Interior design ideas

The end of season: flower bed, lawn and garden (Part 2)

October 30th, 2007

Make winter “hair dress” to a lawn
Watch, that the lawn did not leave under a snow???? not cleared from leaves and not short-haired, otherwise in the spring the lawn will rot, and fresh grass will make the way hardly through a brown layer of a last year’s grass and fallen down foliage. When the lawn is cleaned, it is high time to carry out prewinter hairstyle. Thus the height of a grass remains quite high – 10 – 12 centimeters, for this purpose you should establish a mower on the maximal height of a cut. After a “hairstyle” it is recommended to cover the lawn with a mix of peat and sand in order to smooth roughness and to fill crack in the ground.
Well, the lawn is ready for wintering. It is necessary to take care of mower. Remove dirt and the rests of a grass from it; erase all traces of rust with a fabric or rigid brush. Merge oil and gasoline from the petrol machine. After that grease with lubricating oil all bearings and spray an aerosol against rust (is on sale in shops for gardeners) all metal parts of the machine. The mower winters better, when it is being put on a wooden surface, instead of the ground or concrete.


The end of season: flower bed, lawn and garden

October 27th, 2007

Take care of a flower bed
If you have not made it earlier yet, cut off stalks and “dead” leaves at all wintering eutherophytes (including peonies, phloxes and to a host). After that redig the ground around of plants accurately and add humus.
Clematises, blossoming on this year runaways, also require a scrap on 2 units from a level of the ground. After scraps the plant should be covered – powder with peat or dry foliage, or powder foliage. Remember: cover only after the ground will be chilled on 2 centimeters.
When minus temperatures and the ground will be established, and the ground will be a little bit chilled, it is possible to start winter crop eutherophytes – Iberias, calendulas, clarkias, larkspur, poppies, chrysanthemums, a mignonette, lobelias. Sow simeons on the equal ground; powder them with a mix of peat, sand and humus. Early winter sowing is good that plants will get under way in growth in the first warm days and will amicably blossom during the season.

Interior ideas and psychology

October 25th, 2007

Style of dwelling is focused first of all on creation of a comfortable and harmonious psychological climate, and careful selection of all components of registration can serve as the original passive psychotherapist.
The psychological approach to interior design conditionally includes two basic functions. Harmonizing function, when conditions of a separate room or all house reflects temperament of the person, habit and mentality, is most widespread and well-known. The main task of such premise -is to form an atmosphere of harmony and rest. Here Courageous and not trivial decisions are not recommended. Actually similar reception assumes passivity of an interior in relation to the owner. Owing to optimal combination of shades and invoices of finishing materials, and also elements of a decor and accessories the interior is arranged under this or that individual, becoming the continuation of owner’s internal world.
The second, much more interesting function can be named stimulating. Such way assumes an establishment of some kind of a feedback between design of a premise and owner’s mentality. Now the design plays an active role: it favorably accents those or other features of character and temperament of the owner or, on the contrary, smoothes and levels undesirable features. For example, such interior is capable to counterbalance the impulsive choleric person or to inspire the melancholiac inclined to depression. Certainly, in ideal it would be possible to consider the design of a premise combining both stimulating, and harmonizing function. However it is far not to everyone consultation on psychology of an interior at the expert or on a lay-out of habitation at the master is accessible. Nevertheless the master can put into practice bases of the personal approach to arrangement of the house, but it is also possible to do this independently.
The interior design starts with a lay-out of premises, from creation of the certain structure of internal space. From psychological point of view such structurization has paramount value. Actually it sets a rhythm of a life in the house and quite often dictates concrete models of attitudes of its inhabitants with each other and visitors. Though variants of a spatial lay-out uncountable set, it is possible to reduce them to two basic types: the closed and open interior. The interior of the closed type means the precise and fixed division of a single whole into some isolated rooms, each of which carries out the certain function. For example, sitting room cannot be in combination with the dining room, and a bedroom – with the cabinet.

Hydromassage baths JACUZZI (Part 2)

October 23rd, 2007

Arrangement of atomizers in a bath is not also easy, but it is also very special – “anatomic”. In fact most of all the certain sites of a body require carrying out of massage: area of a waist, legs, and lateral parts of a trunk. Thus a direction of jets of the water mixed with air may be changed to the taste, simply turning an atomizer. However, it is necessary to remember, that the direct direction of a jet under pressure is not recommended, as thus blood circulation is slowed down. The positive weakening effect is reached, only when jets of water are directed under a corner to the necessary sites of a body.
There are many ways for location of hydromassage baths. Some baths are on sale with lateral panels, for other models they are to be bought separately. Sometimes in fair brochures you can see the built in a floor baths. Hardly will you manage to make it in the apartment. Besides, it is necessary to know, that at any accommodation of a bath it is necessary to provide access to water communications and the pump. So there must be sufficient space under the floor.
The bath requires special care. Such complex device should be properly operated. However, it is easy. Pneumatic type of management is the easiest one (and, perhaps, the most reliable). More intellectual management is by means of the board. Here you can program all process: a kind of massage, its duration, intensity (it is possible to enter simply the weight, and the bath will set the necessary mode), sequence of procedures. There are the models speaking in several languages.Certainly, such valuable thing requires appropriate care. Designers have already thought up about how to make this process easier. First of all, the bath is arranged so, that upon termination of work all water from pipes merges completely, the special drainage pump does not allow it to stand there. It is possible to clean it under the special program. In some models there is a tank for a disinfectant liquid. Its gulf there and having included a mode “disinfection” (in different models it can be arranged differently), you can carefully clear it, not applying special work. Do not forget to leave bath prior to the beginning of this process.
As any modern household appliance, a hydromassage bath is absolutely safe for the person. Moreover, it supervises correctness of your actions. For example, if you have not filled a bath up to the certain level, the hydromassage will not work. And the “speaking” bath will tell to you about the admitted mistake. Notwithstanding what work of the device depends on an electricity, defeat of the person by a current is excluded.
All baths fasten on a reliable skeleton. It is made of metal structures with four legs which can be adjusted on a floor level. Thus it is possible to avoid vibration and noise during work of hydromassage installation.
Despite of the utility of a hydromassage recognized by all, it is necessary to remember, that children, pregnant women and the people, suffering from intimate diseases, should consult with the doctor before these procedures.




Hydromassage baths JACUZZI (Jacuzzi)

October 21st, 2007

The hydromassage bath as founders speak is a useful to health habit. The hydromassage stimulates blood circulation and leads to toxins and slags removal, improves a metabolism and lymphatic circulation. It promotes preservation of beauty: it strengthens protective skin reaction; it struggles with the immemorial enemy of women – cellulites- and also with fatty adjournment and excessive fatness. And the main thing is that hydromassage restores good state of health and the physical form, raises a tone and allows relaxing.
Classical hydromassage is the directed water mixed with air. And the parity of water and air can be adjusted to the taste. In some models the mode uniting two kinds of massage is used: classical and air (in the field of a back and a waist). Firm JACUZZI has combined a usual hydromassage with east massage, which is based on use of “water fingers”. The special atomizers located in two of some on a forward wall of a bath, allow stimulating the certain points, located on both parties of a backbone, providing, thus, long power balance.
Some models are equipped with submission of ozone which in the certain proportions is added to air acting in a bath. This natural gas possesses anesthetizing and disinfectant effect.
It is also possible to meet a bath with ultrasonic atomizers. Frequency and capacity of ultrasonic steal up manufacturers such, that using of a bathroom is absolutely safe for the person.
Baths are divided into two types – usual and angular. Also baths differ on size – depending on for how many people they are intended. But also, each model has the unique design. The internal space of a bath is designed so that you could relax and feel comfortable. Only in this case the effect from a hydromassage will be maximal.

How to decorate bathroom?

October 18th, 2007

The majority of us day starts their day and finish it with this room. Therefore bathroom should look (yes-yes, “look”) so that it would please the eye. So, the question is how to decorate bathroom?
1. It is very beautiful, when all accessories – lockers, towels, a curtain for a bath, glasses for tooth-brushes – are sustained in one color scale or, on the contrary, are contrast on color.
2. Fluffy carpet is, certainly, pleasant for legs, but it is very short-lived. Therefore it is better to choose rubberized carpet with holes on the floor. Now they are of the most different forms (in the form of stops, an apple, and flower) and colors.
3. If you want to have a rest in a bath, put a soft rubber headrest on suckers under a head.
4. Interesting support for flowers can make style of a bathroom romantic.
5. Give unique charm to your bathroom with the help of self-made panel from cockleshells and sea stones.
6. Put some small sea bowls, amusing under the form pieces of soap on the shelf with beautiful jars of creams and shampoos. Get a special brush for massage on the long handle.
7. The cosines of a bathroom will be given with fluffy towels of different size. Towels should be unessential identical on color.
8. And the most important here is to dream. Make original flounce for the mirror.
9. Hang up on a wall the dried starfishes, bathing birch broom, sponges and special brushes made of flax, a bristle, a clap.
10. Paste amusing pictures on the locker. Attach ground snag instead of the holder for towelsтАж
11. In order to avoid slippage it is not necessary to put on a floor the same tile, as on walls. In an ideal on a floor there should be a special tile: no slipping, in fine pimples. Sometimes elderly members of family have difficulties with rise from a bath without assistance. Having screwed on a wall one or two metal handles, you will considerably facilitate this problem.
12. By the way, it is possible to establish a phone in bathroom so that it would be possible to submit signals if to you, say, feel bad or have jammed the lock. For the same reason instead of traditional locker it is better to have the lock which can be opened outside.
13. Bathroom requires much more careful cleaning: in fact the warm and damp environment is an ideal place for bacteria, fungi, and a mould. In order to avoid wearisome struggle against black formations in corners or on joints of tiles, it is not necessary to wait occurrences of the enemy, it is just necessary to prevent its attack.
14. From time to time wash out all walls of a bathroom with a weak solution of any disinfectant. Various cleaning powders do not suit this purpose, as strongly scratch and spoil a tile. The abrasive substances, which are the part of these powders, do not go on advantage and – assiduous friction conducts enamels of a bath to its mechanical damage, enamel becomes rough and surface accumulates more and more dirt. It is better to use liquid cleaners. Put it by means of brush and wait for some minutes, and then wash it off with lot of water. The mirror can be cleaned by ordinary liquid for windows washing.


Workplace for your boss (Part 2)

October 17th, 2007

Philosophy of style
Some features should distinguish boss????????s cabinet from other office premises.
First, the head aspires to occupy the premise which is corresponding to the status. The area of a cabinet and its interior should be special.
Secondly, presentableness of an interior as a whole and to furniture in particular should correspond to the company????????s general level. Here it is possible to emphasize or to add uniform corporate style.
Thirdly, the structure of company????????s activity should define the boss????????s cabinet interior. Stylistics of banker???????? and advertising agency director????????s office should differ from each other.
The furniture for boss can be divided into two basic groups. It is classics with its variations and modern models in hi-tech style. For a classical cabinet the rectangular forms, dear massive subjects of dark tones are being used. Furnish with veneer, leather and fabrics, use of a manual groove and gilding, socles from a natural tree emphasize prestige and create an atmosphere of a constancy and business stability. The classics usually are present at the government, financial establishments, legal offices and offices of large corporations???????? heads. The modern furniture is frequently represented in more light color scale; it may be made of glass, metal, plastic and composite materials. Such models are practical and functional.


Workplace for your boss (Part 1)

October 14th, 2007

Space and furniture
The word “cabinet” even more often replaces the term “boss???????? office”. It is connected with expansion of management premises functions and their value in a life of the modern companies.
Each of them carries out one of three basic functions. It either a workplace of the head, or a trunk-call zone, or vacations spot. And precise zoning of space can be hidden. For example, the table for negotiations can adjoin a desktop, and behind a coffee table in a zone of rest the head can conduct informal conversations.
Sometimes premises of management office are separated by mobile partitions, which allow transforming operatively space in compliance with carried out problems and quantity of visitors. Certainly, the boss can equip a cabinet in one room, zoning it depending on the needs.
Usual set of management furniture includes working, briefing and auxiliary tables, the complete set of armchairs and chairs for the owner and visitors, a sofa, curbstones and cases. Often at a standard complete set has a rack for video- and audio equipment, cases or shelves for compact discs and videocassettes. Also for a cabinet possesses safe for documents and valuable things storage.
Except for traditional subjects, show-windows for prizes and cups collection accommodation is also required. The small bar rack, a refrigerator and even mini kitchen are hidden from eyes of visitors or located in other premise.

The most ancient wall painting is found in Syria

October 13th, 2007

In northern part of Syria French archeologists have found the underground wall, which age totals 11 thousand years. The geometrical list, which is being, possibly, the most ancient one, is made by three paints – black, red and white and it was on a wall of the round house.
As it has become known, the rests of a wall have been found at the coast of Euphrates, near to Aleppo, on the place of Stone Age settlement Djade al-Mughara.
The head of group of archeologists doctor Eric Coqueugniot has informed, that the picture very much reminds works of artists-modernists.
Scientists have found out, that the painting has been made nearby 9 thousand years B.C. one more part of the ornamented wall has been found not far from the wall, but as has Eric Coqueugniot has informed, it will be dug out only in the following year.
Before opening in Syria wall lists have been found in Turkey, and as dated 8-6 thousand years BC. and were considered as the most ancient ones.



Gisele Bundchen????????s New York penthouse is on sale for $11 million

October 12th, 2007

When the first years of dazzling glory have passed, it is not so important to make greater money on them. Selling something from personal things, and under much higher price, than was at its purchase, may be a good idea in this case. Brazilian long-legged “bird” and simultaneously the richest top-model in world Gisele Bundchen, for example, was satiated with the magnificent penthouse on Manhattan and has declared about its sale for 10 900 000 dollars.
The smart apartment is in micro district of Manhattan West Village and has the area of 163 square meters. The apartment has also the additional area on a roof and it is possible to get there by means of the lift, for using which the personal key is handed over to the owner of an apartment. There, on cozy arranged roof, there is a professional set for a grill; so, it is possible to arrange excellent picnics on fresh air not leaving the house.
The penthouse has also a huge master’s bedroom with a greater wall case and an applied bath, a sauna and a jacuzzi, a bedroom for visitors (also from a jacuzzi), two bathrooms trimmed by a marble, kitchen and a spacious terrace. In total the penthouse has five rooms. The apartment is supplied with reliable safety system.
It is necessary to add, that from windows of Gisele Bundchen dwelling it is possible to admire simply tremendous view on the River Hudson. And the panorama of New York is really exciting.

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