Interior design ideas

One more seven-star hotel will be constructed in the United Arab Emirates

September 29th, 2007

When seven-star hotels become numerous, they involuntarily start to lose their individuality and value. However, one more seven-star hotel of super premium class will be constructed in the United Arab Emirates! The only facts rescues from delight before the Arabian luxury: this masterpiece will be already the second seven-star hotel in the country.????
It is necessary to give due to architects from Sybarite Architects – the interior of the future hotels for billionaires amazes. The interior of the hotel is so unusual that it seems like as if newcomers from far planets have not coped with management at passage of an atmosphere of the Earth and their plane has failed into the Ocean. The building will look as huge splash in a wave on 300 m distance from coast.
Prodigal Arabs wish to spend 350 million dollars on construction of new seven-star palace. Almost nothing is known about room-numbers???????? interior. But one, the most improbable detail has been already become known: on top levels of a 28-storeyed building a real jungle with tropical plants and exotic animals will be arranged.
On a background of such exotic usual details helicopter platforms, a mooring for yachts and underwater restaurant seem so usual. It is possible to be precisely assured: even the second seven-star hotel will have its regular lodgers.

Table layout: utensils

September 28th, 2007

The mistress, setting the table, makes a miracle as any feast is a small holiday even if it is a question of a simple dinner. In housekeeping books it is said that table layout is an art. Experts on ancient traditions add that it is a magic! Harmony, warmly and a coziness will come to your house when, having opened magic properties of utensils, you apply this knowledge to a coziness of a home.
The form of utensils is very important! Magic properties of meal in many respects depend on it. So, the round utensils better concentrates positive energy and protects food from influence negative one. The square utensils make the owner more rigidly and more resolutely. So, if you are shy, eat from such utensils.
However, sharp corners of utensils are counter-indicative to quick-tempered people as they can strengthen their rigid parties. And for passion, adding piquancy to the emotions, services with sharp corners are irreplaceable.
Power of color
In an antiquity the color designated each of four elements: passionate red fire, quiet dark blue air, deep black the ground, innocent white water. Therefore color of utensils is very important. Thus, if you are weak-temperamental, choose utensils of a red shade, if you want something new and sincere, you may surround you with white plates and if you dream of creativity and imagination – dark blue or orange utensils will help you!
It is quite good to keep to the color balance: to have utensils of all shades. So, in spring, when forces were fairly exhausted during winter and it is necessary “to be supported” with energy of updating, the utensils of green shades is preferable.

Penthouse in the highest US building will be sold for 40 million dollars

September 27th, 2007

Chicago Spire????????s founders, which upon termination of construction in 2011will become the highest building of the USA, have declared quotations on premises. The price of one square meter in the 150-story skyscraper on the average will be below 21500 dollars, and the penthouse will cost 40 million dollars. Now the price of one square meter in the Chicago elite multi-storey house ranges from 7500 up to 14 thousand dollars.
In total the building will have 1193 apartments, which average areas will vary from 50 up to 956 square meters. Three-meter ceilings and windows in all walls are being stipulated in apartments.
It is expected, that sales of apartments will begin in January, 2008. Owners for the present a nonexistent skyscraper are measured to offer apartments in Chicago Spire not only to Americans. They will arrange exhibitions in 14 cities of the world, including Dublin, Hong Kong, New York and Moscow.
Chicago Spireis designed by the well-known architect Santiago Calatrava and represents a 150-storeyed building (609 meters) reminding a drill. Chicago authorities have approved the civil-engineering design in the sum of 2,4 billion dollars, in May, 2007.
Chicago penthouse is not the most expensive penthouse in the world. The record on the given parameter is being kept with four penthouses in London complex One Hyde Park. Each of them costs 84 million pounds sterling (about 170 million dollars).



Kitchen space: lack of space at maximal coziness

September 26th, 2007

When we talk about kitchen everything should be arranged so that things occupied less places and were functional. Time and the forces should be reduced to a minimum; otherwise the kitchen will turn into the gym.
Floor cases should be established is at the identical level to maintain symmetry and to not break harmony. Instead of pendant cases it is necessary to use the open shelves in order to extend visually the space. It would be much desirable, if they would be of the same tone, as well as your kitchen????????s walls. Developing one in other stools will also take a lot of place.
False ceiling, which practically does not require leaving and visually increases space, is the most desirable variant for the kitchen.
Natural tree is the best floor covering as it keeps heat.
Do not forget about green oasis and create a special space for plants. We would recommend you the following plants: violets, fuchsia and asparagus.
Illumination also should be picked up according to general interior.
You should remember, that walls of light shades well reflect light and distribute it in regular intervals of the room.
It will be convenient, if in some corners of kitchen additional light devices will be placed in order to provide additional illumination during dark time of day.
Actually, you can think up some cunning for arranging cozy and lovely atmosphere at your kitchen. Interesting decisions can come at the most unexpected moment, therefore do not despair, if the table is not located in the certain space, and fine things are not in???? the case. The main thing is to achieve harmony and functional mobility.


Kitchen glamour

September 25th, 2007

These advanced inventions facilitate work, accelerate cooking process and can become fine gifts to any taking a great interest culinary specialist.
They do not take a lot of place, unlike the next combine, a blender, a mixer etc.
Do you remember how Ameli liked to break crust on caramel cream?
Attempt to create a crust by means of matches or lighters can finish rather tragically. In this business the culinary torch (food torch or cr????me brulee torch or culinary torch), giving out the powerful directed flame, is required.
The inhabitants of the mega city, aspiring to equip their home bar, will admire such glamour thing as mojito muddler.
At the Viennese restaurants schnitzels are so thin and flat, that it hangs down on edges of the plate. However, in result of intensive chopping you will get a fragmentary bloody lace. By means of meat pounder schnitzels will quickly reach the optimal size and thickness.
Now any time year it is possible to see fresh sweet chestnuts on sale.
Cooking chestnuts is dangerously for a life and calmness – they (chestnuts) blow up in microwave own and arrange such a noise, that neighbors can call the police. The special chestnut knife and chestnutter will help to cope with this labor-consuming business.
Oil mister is a magic wand for those, who try to eat less fat. Pizza stone is the culinary invention, which will help to get rid of undesirable calories. It will help to create a pizza with ideal form, moderately crackling, and moderately soft crust due to slow, equal, correct warming up as in wood furnaces.

Autumn tendencies: more warm paints and light! (Part 2)

September 23rd, 2007

With approach of a dim season you should make your apartment as light as possible. You can do these with the help of such interior details as floor lamps, desk lamps, night lamps and candles. Lamp shades should be in classical style – heavy, with brushes and gold ornaments.
Plaids, pillows, covers on chairs and armchairs – all this will not simply change the interior, but it will also warm you in the long autumn evenings. And if still to pick up warm, soft shades – soft orange, brown, kind colors of autumn, – than it will much easier and more comfortable for you to stay ion good mood in cloudy days.
Flowers will help to get rid of depression: the greens will please your eyes and the care of plants distracts from sad feelings.
If you do not have free time to take care of plants, it is possible to decorate your house with bouquets: autumn is a fertile time for this purpose. Nevertheless, there is one more way out: you may use artificial flowers in original combination.
Do not forget about hair slunk skin or a fluffy carpet on a floor. It is fashionable and your legs will be warm.
By the way
Children????????s room should be bright at any time of year!
And the more mixtures of colors will be there, the better will be for the child. The western psychologists consider that since the early childhood the child should be surrounded with all colors of the world and it may be done in any combinations. The more bright details are used in children????????s room interior, the more cheerfully your kid will be.


Autumn tendencies: more warm paints and sun! (Part 1)

September 22nd, 2007

How to make the apartment cozy, and mood joyful, despite of coming rainy days?
In an amicable way, each new season requires some changes in the interior of an apartment or the house, but it is not so cheap and easy. And time for, say, banal change of wall-papers or floors takes a lot of time. Therefore in any apartment we shall change surrounding area, proceeding from your financial opportunities and mood.
In autumn your house should be filled with many lovely knickknacks – caskets, candlesticks, bright cloths and napkins. If they will be hand-made, it will bring more charm and coziness to your house. On a little table it is possible to put a vase with bright fruits. They will not only relieve of depression, but they will also strengthen you with vitamins.
Do not regret time for a choice of candles: aromatic and simple, small and smart. They will help to relax in bedroom and a bathroom and bring romance into your intimate life.
It is also possible to change curtains and it, in turn, will change your mood for better. Autumn is a high time to change light tulle and organza and pass to heavier materials, for example, velvet portieres. They will make your apartment cozy and classically warm.

Some tips on fireplaces (Part 2)

September 21st, 2007

Many of us face with a lot of problems at combining a real stone furnace is a quite complex and responsible business, and it is also necessary to find good masters. It is much easier to choose the alternative – the household metal furnace, which is very convenient and practical in use.
Choosing model, consider the basic requirements:
1. Efficiency should make not less than 75 – 85 % (look the instruction) – otherwise you will yell on fire wood;
2. Fire safety (look at the appropriate certificate).
You should be also convinced that the chosen model will be well combined with your premises interior in view of the recommended parameters of flue and distance up to a wall.
The floor under the furnace should not fail. It means that it is necessary to prepare the base or concrete overlapping of sufficient durability, and a flue – according to the rules and according to requirements of the chosen fireplace.
The furnace should stand in the center of the house. In the house with a verandah it should be established so that the “face” part of the furnace would be left on the verandah, and back and lateral walls – settled down between internal partitions.
What is furnace-fireplace?
Furnace-fireplace as well as it comes from its name, represents a mixture of something average between a household metal oven and a fireplace with closed fenny. Such design allows to combine advantages of oven (it keeps heat for a long time) and a fireplace (it quickly heats up premises). And if to pick up corresponding facing, it will not concede to a fireplace on beauty.

Some tips on fireplaces (Part 1)

September 20th, 2007

We have talked a lot about the role of fireplaces in the house interior, but there some details, which should always considered at fireplaces arrangement. These details seem not so much important, but you can????????t do without them.
It is not recommended to arrange fireplace on the way of possible drafts. But at the same time access of oxygen is necessary for maintenance of burning. Therefore it is better, if the room c a fireplace will be not less than 20 meters.
The wall, at which the fireplace is established, should be made of fireproof materials, and it should have any kind of communications (like telephone). If the wall is external, than it should be heat insulated with the help of basalt cotton wool, covered by a foil.
The weight of a fireplace in gathering can be very great; therefore the floor under it should have sufficient durability with an obligatory concrete coupler. If you put a fireplace in the wooden panel board house (where floors are also made of wood) and it adjoins to a wall, than it is impossible to do the separate base as at the isolated movements of the bases of a fireplace and the house displacement of a wall can cause destruction of the fireplace. In this case wooden floor should be strengthened with the help of iron structure.
If other heating at your house is not supposed, than it is a high time to think about it. Its basic difference from a fireplace relies in long kindling and long-last warming up of the room.


Big family in the small house (Part 2)

September 18th, 2007

Problems of the standard size
When your child becomes more senior, the separate space for games and studying is required. And here beds-attics – are the ideal decision for a small-sized apartment. Similar beds can be of different height and area: the high bed will be convenient for apartments with high ceilings, the bottom level under which turns practically to a high-grade room where it is possible to establish a desk, a small case, and book shelves. As a rule, all this can be got in the complete set, ideally suitable in the sizes and design. But even if ceilings in your apartment are far from 3,5 meters, you can buy a children’s bed in height of about 1-1,2 meters, the bottom space under which is transformed into the built in case with set of branches, boxes and shelves. It will relieve you of necessity to put a special case for children’s clothes and will release a little inhabited space, necessary for children’s games.
And, at last, let????????s talk about you
Parents also require a separate corner, where they can have a rest from cares. It is possible to arrange it by means of various ways of division of a room half-and-half – curtains, sliding partitions, creating illusion of private room.
Naturally, various transformers, allowing to manage a minimum of subjects of furniture and to release space for a life, is best choice for an one-room apartment. The interesting decision relies in creation of podium in one part of the room, which will allow to divide space and simultaneously to receive an additional place for storage of things.

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