Interior design ideas

Ideas for your walls (Part 2)

May 31st, 2007

Paints with special effects
Such paints can be conditionally divided into two groups. Paints with special properties relay to the first group. For example, they are capable to accumulate light and to radiate it in darkness or colors, changing saturation, depending on the corner of sight and intensity of illumination. Here it is quite possible to carry mosaic paints.
Paints, which relay to the second group, are the paints with the special structure, allowing applying special tools.
First, at use of paints of various colors they do not mix up one with another. And secondly, the decorative effect turns out as a result of use spattle and the platens of the various forms, forming original figure on a surface.
The mosaic paint represents a suspension of the smallest droplets differing on color from a base solution.
The paint can be bicoloured or multicolored, including a droplet of several colors in the structure.
It is necessary to remember, that at a choice of mosaic paint except for thorough training of surface,???????? you would have to select the ground that would combine with the color of base color of mosaic paint.
Usually mosaic paints possess high washing stability that makes them suitable for use in places with high passableness. However, it is necessary to concern to matte mosaic paint more closely.
Paints of the first group (with effects “from the manufacturer”) very authentically reproduce the invoice of natural materials, and also a paint with effect of the star sky (is recommended for registration of premises with the big area, such as halls it create optical illusions. Usually the structure of such paints includes firm particles of the various shades making any one tone. Chaotic distribution of the smallest particles to surfaces also creates originality of color perception – for example, halls, interiors). The painted surface changes color depending on the degree of sight and creates illusion of soft light or freakish and constantly changing smoke.


Ideas for your walls (Part 1)

May 28th, 2007

Here are some variants of decoration of walls depending on purpose of a premise, its size and the budget allocated for repair.
Flock coverings look very decoratively owing to a huge variety of their form and color. Fine enamel particles can be monochrome, bicolored, nacreous, iridescent, to metal shine, in the form of asterisks etc.
The technology of drawing is the following: first the prepared surface is covered with glutinous structure, then by means of a special pistol flocks are glued and for a final – luster is put from above a transparent varnish. The turned out covering differs by high wear resistance and resistibility to frequent washing.
By the way, these qualities, irreplaceable for public premises, are not less attractive and at decoration of kitchen or, for example, a corridor.????
Decorative coverings
Decorative coverings – so often plastic weight on the basis of natural materials is named. Such coverings are made of exhaust, quartz sand, and terracotta granules.
The covering “under olden time” is the mix including mineral components.
By means of spittle????????s the various form on the prepared surface a plastic base layer is put, by simultaneously various movements of hands necessary invoice is created.
The relief of a surface can be the diversified and depends on aesthetic views of the customer and opportunities of the master. After full drying a base layer by means of a brush or a sponge the finishing layer is put. For effect of olden time – toned wax, which is simultaneously a protective and decorating element of a covering. In other cases coloring of a ready surface by a varnish or water-dispersive paints is possible.
A variety of existing materials in this area allows reproducing “olden time” of the most different nature, for example, imitation of roughly plastered walls of cool houses of the Mediterranean. And sometimes fallen asleep “inflows” and “folds” remind morocco relieves of ancient volumes or freakish patterns of dense brocade.
Conclusive advantage of a similar decorative covering relies in the minimal preparation of a surface and a wide range of materials – from elite offers up to inexpensive variants.

Glutinous ceilings

May 27th, 2007

Glutinous ceilings represent square or rectangular panels from polystyrene. The obverse surface can be covered by a film, painted under a tree, a fabric or a stone.
The relief simulating a stucco molding or woodcarving is often created on the surface of tiles. Ceiling tiles are completed with shaped structures (ceiling eaves) in the same tone with the color of tiles and decorative sockets.
Glutinous ceilings are more often applied in premises. They can be used in kitchens, but only if they are laminated by a protective film. They concern to a category of the “self-made” goods.
Ceiling tile can be glued practically on any surface: concrete, a bricklaying, plaster and wood particle plates.
They are simply pasted on a base ceiling, thus the surface should be preliminary cleaned (especially of whitewashing) and grounded.
The spectrum of applied glues is very wide, from special glues up to universal. But it is better to use glue for polystyrene or special glue for ceiling coverings. In this case you will be guaranteed will not spoiled tile, and then it will be easy for you to unstick it (the basis is not damaged and the tile can be pasted in other place).


Frameless glass for balconies and loggias (Part 2)

May 26th, 2007

Significant advantage of frameless glass relies in absence of the problems connected with periodic clearing – it is easy to wash each shutter, not being bent through a handrail of a balcony and not endangering you life and health.
Thus, frameless glass does not require specific maintenance service. You will have only to grease moving parts with a silicone spray.
In the closed position frameless system reliably protects a balcony from a wind and a rain, and noise level in the premises adjoining a loggia, decreases on 15-20 dB (noise of leaves).
By the way, the similar type of frameless glass can be also applied as the device for transparent and translucent frameless glass partitions (for example at offices, motor shows, showrooms and other premises where, in opinion of the customer, their transformation is expedient).
The most part of frameless systems is created so that filling had at least double safety factor. However, if it will appear insufficiently qualitative, shutters will start to jingle.
The problem is that the basic wind loadings perceives not glass, but places of its fastening in a structure. Thus constructive rigidity of unit of fixing of glass in a structure decreases. The “Doubtful” shutter becomes a source of noise, and in glass, in points of its mechanical fastening, undesirable concentration of pressure can develop.
It is natural, that these functional features should impose the certain print on cost characteristics of the products completing frameless system. Therefore, excepting initially unfair manufacturers, it is possible to speak that bad frameless systems are not present. There is their wrong application, frequently connected with unjustified economy. Therefore, at a stage of a choice it is very important to define the quality of the offered system, to study the accompanying documentation and to track the technology of futher installation.

The most insipid rapper????????s house from 50 Cent

May 24th, 2007

As it is known, nothing can compensate absence of taste, even a huge quantity of money. Curtis Jackson’s, known under a pseudonym of 50 Cent, new house, can occupy the first lines in ratings at cost and the area, but as to itsтАж design experts urgently recommend: look and never repeat it.
The huge estate in the city of Farmington, state of Connecticut (USA), already for a long has been the embodiment of not simply riches, but the real abundance. Before 50 Cent the house belonged to Mike Tyson, who has sold magnificent dwelling to successful rapper. The price, which was requested by the boxer for a private residence, has appeared foolish for the American gangster, who only last year has earned nearby 10 million dollars for sale of ringbones with his songs. On hearings, the rapper has paid almost 4,1 million dollars though former Tyson????????s wife insisted on 25 million. Considering the fact that the area of the house together with a site makes 4 366,35 m????, such price can be named more than discount.
Nevertheless, even considering, that 50 Cent has spent some more millions for arrangement of the new house, it is simply impossible to name it cozy. The house is completely deprived of style and individuality. It can be the result of that each owner by virtue of the opportunities and preferences brings his stylish contribution into the interior (for example, owing to Tyson, stone fountains have been built), but in any way this dwelling does not correspond to the rapper????????s style. Quite probably, that be on a place 50 Cent any businessman, we would not be so critical.
The only thing, with which this house really impresses, is its enormously huge territory. Not each owner can brag of sixteen bedrooms, four kitchens, a house cinema, an exercise room, where the whole soccer team could train, five Jacuzzis and a shooting gallery. The internal interior of the house is executed in the constrained, classical manner and reminds magnificent hotel, rather than rapper????????s paradise. And though the two-storied hall, a dining room with a luster from Baccarat and a huge sitting room with a view on a pond look smartly, all the same this place disappoints, and in fact the cost of this vast object is estimated now in 18,5 million dollars!

Frameless glass for balconies and loggias (Part 1)

May 23rd, 2007

The system of frameless glass for balconies and loggias is considered as the most advanced technology. This technically elegant design has been thought up and fulfilled by Finns in the seventieth years of the last century.
What is it?
For the better understanding, how the system of frameless glass is arranged, you should imagine a structure established on a plate of the top balcony which to within 2 mm repeats its form. In this structure lasses move on special mobile loops.
The structure is rigidly fixed (by means of bolts) in concrete, and the bottom structure carries out the function of directing.
Ready made frameless balcony looks as a solid wall from tempered proof glasses. It does not require strengthening various expensive films, and at crushing it scatters on fine not sharp cubes, that reliably provides safety of people from the cuts happening in case of usual glass.
Thickness of such glass depends on height of the spaces: if it is above 2 m, the glass of 8 mm thickness is used and if it is below – 6-millimetric glass is applicated. On width the glass shutter can vary from 60 up to 80 cm, depending on the size of a balcony.
At installation, joints of glasses are closed by the thin transparent interglass sealant interfering hit on a balcony of water and a snow, promoting raised sound – and temperature isolation.
In manufacture elements of frameless glass are made of durable materials – aluminium details are painted with the method of powder misting, and stainless steel is used as fixture.

Comfort in a small bathroom

May 22nd, 2007

Today we shall acquaint you with the receptions, allowing making a small premise of a bathroom quite comfortable, beautiful and modern.
Lay-out and accommodation of sanitary technicians is dictated by an arrangement of struts, distributing of pipes of hot and cold water. The most problematic is the interdependence of toilet bowl to a sewer strut. Usually this part is sewed up into the syntactical box. If the strut already exists, it is better not only to hide it, but also to use it as much rationally as possible, for example, to hide in it into the tank. If you are going to do some re-planning the range of decisions will be considerably extended. It is already possible to win a part of the useful area by correct installation sanitary technicians. Modern sanitary technician allows having bowls and toilet bowls on one low partition from the different parties that at times provides economy of a place and functional zoning of a bathroom. There are modern models of a toilet bowl with the device of deep washout which fastens directly to a wall. Such decision not only helps to save space, but will also create additional convenience for the toilet bowl washing.
The partition can also divide a bath and a bowl, a bowl and shower cabin, which is thus reliably isolated. The main advantage of such partition is that it hides a system of pipelines.
Installation of pipelines of the sanitary equipment is also possible in case of low socles, adjoining to bathroom walls. It reduces time and cost of civil work, in fact in this case it is possible to do it without services of the mason. The built in sanitary technicians objects are made out differently. Environments-ledges may be used as shelves. Socle elements can be riveted with a tile, or to be pasted over with wall-papers or to be decorated with wood.
More functional things and subjects of furniture can also play the role of partitions and, for example, in a small bathroom of a zone of toilet and washstand can be separated by narrow case with sliding section from each other. For full comfort the distance from a partition or walls of case up to a toilet bowl should make not less than 25 cm. Assembly unit of the sanitary equipment with the facing panel, built in a corner, and takes away a minimum of useful space.


The house is our anti stress

May 21st, 2007

Value of the House the world has extraordinary increased because only at home we are we are real, without masks, without a make-up. Our house is a powerful means from stress.????
Soft and fluffy fabrics remind us toys from the childhood and the night lamp in a bedroom creates sensation of safety.
Everything is so much interconnected in us. All rejects against each other the shadow or light. And consequently the interior in anti stressful house should foster tenderly both a body, and mentality, both soul, and power, putting things in order on all our “floors”. Only then we really brighten and we “come to the senses”. If one is lost of sight of something like this, the regenerative effect also weakens.
For health it is useful to sleep in cool room. Proceeding from it, you should have the conditioner with “function of a dream”, which will automatically switch on before a dream and slightly to raise temperature in the room (hardly above norm), and to reduce it slightly during the night (hardly below norm). Well in a warm season it is possible to sleep simply with the open window and then favorable thermoregulation of bedrooms???? is???? done naturally: in the evening air in the street gets warmer – the blessing the ground gives it all warmly, saved up for a day, – and it is gradually cooled at night.
Now about a mattress. An ideal mattress should be rigid. And this rigidity should have orthopedic character. That is reached by: 1) alternation of layers of a material, cross-section and longitudinal and 2) properties of the material: on the one hand, it takes the form of a body, and with another – resists, springsтАж Our consciousness and a body are the essence of a part of one system. This means that what you have in a body you have in your consciousness. And on the contrary: that is in a brain that instantly passes into the body and very often – in the form of illnesses or bad state of health. And consequently when to our body is in comfortable position there is also a positive emotional response.
For strengthening anti stressful function of an interior of a bedroom it is possible to advise to use elements aromatic design. The matter is that our base emotions, containing in subconsciousness, are decoded through “bioport” of sense of smell. That are also capable to arise in reply to some smells without dependence from that, we want it or not. There is a set of recipes of the aromatic compositions, received by mixture of various radio oils. Among them there are both calming and pacifying and harmonizing smellsтАж

Indoor plants

May 20th, 2007

1. Get rid of a plant louse by means of a washing-up liquid
The plant louse likes to be grazed on fresh young runaways. But hardly will it like pair drops of a washing-up liquid and a wet cloth. One movement – and you may easily forget about plant louses.
2. No insects
If the ground in pots constantly too damp, you will face with tiny insects that teem in flowerpots. They are harmless and quickly left the ground if you will push three matches???????? heads downwards into the pot.
3. The acetic essence????
Fungus, moss and spots to exhaust in due course do a pot unattractive and are a nutrient medium for infections. Put an acetic essence on a pot and clean it – this will remove dirt and will neutralize illnesses in the germ.
4. Onions broth will strengthen resistibility of plants
For successful struggle with flower stress, lower an onions peel in boiling water, allow it to start boiling and leave broth to be insisted for the night. Spray plants with the broth.
5. Peat prevents occurrence of limy spots
If your plants had white spots on leaves, it is not the reason for a panic; in fact it is a question only of adjournment too hard water for watering. You can soften water by means of a bag with peat. Simply fill a linen bag with peat and lower it in a ten-liter bucket with water for the night. Peat will neutralize lime; it will also soften water and will make it more pleasant
6. Ideal water for watering
At first sight these are only kitchen waste. But more steadfast sight will give out more: the water, which has remained from cooking of potato, contains the starch promoting growth. However, it is possible to water plants only in case that water is not salted!
The defended mineral water (that is water without gas) acts as fertilizer.
7. Cosmetic procedures
It is very important to clear plants from a dust on a regular basis. It accumulates on the top and bottom party of a leaf and complicates so important gas exchange for plants. Fragile leaves, for example, violets, should be cleaned by soft brush. Coriaceous leaves are stronger and it is possible to wash them.
These cunnings will help to recover your plants. And mineral substances and correct care will provide it with a faultless kind.



Intimate fashion (Part 2)

May 19th, 2007

Minimalism – is a mainstream, in which practically all the companies on manufacture of the sanitary equipment operate. If still one year ago a rectangular was the favorite form for baths and bowls, today preferences are given to round and to oval contours. Certainly, such forms are more ergonomic, are pleasant for an eye and, certainly, are more convenient in cleaning (that, you see, is important). Here the decor is not welcomed – expressiveness is reached due to forms. Even such functional elements as trigger details of compact, amalgamators, connecting elements, as much as possible become simpler and are hidden – they are built into the “body” of the object.
As in due time there were very fashionable furniture walls, actively complexes “bath-washstand”, in which these two subjects are incorporated by one detail, have started to be extend. For example, the table-top of a bowl can be simultaneously a side of a bath or its headboard. Certainly, such bathing complexes require the big space to provide the free approach to each element.
Hi-tech is one of interior directions of minimalism and it is presented in the fashionable sanitary technician by subjects from glass and metal. Use of glass dictates a choice of the certain forms – for example, bowls are more often round or oval. Glass in such collections can be of different color, including opaque color: from black up to the yellow. The original effect is reached by designers, using glass with effect of cracks. It is the specially tempered material, in which the figure simulating cracks is inside, and its surface – is absolutely smooth and safe. Nevertheless decorating in the modern sanitary technician is not considered as a bad form, and opposite -it is the classical tender, a symbol of luxury and reverence of traditions. More often amalgamators are exposed to active dressing: they may be decorated with srtasses Swarovski, an engraving, a diamond groove, and cast metal and figured elements. Such decor is highly appreciated by French and American producers.


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