Interior design ideas

My aquapark

July 27th, 2007

It is possible to look at water for hours. You may peer into a mirror of reservoir, listen attentively to noise of murmuring water, and after a while heavy ideas will leave by itselfтАж It is wonderful, if your house is located on the bank of the river or a picturesque stream. And if is not so? It is possible to try to correct this injustice. So, it is necessary to think about the artificial reservoir. First of all, certainly, it is necessary to decide: what kind of reservoir you want.
The pond is a landlocked reservoir. It can be of any form and size,; it may be an independent element of a landscape or it may join the general aqua system. For example, the current stream can run into a pond which, in turn, is decorated by a fountain.
Stream – is rather narrow stream of water with a twisting channel. Depending on a relief of a site it can be: a stream of flat type; a hill (water moves on a twisting channel with small difference of height); the cascade when water with enough big speed falls from a ledge on a ledge in height up to meter. “Fast” sites, as a rule, alternate silent pools.
The water falls is formed by the stream of water overthrown from height not less 1,5-2 m. Depending on the sizes and the form of a water-drain it is possible to receive both a prompt stream, and a thin mirror film of falling water.
Any stream or the cascade may be the source, but it is possible to design the source in the pure state. Make out them differently, from stone sculptures and masks with jets following from them, up to lay out by cobble-stones areas with keys, making the way in the center.
At last, fountain is an effective reception of registration – it is the decorative construction, forming the basis or a frame of thrown out upwards or flowing down jets thrown out upwards of water. Depending on force of a pressure, the form of a jet, a way of movement fountains are subdivided on jet, geysers, domes and a film.

Painting ofтАж walls

July 26th, 2007

Since ancient times, people have been thinking about the decorating of their dwelling. Moreover, practically all modern designs have been invented during ancient times and after this they were only improved. So, running bisons and the mammoths, the armed hunters and tigers became prototype of-wall papers. The more people tried to improve their “art”, the better figures were. People lived in caves, temples, castles and decorating of walls became the cheapest way of “dressing” dwellings.
At those ancient times decorating of walls remained the only way to give a unique kind to the dwelling. After Renaissance epoch more technological way of decoration of premises was thought up- now these were plaster, fabric and cheap wall-papers. Was it the end? Of course, no! During the last years painting of the walls has again become fashionable. Why? First of all, it is convenient. By means of painting it is possible to expand visually the space, to lift a ceiling or, on the contrary, to lower it for creation of a greater cosines. Secondly, painting makes premise “alive” and expresses individuality of its owners. Imagine what pleasure your guests will receive, examining figure in a dining room or how it would be wonderful for your child to fall asleep in a room painted, as a fairy tale!

Magnificent fort-hotel of XIX century searches for the new owner

July 24th, 2007

Solitude and calmness – it is something that many inhabitants of the vain modern world want, when they choose a place for residing. However on the Earth there are not so many rather secluded places and almost the richest people possess such calm luxury. That is why own island is included into the list of the most popular lifestyle-trends of billionaires.
can become magnificent fort-hotel, which is being recently exposed on sale in one and a half kilometers from Portsmouth, can become the excellent variant For those, who is looking for calm place.
No Man Land’s Fort represents the artificial island created in XIX century (between 1861 and 1880) for protection of British coast against the Frenchmen. The set of granite blocks which were transported by special barges was required for construction of this construction in height of 18 m above sea level and 60 m in diameter. Originally 80 English the soldiers lived there, but century later, the fort has passed to private owner Shaid Luqman, who has transformed it into magnificent hotel.
Today hotel No Man Land’s Fort is decorating Northern Sea and consists of twenty one smart numbers, two restaurants, five bars, two helicopter areas and the huge closed pool with heating. Besides, the fort provides itself with electric power and water.
Present sale of a fort is caused by the fact that the company of its former owner has gone bankrupt, and he has got into prison. Representatives of audit company KPMG, which is carrying out sale, are assured that the fort will cause huge interest at potential buyers, and appoint the initial price at a level of eight millions dollars.



Personal lift (Part 3)

July 21st, 2007

This magic world
Both types of lifts kind of require different variants of accommodation and doors???????? arrangement. In general there are automatic, sliding, telescopic or manual doors. Certainly, in many respects the choice of doors is a business of taste, but the experts have some recommendations concerning the doors and we insistently offer you to follow them. So, if the mine is wide, the doors can be made sliding, and, on the contrary, if it is narrower – manual doors would be more reasonable. Advantage of the last ones is that they look as usual interroom and do not contrast with an interior of the house. Telescopic doors are the most compact: they are arranged by a principle of a telescope. Such doors fold easily and do not require additional place on each side. More expensive variant is also possible – to supply the lift with several doors (in front and behind or on each side), that will allow you to come always at once to the necessary room.
Under the blue sky
The base complete set of the lift provides a steel cabin, standard directing, doors of a cabin and mine, hydro- or the electric drive, the electromotor, electro posting, and also the block of management, which carries out the elementary functions – a call and movement up to the set level. However, very few country cottages???????? owners stop on accommodation iron box, capable to move from below upwards. Nobody would object? that for make the lift the full member of house style, its interior should be properly though over.
The most different materials can be used in furnish of lifts. these are the relief, polished stainless steel with a covering under gold or silver, mirror panels, and a ceiling decorated like a “the star sky”. The cabin can be also trimmed by valuable breeds of a tree, say, a cherry, mahogany, the Karelian birch.
Quite often lifts in private houses are decorated with leather, fabrics, a mosaic, and semiprecious stones. And in spacious cabins even the special furniture is established. As if to floor coverings, linoleum, velour carpet and an artificial stone can be applied. Choosing a decor for the lift, it is important to adhere to one main rule: it should never be out of fashion and it should always please you with its comfort and originality!

Personal lift (Part 2)

July 20th, 2007

Inside or outside?
Usually lift mine is projected adjoining to one of walls. It is clear, that thus the lift is hidden from sights of members of household, only its doors and an interior of a cabin (at their opening) are visible. If it would be desirable to increase the review from a cabin, glaze its doors, and one of walls of the mine. In this case the lift becomes the center of visual perception of space, and during dark time of day it can be a source of soft muffled light.
There is also another variant of mine arrangement – the added lift. Architects and engineers quite often name it “thermometer” – as moving of the lift from a floor to another floor are visible from street and remind movement of mercury on a temperature column. Unfortunately, this bright constructive decision will oblige you to solve a lot of problems: for example, it is necessary to heat and ventilate mine, and also to seal and to supply it with the additional base.
Electrification or hydraulics?
The following major question is what will be your lift. It is clear, in a private country house; it should correspond to several criteria at once. First of all, sit is a question of safety, a low current consumption, noiselessness and reliability. World experience testifies: electric and hydraulic lifts are the best variant for the cottages. Their basic distinctions rely in their operational functions. So, speed of electric lifts is higher, they have no restrictions on height of rise. Hydraulic lifts, in turn, possess greater carrying capacity, and at sudden switching-off smoothly fall up to a ground floor due to independent emergency supply. Besides the engine room of hydraulics can be removed from mine on as much as big distance that happens very conveniently to owners of compact, but high cottages.


Personal lift (Part 1)

July 19th, 2007

Ten years ago lift in a country house was perceived as inconceivable luxury; however, today it is in each fourth cottage. For families, in which there are people with the limited mobility or babies, the lift becomes the irreplaceable assistant, for all others – it is an element of comfort, to which you quickly get used.
In favor of installation of the lift today in the house in the house it is possible to consider it as a serious argument and growth of selling cost of the cottage equipped with the lift – the price of such house grows in 1,5-2 times. However, it is necessary to approach to a question of lift purchase and installation extremely carefully so that the lift has improved shape and “maintenance” of your house.
Before or after?
The first natural question: at what stage of construction is it better to attend to a problem of the lift? Architects and engineers are absolutely solidary in this question: the lift needs to be pawned by development of the project of the house, when it is possible to consider in advance requirements of ergonomics, design, feature of a design of the chosen system of the lift.
The main thing is that it is necessary to put in pawn in the project of the house the dimensions of mine. It can be brick, concrete or metal and its size should be not less 1,5?????1,5 meters.


Mel Gibson sells his house for $40 million

July 18th, 2007

It looks like, the man, who precisely knows what women want, has decided to change a place of dwelling. The well-known actor and director Mel Gibson has exposed the American estate on sale – a real paradise for those, who dreams of the photogenic nature, unusual atmosphere and Russia????????s climate.
Mel Gibson’s huge farm is located in Greenwich (Connecticut) and it amazes with the wildness and calmness, and convenience, which will make your constant residing or rest as much as possible comfortable and interesting at the same time. The estate has been designed in 1926 by Charles Lewis Bowman, well-known local architect, who built grandiose and extravagant houses. Old Mill Farm is the most remarkable estate in all district, and not only because of the architectural features, but also because of extensive 77 acres territory.
The house has an area of 1422 square meters with greater scope: in total the house possesses 15 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, the big fireplace, and the height of ceilings from special strong glass reaches 12 meters are also available. Designer James Doyle, who has arranged beautiful gardens and garden labyrinths in territory of an estate, was engaged in landscape registration.
Old Mill Farm has also a big pool, a tennis court, a greenhouse, separate small houses for the attendants, and also stables and own pond. If you are ready to spend the above-stated sum for new habitation, you have a chance to get in absolutely other world, having plunged in rural, but at the same time a magnificent way of life.

Curtains for your child

July 17th, 2007

Children’s room – is the most charming part of the house. It is the important part of a life of your child. Children????????s room interior influences not only the mood of the kid, but it also characterizes his development. Curtains give the finished kind to any room. Therefore it is necessary to approach to a choice of curtains very carefully.
What material should be chosen for the curtains in children’s room?
At a choice of a material it is necessary to consider some moments.
First of all, the material should be not combustible, with a high degree of ecological protection.
Secondly, curtains???????? care should be light. In fact it is known, that curtain is a place of gathering of a dust, and for a children’s room the dust is counter-indicative.
Recently the cotton became very popular. It dense enough also and it also creates effect of heat and softness, thus it is easy in care.
What color????should be????used?
For a choice of color it is necessary to consider some moments. If in a room there are a lot of bright things and we recommend you to choose monophonic curtains. And if the color scale of wall-papers, furniture is quiet, the tone of curtains may be bright or multi-colored.
Thus it is necessary to note, that the more sated colors, surrounding your child, are the better he develops, but the main thing is to do all this moderately. It is necessary to remember, that since the childhood the future taste of the child is being formed. Too bright and various colors can tire the child.
In a choice of curtains the important role is played by the child????????s age, sex and character of the child. If the kid is quite active, he will use all possible and impossible things in the games. Thus it is better to choose curtains from an inexpensive material, which you will easily throw out and buy new one.
You should not also forget that coverlets, decorative pillows, a panel can serve a good addition to curtains. Don????????t be afraid of reaming, in fact only your imagination will help to transform a room of the child into a fairy tale.


Frame partitions (Part 3)

July 15th, 2007

The basic danger, which traps designs from gypsum cardboard at incorrectly executed works, is an opportunity of occurrence of cracks on places of gypsum plaster board sheets joints among themselves and with a wall (a main wall, a beam, etc.). In order to prevent this it is necessary to watch that, first of all, the technology, developed by gypsum plaster board sheets???????? manufacturers, and to follow their recommendations.
Summarizing our brief review on gypsum plaster board frame partitions it is necessary to stop on one important question – console loadings. The safe load on a partition from the hinged equipment should not exceed 0,7 kg. on 1 m of???? partition.
Special diagrams are developed for more exact calculation by firm “KNAUF”. In case when the hinged equipment has dimensions or the weight, exceeding maximum permissible, it is necessary to provide installation of mortgage elements in corresponding places of walls skeleton.
Light subjects, which weight does not exceeded 15 kg, (photos, pictures, shelves), are suspended directly on gypsum plaster board covering by means of nails, screws or hooks. Wall cases or shelves, which weight exceeds 15 kg, fasten at least in two points by concrete inserts for hollow walls. The minimal distance between concrete inserts should make 75 mm.

Frame partitions (Part 2)

July 14th, 2007

Designs of partitions from gypsum plaster board sheets can be of various types: with a single-layered covering on metal skeleton; with two-layer covering on the metal skeleton; with a three-layer covering on metal skeleton; on the double metal skeleton; on the double metal skeleton with space for communications.
The given constructive types allow erecting a partition with a demanded level of sound insulation and fire resistance. For example, “KNAUF” develops tables with comparative data on fire resistance of various designs???????? partitions – on a metal and wooden skeleton with coverings from usual and fire-resistant gypsum plaster board sheets with thickness of 12,5 mm. and also the table of settlement characteristics of sound insulation of multilayered partitions from gypsum plaster board sheets. Use of the given tables facilitates the choice of the constructive decision.
It is necessary to remember, that in case of the raised humidity (bathrooms, kitchens, bathing) it is recommended to use water-resistant gypsum plaster board sheets, thus it is necessary to consider, that in places of direct hit of water on walls it is necessary to cover a surface of sheets with waterproofing coat.
The admissible height of a partition from cover sheets (the average thickness makes 12,5 mm.) depends on the sizes of cross-section section of used structures and distance between them in a skeleton of a partition, and also from its constructive decision. The height of a partition on a metal skeleton can start from 5 – 6,5 m (weight of one square meter makes 25 – 49 kg). The partition on a wooden skeleton (wooden bars with section of 60?????80 cm.) can have height up to 4,1 m (weight of one square meter can vary from 30 up to 50,5 kg).
Installation of gypsum plaster board partitions should be done during painting and decorating, up to the device of pure floors when all “wet” processes are finished and executed distributing electro technical and sanitary systems, in conditions dry and normal humid mode and temperature not below +15????????.

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