Interior design ideas

Pith covering and mats (Part 2)

April 29th, 2007

Floor coverings are made of a fuse in the form of sandwiches (square or rectangular tiles). Pressed fuse is usually put inside of such sandwich. And here the top layer can be a miscellaneous:
- Decorative veneer, made of fuse, covered by a transparent polyvinyl or varnish film (owing to this covering the floor easily washes and does not draw a dust);
- Veneer, made of valuable breeds of wood (a cherry, a nut, an oak, etc.), and besides covered by a film;
- Only protective film.
A fuse is laid in the same way, as a laminate: it is pasted to a floor, or gathered in the “floating” way (as the designer – a thorn in a groove). The 10 years guarantee is given to the most qualitative fuse, on the average such floor can be used within 7 – 8 years.
Sisal is a covering spin from fibers of the American agaves (that of which do tequila). Sisal string is very strong – in olden time in South America was spun with ship ropes were made from it. Coverings from sisal with woolen strings are considered as the most qualitative ones. The wool gives softness to a mat, and such covering is almost not pricked. Average service life of a carpet is 5 years.
Reed grows on a bog. It is basically extracted in Southeast Asia. Mats from it are strong enough and can be used at least for 7 years.
Coco – This fiber is extracted from not ripened fruits: they are soaked in sea water, and then they are combed out. If you are offered too rigid carpets, this means that they are made not of fibers of a nut, and from pile of trunk – it is much rougher. The covering from a coco will serve for 7 years. The coco is not “afraid” of water; therefore it can be laid even in bathroom.
Jute -is a sort of bushes of family lime. From it the strongest mats (them recommend to lie at offices); besides to it at all dirty footwear and spots are made. It will serve for 7 years.
Rice straw ???????? is a mat from are more softly and are also thinner than the other materials. The average term of a life is 4 years.



Pith covering and mats (Part 1)

April 28th, 2007

The designers recommend the fans of healthy way of life to recollect about the most ancient floor coverings in their interior.
It would be desirable to lay on a floor something interesting, natural, and the main thing – originalтАж Then look narrowly at the most ancient of all existing floor coverings – reed and a fuse trees. Today these materials are again in fashion: these materials are both adored by designers, and healthy way of life fans.
That fuse which all of us have got used to pick out from a neck of a bottle, can use absolutely other service: to become an ideal floor. The Mediterranean is a native land of a fuse (a bark of pith oak). More than a half of world reserves of this material are concentrated in Portugal, the rest – in Algeria, Tunis, Morocco, and Spain. Portuguese guys long since upholstered with a fuse floor and walls of the dwellings. Later this fashion has removed to other European countries. The fuse has attracted the designers with the unique structure: it is porous and very elastic. The experts are assured that at any loading fuse amortizes pressure and comes back into the initial position. Therefore to pith floor does not suffer neither from artful female heels, nor from furniture legs.
Other advantage of such floor relies in the excellent sound insulation; no other material can be compared with the fuse. And still pith floors are useful for health. First of all, the fuse possesses orthopedic effect- it reduces loading by a backbone at walking. Secondly, it doesn????????t collect the dust and consequently approaches to allergists and to asthmatics.


Mosaic (Part 2)

April 27th, 2007

The sphere of mosaic????????s application is so wide, as well as its aesthetic opportunities are.???? Mosaic facing of pools, bathrooms, saunas and baths is considered as a recognized “classics of interior genre”. Perhaps, such furnish will ideally approach for damp premises – it is not only wear proof, but it can be also easily washed, repaired (it is easy to replace the damaged fragment). Besides also it also important that it is possible to rivet curvilinear surfaces, and present pools and bathrooms at times happen rather freakish forms with a mosaic.
Mosaic – is excellent means for underlining separate fragments of a facade of the house, entrance group. The mosaic floors, decorated by a complex multi-color pattern, look effectively. Everybody will agree, hardly who will leave indifferent refined mosaic “flowers” on parquet to a floor. If you don????????t have enough money for this, however you would like to give special charm to an interior – you may be limited to rather narrow elegant mosaic friezes. Now mosaic is used for window sills and working surfaces of kitchen tables furnishing. Do you want that your kitchen “played” with bright colors? There are no problems! Order usual case furniture with a table-top from a waterproof tree-fibrous plate and lay out a mosaic on it.
One more fashionable tendency – is to build figure on a vertical. For example, on a pure white background is decorated with juicy acid strings. In a vegetative ornament very thin figure now prevails. Magnificent flower compositions and greater panels remain gradually in the past. But there is popular a sea theme – small fishes, dolphins, cockleshellsтАж
More and more admirers prefer ethnic style. And here east motives are most demanded now. The Japanese minimalism, reigning in furniture, has spread on a decor of walls, where greater planes of light grey shades revalue. Color scale of new collections of such mosaic – are the unostentatious grey-beige or gray-blue tone in the combination of dark brown, grey-dark blue and green accents.



Mosaic (Part 1)

April 26th, 2007

This beautiful and practical finishing material is intended for those to whom the usual ceramic tile seems too tasteless. Also it is necessary to note, that the popularity of mosaic that came to us from antique times has considerably grown for the last years. Now, it is possible to meet fine mosaic compositions and art panels, unique in the charm, in apartments and private houses.
What to choose?
Basically, any mosaic represents the figure made of certain number of small details. Today the Venetian glass is the most widespread material for its manufacturing – it is strong and durable. As designers approve, the color palette of the Venetian glass is practically infinite, as various substances – from cadmium and selenium up to nacre- are added into it. Usually, the type-setting elements (modules) of a glass mosaic have the square form. And the fewer modules are, the more detailed elaboration of the image will be. As a rule, such mosaic is used for facing a floor and walls in any premises, though on kitchen, though in a bathroom. Sometimes colorful mosaic panels on fireplaces and furniture are made from the Venetian glass.
Smalto is one of versions of a glass mosaic. It, unlike the Venetian glass, differs by the special, sated shades. Modern smalto is received due pressing fine parts of color glass, which are being baked at 700-800 degrees temperature within the day. As a result the material becomes very strong, almost as the diamond, proof to influence of household chemical goods. Designers love smalto because it is shone from within. Besides each detail differs from the others by the shade, so, even the greater surface, which has been laid out by smalto of one color, hardly reminds the rainbow. And owing to the wear resistance, smalto mosaic, as well as, is used for places with the raised loading – floors in kitchen, pool, etc.


Your bedroom

April 24th, 2007

It is good, when a bedroom large, and the wardrobe room adjoins to it. In this case all things hang on a coat hanger – it is possible to come and choose all that is necessary. And the bedroom is furnished only with a bed, bedside-tables and a picture on a wall. But not all people have such bedroom. If the bedroom is not so large, it is possible to take an advantage of wardrobe-cloak-room. By the way, this variant is both more convenient and cheaper, than the usual wardrobe.
If you have a greater double bed, which is pleasant to you, and you are not going to refuse from it, it is necessary to keep a bed and to win vital space. The bed in a bedroom should be located so that it was convenient for both partners. And that it would be convenient for use to both people, sleeping on it. In fact, when one person (sleeping at a wall) will get out from the bed or get into it, he should not awake another sleeping person. It is good during a honeymoon and some time after it, but in due course it starts to irritate.
Some people feel uncomfortable enough when they sleep in a room with high ceilings. This desire – is to create low and consequently the cozy space pursued the person all life in a sleeping zone in a sleeping zone. It is enough to recollect covers. If you just like to sleep in “underestimated” zone you can try arranging the underestimated zone above the bed. At high quality of installation and furnish you will feel, as if you are a king and you are sleeping in the castle.
And the last about what it is necessary to tell is a stylistic harmony of bedroom????????s interior. Some people consider that it is necessary to select very carefully one element of an interior to another – the floor should correspond to doors, a door – to furniture, and subjects of furniture – one to another.
If we want to have an excellent interior of a bedroom, we just should form it by this principle as though it was formed within the decades – then the present habitation precisely will turn out.

Modern glass partitions (Part 2)

April 23rd, 2007

Profile glass – is the glass product received by a method of hire which let out with channel and box-shaped sections. As well as glass blocks, it possesses big transparency ability.
Office partitions from organic glass are made in the same way as from silicate. Alongside with popular acryl partitions cellular, glass which has the best characteristics, than the first one, but costs a little bit more expensive, has become even more popular. It represents volumetric sheets of 4-25 mm. thickness reminding honeycombs. For example, FWP 16 plates (with pyramidal structure) possess the improved mechanical characteristics. The standard sizes of such sheets are approximately 2100?????6000 mm, 2100?????7000 mm. DEGUSSA and ROHM are the leaders of the organic glass market.
The firms, engaged in development and installation of partitions, are frequently ready to offer customers different variants of designs, for example, hinged cases and shelves, magnetic and pith boards. It is possible to spend distributing to cavities of a skeleton electric, computer and telephone systems, installation of jalousie with infra-red remote control board. The deaf section of a partition provides a degree of sound insulation up to 54 dB, and glazed with double glass – up to 40 dB.
Not smaller interest in the building market is represented with the mobile partitions applied to the organization of individual workplaces or places for small working groups. The height of such partitions does not exceed two meters; therefore even the small premise will not look obstructed. Modules of partitions can be done to order; they can be of any length and height. Each section is a combined team. A variety of materials allows entering a novelty in an existing interior harmoniously. Use double glassing and decorative fabrics will improve sound insulation.

Modern glass partitions (Part 1)

April 22nd, 2007

Today there are a lot of different partitions, depending on the size, type, a design, a kind of a used material, etc. The special place among them goes to glass which is popular among builders, designers and, the most important – among customers.
Glass partitions are usually established at offices, for registration of inputs in buildings, on industrial sites. They are irreplaceable at creation of blocks-sections in premises for administrative-and-management personnel, a protection service, banks, etc.
The partitions quite often should correspond to the increased requirements on sound insulation, mechanical durability (ability to protect from impact, from fire-arms). In such cases the basic constructive elements of partitions become double-glazed windows from the shock-proof tempered glasses of stalinit type, triplex, and the reinforced glass. If there is a necessity for creation of the glass protections, excluding direct visibility through them, deaf double-glazed windows, in space between which glasses place fiber glass, caoline cotton wool, matte, including synthetic, a film are used. There are also special glasses with unilateral visibility, tone and such kinds of light-scattering matte glass, as corrugated, glasses “frost” and “blizzard”.

Fixtures, lamps, lusters: illumination in different rooms of the house (Part 2)

April 21st, 2007

Competent workplace????????s organization is very important. At correct illumination you can work longer, not getting tired, and will not risk to spoil sight. It is necessary to consider, that conditions of light exposure should correspond as much as possible to the day time at night. At work on a computer patches of light are extremely undesirable. Establish two fixtures in order to provide indirect illumination, and put a desk lamp beside on a table. It will shine a workplace without reflections, which strongly irritates and tires the eyes. Besides, there will be no sharp contrast between the illuminations of a table in the room as it also strongly tires. It will be even better, if your desk lamp could change flexibly position and would not heat up a surface. If you are engaged in drawing, take care of the lighting device of sufficient brightness which will transfer colors without distortions. Here soft semitones and shadows without patches of light are required. For these purposes white light perfectly approaches.
Children’s room
Main and very simple rule at installation of illumination in a nursery is that the fixtures should be inaccessible to the child as he would desire to unscrew a cartridge, to consider interiors of a bulb. It is undesirable to use portable fixtures, which easily overturn in a nursery and only stir to games. Instead of this it is possible to hang up fixtures on long arms on walls. You should remember that in children’s room it is impossible to use lamps of the smaller sizes and brightness, than in other parts of the house. If your child is afraid of darkness, establish a lamp-illumination at a bed. It gives pleasant, muffled light, and the child will not scare to fall asleep at night.
As well as everywhere, here the general illumination is necessary, but light should not be directed downwards at all. It is better, if it will softly dissipate in a ceiling. The effect of patches of light is especially undesirable in a bedroom, therefore, having fixtures, think over their interaction. Try to arrange the fixture at a level of eyes for illumination of a wardrobe and try to direct light inside. Then the doors will not give a shadow, and you (without the general illumination) will be able to define easily the fabric and color of clothes hanging in a case. It is unpleasant to wake up, only having fallen asleep; not speaking that then sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep again.
Do not shine a mirror with light color or falling from above.
Having correctly and interestingly arranged fixtures in a bathroom, you will considerably expand its functions, having transformed a banal room for fulfillment of a toilet in a room of rest, a favorite place of a solitude.

Fixtures, lamps, lusters: illumination in different rooms of the house (Part 1)

April 20th, 2007

If the furniture and design define the “face” of the room, illumination gives certain “mood” to it. Dim light in sitting room or bright fixtures in the bedroom are simultaneously insipid and impractical. Certainly, it is difficult to expect, that you will hang up a crystal luster in the bathroom. But in fact illumination of each room has the “small secrets”, which are easy for overlooking. And these omissions will emerge by all means in due course, having an effect on unpleasant feeling of discomfort.
In order to avoid this, let’s recollect once again – in what specific features of illumination of different rooms are.
In vestibule/hall the soft twilight is quite undesirable. Certainly, it can be present, but at the same time here there should be an opportunity of bright light. It is quite explainable. First of all, the vestibule carries out utilitarian function, and we should not try to get in darkness in a sleeve of a coat or to find a boot. Let alone what to make up lips in twilight – rather not trivial problem. Secondly, the quantity of light in the next premises should be comprisable.
Therefore, if the next room is filled in by the bright sunlight, the vestibule should also be bright. And at last, the vestibule defines the general impression of the apartment/house. Do not transform it into a gloomy corridor of the medieval lock. By means of light it is possible to increase a small premise and to expand narrow one, having made a vestibule cozy and light. Except for the general illumination you may add local illumination. It is obligatory for the zone of the mirror. In order to make the reflection well visible, light should go in regular intervals from the mirror, not creating patches of light and shadows. The best variant is to light up the mirror with two fixtures from both parties approximately at the level of the head. The fixtures can be arranged not only on the wall, but also – on the smooth surface, having received other distribution of light intensity.
Sitting room
If you do not wish to establish a traditional luster in the center of a ceiling, you may use dot fixtures. The fine opportunity for creativity is given with designs on the basis of current carrying trunks. You can change design of illumination under your mood without repair. Except for the general illumination it is necessary to consider local illumination in functional zones. If it is a zone of rest, establish wall fixture. And it is even better to put a floor lamp close to the convenient armchair. It ideally approaches for creation of a cosy atmosphere, unique image, changing surrounding space. In a circle of light you will feel lonely, and nothing can distract you from the book. Do not forget about the desk lamp or the sconce near to the coffee table. It should be bright, in fact embroidery of Gobelin tapestries demands the big pressure of eyes. Fine addition to conveniently located lighting devices is the opportunity to adjust intensity of their light. You should also remember that not less than three light sources with the different intensity, located on different levels are necessary???? for creation of a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the room.
The general illumination in kitchen can be carried out by means of the pendant fixture which is going down above a dining table. The Light source should be hardly above a level of eyes, not getting directly in them. In any case even if you decide to leave traditional ceiling fixture, the table should be well illuminated. Be not limited to traditional forms and safely experiment. Fixtures should have closed lamp shades so that the light would not fall on your face.

7 rules for your sofa

April 19th, 2007

Unsuccessful purchase of furniture is a serious mistake, which consequences can be felt for years (soon it will collapse, will become unstuck, will appear absolutely unfashionable etc). Nothing negative will happen to you, if you follow such rules:
1. If you are a private buyer, try sit on the sofa. If the sofa is folding (try to move apart it for some times. Thus, it is not necessary to be over-modest, especially in the mechanism; in fact you will do this operation not one thousand times!)
2. If you the wholesale buyer and you have arrived to the factory, look of what the furniture is made. If your request is rejected, choose other manufacturers.
3. The skeleton of a sofa should be made well dried converted timber. (Some factories ignore this rule. Thus, non-dried skeleton will dry at your apartment, and the sofa, owing to this, – will creak.
4. Your sofa can be soft due to foam rubber, the spring block and polyurethane foam. It is quite impossible to prove, which material is the best. It depends on your sensations and tastes. But there are some principles.
The more softly foam rubber is, the easier it is crumbled. Sofa pillows, filled with foam rubber crumb, will quickly lose the form.????
5. The folding mechanism is one of the most important elements in the sofa. There are three kinds of folding mechanisms: the book (the seat is put forward half and the back leans back), the folding bed (the mechanism which is displayed in a berth and is under a seat) and sliding. Many companies refuse from “book” and we also advise you to choose between the folding bed and sliding.
6. If you have chosen folding bed, try to find out, of what the “sleeping” support of the folding mechanism is made. Belt supports and metal grids are the most popular kinds of folding mechanism.
7. Upholstery. A flock (a fabric with the pile, put with the electrostatic spray) is easily cleaned and not easily soiled. Large factories never use our flocks and try to avoid flocks with “dry” spray because of very strong electrostatics. It is possible to consider a fabric with Teflon covering as the ideal upholstery: water, tea, coffee will simply flow down from a sofa, upholstered by such fabric, not leaving any traces. But the price! The price is not so idealтАж


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