Interior design ideas

Material for the house (Part 1)

June 30th, 2007

The desire to construct a country house inevitably leads to a puzzle: from what material the house should be built? This, at first sight idle time, is a question, capable to become a real problem.
Today in the market there is an abundance of offers for those, who is going to buy or build country habitation. First of all, these are traditional building materials for the house from a tree: logs, a bar of different type, a board and boards. Quite wide range of a brick of every possible characteristic is also available. From rather new building materials we shall note cellular concrete, products from which have received wide recognition and distribution for the last years. These materials are more often used at building of country houses. According to Penny Lane Realty Company, the first place among building materials for country houses is given to the brick – about half of all cottages are made of it.
Approximately 30-35 % of constructions are wooden and frame-panel board, the rest – are the constructions from different type of cellular concrete, including foam concrete and porous concrete.


Garden on the roof (Part 2)

June 28th, 2007

Somewhat modern representations about green roofs have come to the Western world from ancient Scandinavia. There the turf was the most accessible roofing material. Though scale projects of green roofs have been carried out in Babylon. Long time the device of gardens on roofs was the privilege of governors and the court nobility. Now the situation has changed for the better and technologies have stepped far forward.
Gardening of roofs can be divided into two basic groups: extensive and intensive. The first one serves almost exclusively to the ecological and aesthetic purposes. Requirements on the maximal loading on a roof at extensive gardening allow suit flower beds on roofs of even old buildings, while intensive gardening assumes serious works on a waterproofing and calculation of “endurance” of designs of a building. The “intensive” garden, consisting of trees, bushes and elements of landscape design, can be use for the recreational purposes. Such garden can be arranged on own roof near to a penthouse.
Representatives of the companies, engaged by roofs gardening, name exact quotations on this exotic kind of works. The price depends on an arrangement of a building, height, the area of the future garden and many other things factors. The price may vary from 20 and to 500 thousand dollars.
The same as little Alice could not get into the garden because of too small doors, owners of penthouses also cannot often help ecology of city for the simple reason: a roof of many houses is unable to sustain loading of greater trees and a ground. Choosing a penthouse with a way out on a roof, ask to calculate the maximal loading on it in advance.


Garden on the roof (Part 1)

June 27th, 2007

Do you remember how much little Alice wished to get into a magic garden? The way to beauty, violence of paints and smells, has been always difficult. So, the inhabitants of a mega cities (the same as little Alice) have also to overcome not one obstacle to get into the country garden.
However, small green garden can be done even at home and more truly – on a roof. To attention of owners of penthouses and those, who only thinks of purchase of a heavenly dwelling: the garden on a roof is easier, than it seems! Do you wish to enjoy a rustle of the leaves excited by a wind in personal garden of magnificent height every evening? For this purpose it is necessary to understand that the expenses for its creation can be equaled to expenditure for its exploitation. Garden on a roof – is a serious and long-term invention. But it is not necessary to think, that height is a handicap for the most courageous imaginations. We insistently advise you to entrust creation of a garden to professionals.
In an ideal it is necessary to invite experts from Germany. It appears, Germans are the world leaders in business of the green roofs device. Almost 14 % of roofs in Germany have at least a pretty lawn. Gardening of is roofs also stimulated In Japan legislatively. There is lot of gardens on roofs in the USA. The basic argument in struggle for gardening of roofs all over the world is hidden in the ecological advantage. Cities overheat; we breathe not air, but evaporations from bitumen roofs. But there is nothing new in pendant gardening.


June 26th, 2007

Design-project is a technical project for builders and repairmen: drawings, schemes, and specifications, how to lie wires and pipes, an allocation of a tile, where what coverings to use, how many it is necessary to buy materials etc.
And all interior ideas are expressed in the outline offer. And the creative is shown, as a rule, by clients. People more or less distinctly know what exactly they wish to receive. The main task of designer is to develop creatively and competently clients???????? ideas.????
What is the design-project necessary for?
If you don????????t have qualified construction superintendent and repairmen – the project is not required. All of them equally do not understand drawings.
If you supervise the construction – it is also possible to go through without the project. It is enough to have outline offer and some consultations at experts.
And if you plan to lead all work competently and professionally, – the design-project will be required. The builder will not even talk to you seriously, if you will not professionally explain him, what you really need. Be ready to increase in cost in 1,5 – 2 times and be ready for discussions.
How much does it cost?
The project is estimated for square meter of a premise. The project has some parts or stages: the outline offer – in the beginning and architectural supervision – in the end. It is estimated separately. At correctly constructed attitudes with the designer, the work is carried out and paid stage by stage. How do designers earn? If it is fair – the basic earnings is made with small commission fee, which are paid to designers by furniture sellers and in gratitude for the client.
So, the resume
The design-project is a technical task for the qualified builders. If you need to think up with an interior – it is possible to order only the outline offer. It will not cost very much.

Black light (Part 2)

June 24th, 2007

UV is one of the important components of Black light style – painting by fluorescent paints, and, as a rule, it is fundamental painting which, in turn, demands special carefulness in carrying out building-painting and decorating and using of only high-quality materials.
Opportunities of Black of light-design are many-sided. The technology allows achieving new virtual effects. The sizes of virtual space can be so that is necessary for a concrete premise and a specific goal. It is possible to expand borders of premise, or even to make its infinite, to create effect of volume. The technology allows to transform heavy forms in weightless. Among the innovators, who have picked up a fresh direction, there were owners of bars, restaurants, cafe, night clubs, and discos.
So, well-known restaurant “Fantasy” (Moscow) is located in a basement, where there is no natural illumination. The first hall represents gallery. Muffled light proceeds from the picturesque landscapes, framed with shutters. On each little table the spark of a candle blazes.
Getting in restaurant with such intriguing name, it is possible to wait for surprises. Waterfall is one of them. Falling downwards on stones, it forms a reservoir – a natural barrier before entrance into the second hall. The bridge with openwork handrail connects 2 halls – 2 worlds. This path conducts in other reality – into the fantastic country. The internal space of the second hall is formed with a three-dimensional panorama of a fantastic wood which, radiating soft light, erases real borders of a premise. The fragment of the bulk floor, painted under the star sky, reflected in a water smooth surface, strengthens visual effect, dissolving a side between a floor and walls.
For creation of various modes of illumination additional di-chrome light sources – color lamps-”chameleons” are used.

Black light (Part 1)

June 23rd, 2007

This name of a new conceptual direction in design of interiors has occurred from the same lamp of “black light”, well-known to fans of night discos. The lamp radiates a spectrum close to ultra-violet, but, unlike the last one, it is harmless to an organism. These beams are invisible to a human eye. From here such strange, at first sight, the name – “black light”. Our sight perceives only reflected from some natural materials and fabrics beams.
The effect of a luminescence of paints and materials under influence of ultraviolet is known since ancient times. The African tribes arranged ritual dances on a decline, having decorated the bodies with special natural dyes. When the sun came for the horizon, ultra-violet part of a spectrum dominated, causing a luminescence of the most ancient body art. In Black light style the same principle is used.
The basic idea of style Black light consists in the mechanism that by means of picturesque works, a list, volumetric forms, other materials and the special concept of statement of light the space is created.
Walls, a floor, a ceiling, any subjects, which the hand of the artist has touched, serve as light source. Owing to the list by special fluorescent paints the effect of uniform redistribution of light is reached. Paints possess ability to radiate light under influence of beams of a pseudo-ultraviolet and they are invisible and absolutely harmless to a human eye. Symbiosis of paints and color light gives rise to fantastic effect. The image becomes a light source. It finds tridimentionality, changes perception of space. Volumetric elements from a stucco molding, elements of an interior, the furniture, successfully included in a graphic composition, only strengthen holographic effect.


6 secrets of a beautiful lawn (Part 3)

June 22nd, 2007

Feed up in time
Your lawn requires feeding – in fact we constantly cut it, and without top dressing the herbage becomes rare and pale. Besides, fertilizers strengthen bright color of a grass, strengthen roots and strengthen stability to illnesses.
What fertilizers to choose? You may choose any complex fertilizes with a mark “for a lawn” and bring them 1 – 2 times for a season.
It is recommended to spend top dressing before a rain and if there is no rain two days prior to the feeding, you should water a lawn so that the fertilizer was absorbed.
How to bring? Scatter half of fertilizer on all lawn in regular intervals and then pass in a perpendicular direction and scatter second half. For convenience it is possible to mix granules with sand.
Water the ground on a regular basis
It is necessary to water the lawn not too often (once a week), but on a regular basis. If it is very hot, and the ground is sandy – then it is necessary to water the lawn twice a week. How can we understand that it is a high time for watering? The answer is simple – elasticity of a grass serves as the main water indicator: as soon as it has decreased, it is high time for watering. If you will not water the lawn in time, the grass will very quickly turn yellow and it is necessary to work strongly to restore beauty. It is not necessary to water a lawn since morning or in the afternoon – the most part of water will evaporate, and the grass will burn. It is better to postpone process till the evening or even to put a sprayer for the night.

6 secrets of a beautiful lawn (Part 2)

June 21st, 2007

????lean earthen heaps
These “hills”, certainly, spoil a kind of a lawn. Besides they stir to a hairstyle and can even damage knifes of a lawn-mower. These “hills” can be done by moles, shrews, changas, earthworms and ordinary ants. All these essences together with the ground pull out outside seeds of weeds and damage lawn grasses.
Each of wreckers should be struggled against differently. In order to get rid of ants and changas you may use special preparations. Earthworms do not like sour ground. Therefore do not use lime for a lawn. It is very difficult to get rid of moles and that is why we strongly recommend you to call for special service.
Struggle with spots
There are many reasons of ugly spots: dog “spots”, a burn the fertilizers, the spilled fuel, the condensed ground, illnesses of a grass, rare having watered.
So, what shall we do here? For the beginning cut out a piece of the lost turf and loosen with a plug a surface of a site. Now it is high time to sow densely these “bald head” (approximately 30 – 50 grams seeds on square meter) and fertilize with peat. We stamp ground and it should be watered plentifully (but so that water has not washed away peat and seeds).

6 secrets of a beautiful lawn (Part 1)

June 19th, 2007

Cut correctly
Start to cut lawn in May and finish in October. The main rule – is to cut often, but not too short. As a rule, in the spring and in the early autumn it is necessary to cut the lawn once a week and it is necessary to cut a lawn twice a week in the summer. At such mode the grass becomes more dense, and a surface of a lawn – elastic.
How to cut the grass? If the lawn is young, it is necessary to cut it only tips of a grass. And the normal height of a grass for an ordinary lawn of not the first year – 5 – 6 cm height will suit. If to cut more shortly, a grass starts to weaken, there will be bald spots, the quantity of weeds and a moss can increase. If to leave a grass above 6 cm, the surface of a lawn will become rough (platyphyllous grass always supersedes angustifoliate grass) and more rare- herbage. Besides, the high grass impoverishes ground.
Destroy weeds
The majority of weeds perish during a hairstyle. But some plants, undersized, growing “socket”, do not get under a knife of a mower and fairly spoil a kind of a lawn. Dandelion, clover and a daisy are among the most “malicious” plants.
If there are only a few weeds, they can be deleted manually – dig out plants scoop or a garden plug ( it will not be possible to pull it out as the turf “holds” roots). At a strong contamination of a lawn it is necessary to apply herbicide to a lawn, and processing should be done up to the middle of July. If for two days after processing will not pass a rain, spill a lawn. In two-rub weeks weeds will be lost, rake them up from a lawn and dig (somewhere far away from a reservoir, vegetable and fruit plants).
The moss also belongs to weeds; it appears on too condensed and water-logged sites. In such places it is good to pin the ground with raker – in order to air and loosen ground.


Dining table (Part 3)

June 18th, 2007

Chairs have been thought up by people long time ago. Among archeological finds of Ancient Egypt harmonious stools and thrones with a straight back and a quadrangular seat, rectangular tables on four legs and round on one support, have been found.
In Slavonic countries all people, including approached to the imperial person, sat on a bench. The chair served as a throne, and tsar sat down on it only in “special” cases. Rich people upholstered a bench with a thick both dense rag and felt, and pulled green cloth from above. The owner always sat in a “red” corner, and the mistress took a place on edge.
In the Western Europe in XV century people have thought up to attach a back and armrests to stools. During solemn receptions chairs with pillows stood out only to members of royal family. The nobility sat on stools, less well-born court – on harmonious seats, other people stood. King at the choice granted ladies with “the right of a stool” – to sit at his presence. Chairs of an epoch of a baroque are as beautiful, as well as inconvenient. The groove became covered with a mix of chalk with glue and special additives and the thinnest leaves of gold from above were attached. ????????????????????

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