable influence, both on health, and on mentality of its owner. Decorative fountains are simple and simultaneously economic air dampeners. Thus the microclimate is naturally adjusted. The streamlet of current water gives for humidifying air as much it is required. Absorption of water and the air humidity are connected with it and directly depend on temperature, the sizes of a premise, initial air humidity and on the internal conditions.
The decorative fountain humidifies air, influencing favorably on health, especially at respiratory system diseases (chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, chronic laryngitis and pharyngitis).
Higher air humidity is favorable for people and pets and it is also useful to wooden furniture and musical instruments. Owing to it accumulation of statistical electricity in the carpet coverings, connected with radiation of computers, decreases.
From ancient times salutary, calming influence of a stream of water on mentality is being known. Unfortunately, in the high technologies and unprecedented speeds era, we do not always presume to ourselves, to go on coast of a stream or a mountain falls and to relax. However, the same high technologies enable you to bring in a vain life a particle of wildlife.
We hope that the decorative fountain will make your interior cozier and will also positively influence a psychological atmosphere in the house.
Sea, silent deep mountain lake, stream in countryside – all these are favorable for relaxation.
Water murmuring has simultaneously excitingly, and relaxing effect. That is why various reservoirs, ponds, streams of water have always been favorite open-air vacation spots. Nowadays water is even more often used at arrangement of free space in the house.
Unfortunately, not everyone presumes to own a small lake or a pond. But now you can enjoy pleasant impressions of water, even having the small area. Room fountains allow us to perceive beauty of water even in the small premises. The small decorative fountain will help to recover and decorate the most static and strict interior.
Water possesses the surprising attractive force. Waterfalls, fountains and reservoirs attract people when they are having a walk in park more than flower beds and borders.
It is no wonder that water played the major role in large parks from the very beginning of their history. However we for certain know that in the first European parks water was a unique element of an ornament. Ancient Persians built the channels laid out by tiles and murmuring fountains; Spaniards have inherited from moors their style and skill to arrange complexes of garden reservoirs and have transferred this skill in XVI century to Italians. In XVII century Le Notre has arranged magnificent reservoirs of the strict form magnificent reservoirs of the strict form in Versailles, and in Britain L.Brown has filled the whole avenues the with water, having created ponds of free outlines. These great constructions have been constructed with the unique purpose – to show the beauty of the water.

Bruno Wheel Chair Lift. Choice Of Stairlifts

February 22nd, 2007

Wheel chair lift is one of the most convenient things in life for a wheel chair-bound person. This technological wonder basically helps to cope with daily challenges of their mobility, such as climbing stairs, going into a vehicle, reaching out for something very high on a cabinet, and so on. There are various types of wheel chair lifts and the demand for it has been quite high for many years. Bruno Independent Living Aids is one of the leaders in this sphere.

Just like their name says, their product – the Bruno wheel chair lift aids helps such people to live independently. It is extremely important, when the person is lonely or stays home alone for a long period of time. Bruno wheel chair lift range is not just limited to the indoor wheel chair lift. There is also the auto wheel chair lift, so that people, bound by wheel chair are not left behind by their families when they go off somewhere.

Quality products

The Bruno wheel chair lift is considered as one of the most reliable and durable wheel chair lifts in the world. It is explained by high quality control of the products, which come out from their campus in Wisconsin. The products, which also include the Bruno wheel chair lift, go through various stages. These are the quality, durability, reliability and value standarts. The Bruno wheel chair lift was awarded the Today’s Caregiver magazine’s “Caregiver Friendly” Product Award. It once again demonstrates its high quality.

Unlike other common wheel chair lifts, Bruno wheel chair lift comes with safety, mobility and convenience.

Choice of staitlifts
Each potential owner of own house or two-level apartment will face this question. The choice of stairlift is necessary for beginning at a stage of construction of the house, or at the initial stage of apartment furnish. In order that the stairlift was convenient, it is necessary to learn in advance – whether the prospective aperture approaches, whether the place under a ladder suffices. In eight cases from ten places insufficiently, it is necessary to break plates in already trimmed premises.
If you have a small country house – you may easily choose a simple ladder from a pine which can be bought in the building market. It is inexpensive, and the possible scratch is compensated with low price. In all other cases – the country house, a two-level apartment require a ladder from firm breeds of wood-oak, a beech, ash or exotic breeds of the tree. The ladder from these breeds of wood is more expensive, but it will also serve much longer.
Firms stairlifts???????? manufacturers can be divided into three basic categories: large (the manufacture, office in prestigious area), small (the manufacture of more modest sizes, a small warehouse of finished goods) and assembly (there is no manufacture, elements of ladders are bought in the building market), therefore the prices for the same ladders can differ. Unfortunately, elements of ladders from oak and a beech, which are on sale in the building markets, frequently do not differ with high quality. Storage (including winter time) in cold premises, different thickness of steps in one party, cracks define a low class of the future ladder ??????? Nevertheless, the size of firm-manufacturer does not define the quality of the product.
Potential customer should ask to show already made ladder in the house and it is desirable to see work, which has made not less than a year ago. It is very important to choose the manufacturer, which will not refuse from further repair, even after a warranty period.

How to choose garden furniture

February 21st, 2007

Every year the market of garden furniture is being sated with production both of domestic and foreign manufacturers. In this article we shall try to find out how correctly to choose garden furniture and what models it is possible to buy.
The popularity of plastic furniture can be easily explained: such furniture is not expensive and it is quite practical. Besides, the plastic garden furniture is waterproof. The technology of its manufacturing (moulding under pressure, application die-cut elements) has allowed replacing traditional wooden chairs with graceful comfortable armchairs.
Lunch and dessert tables, chairs are always in demand. The plastic benches were the “best seller” of the last season. For the last two years the plastic folding chaise lounges transformed to stove benches are steadily becoming more and more popular. They are very convenient for sunbathing. The price is various and depends on comfortableness, small wheels for easy moving and, certainly, the trade mark.
Nevertheless plastic has also many disadvantages. For example, these are the fading and decomposition at direct solar illumination. This remark is fair for cheap grades of plastic, but some expensive grades of plastic are resistible to ultra-violet radiation and do not burn out. Besides plastic is a fragile material.
Wicker furniture
It differs by its extraordinary grace, ajour style and, what is the most important, by its natural consistence. Such furniture is always associated with coziness.
Such furniture is usually made of willow rod of various thicknesses and represents rather complex products in the design attitude. Products made of rod can be divided into some types conditionally. The first one consists of a skeleton, whickered with a thin willow rod (not 0,5 centimeters in diameter). It is the cheapest variant of whickered furniture, but it is also the most unattractive one and such furniture is very unpractical. In most cases such furniture (without repairing) can serve you only for one season. The variant when a skeleton is braid with sanded up willow is more preferable and the rod is thicker – despite of small increase in the price you will receive more durable product. Besides such models are usually more attractive (unfortunately, there are also exceptions).
And finally, a skeleton from a thick rod (2-4 centimeters in diameter), with openwork designs from thinner rod (1-2 centimeters), and weaving from a thin rod is used only as a decorative element there, where the loadings are minimal. Naturally, the rod should be sanded up. It is important, that the rod has been varnished (usually use a furniture varnish) as thus the rod becomes less soiled and gets water-repellent properties (it prolongs service life of a product in some times). Varnished products can be easily washed and they are more attractive. When you buy furniture, do not forget to ask to ask the manufacturer, whether the rod has been boiled: the rod, thoroughly boiled according to special technology, is bent without breaks, does not lose elasticity after drying, besides at boiling all microbes, which lead to rotting of a tree perish, are being weeded out. You can use such furniture can for 20-30 and even 40 years.


Loggia: rules of re-planning (Part 2)

February 20th, 2007

Usually, the surfaces of lateral walls and ceiling are sheathed by gypsum cardboard with which can be painted, pasted over with wall-papers or reveted with wooden panels. You may choose both parquet, and a ceramic tile for a floor covering – all this depends on your desire to unite visually the space of the reconstructed loggia with a room. And we advise you to arrange a floor with heating; such procedure is not is not too expensive and will provide comfortable temperature during the year.
Having attached loggia to an apartment, you will receive 5-8 square meters of extra space. Certainly, such compelled expansion of a living space has its lacks. First of all, it is a question of design features concerning the presence of???????? quite decent difference of a floor that can appear rather traumatic for children and older people, and also a portal, formed by the ledges of an old wall and “crosspiece” above the former window. However, according to designers, all these lacks can be turned into advantages by means of every possible drapery, drawings of patterns, creations of decorative columns and racks.
The received space can be used differently. You can arrange the cabinet on the former loggia (the other variant is to combine it with a winter garden), having separated it from a room with sliding panels or a screen. The ex-loggia also will ideally serve as a small exercise room or capacious wardrobe. It can be also turned into a fine bedroom – a lonely alcove for a two; there you may also arrange house cinema or a billiard table. And if it is necessary, you may screen a children’s game zone there. Quite often it occurs so that the former loggia turns into the dining room – for pleasant pastime behind a table, having both a podium, and panoramic windows. If the loggia becomes a part of kitchen, it can be turned into an extravagant bar or mini-cellar. So, everything depends just on your imagination.

Loggia:rules of re-planning (Part 1)

February 19th, 2007

Today the re-planning or converting loggia into the premises is one of the most popular receptions of re-planning in small-sized apartments. And simultaneously it is one of the most difficult and responsible house works. When each square meter in valuable, any opportunity of increase in a living space is appreciated, and such opportunity can????????t be missed. But, when you are transforming loggia in a part of a room or kitchen, it is important to remember that your actions can affect the comfort and well-being of all inhabitants of the house.
The expansion of apartment premises due to a loggia needs to be started with invitation of the professional architect or the engineer who would make the project of forthcoming works and would make all necessary calculations, and also would prepare the documents for the forthcoming works coordinating.
At the first stage of loggia????????s re-planning it is necessary to survey carefully its internal partition which can be made of a brick or a ferro-concrete plate. As a rule, there is a place for drain under it – it should be put in pawn with a brick, and all fine cracks should be cemented. A following stage of works foresees the window blocks installation. Here, we advise you to use a hollow structure from rigid PVC with thin partitions. It is wear-proof and it is difficultly ignited, it does not need an electric current, and it keeps heat. Today the market abounds with various systems of such structures so the customer needs to be defined only with width of a frame, quantity of “deaf” parts and shutters and in the way of opening of the last. Concerning the double-glazed window, the designers unequivocally recommend two-chamber window as it considerably will improve heat-and sound insulation of the expanded room.
When the dirtiest and labor-consuming works are finished, it is high time to start warming of the loggia. Perhaps, it is the most responsible stage demanding the maximal accuracy and scrupulousness. Actually the loggia should be wrapped up with multilayered “blanket”. We advise you to put vapour barrier (polythene, a foil) on a wooden or metal skeleton and then to put the heater and waterproofing materials (polythene, roofing material, mastic). You should remember that using of polyfoam it is categorically forbidden: it is a fire-dangerous material, besides allocating at burning poisonous substances.


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