Interior design ideas

Mosaic (Part 1)

November 30th, 2007

The mosaic is the figure, made of small pieces or various materials. The word in translation with Latin “musium” means “devoted to muses”. The first mosaic images, which have reached up to now, belong to the epoch of antiquity. However, today it experiences a rebirth. Even more often it is possible to see a panel and pictures in the most various to destination premises: pools, showrooms, cafes, shops.
Glass mosaic. Today Venetian glass is the most widespread material for manufacture of a mosaic. It is durable, water-resisting, heat resisting, cold-resistant. Besides, it has continuous structure so, it is not subject to influence of microorganisms and bacteria and can be used for furnish of pools. As to a color palette, it is so polychromatic that it is difficult for describing. For this purpose during manufacture diversified additives are being added into the glass: from a pine forest, cadmium and selenium up to a semiprecious mineral aventurine and nacre.
The most widespread form of type-setting elements (modules, chips) is square. The more finely they are the more detailed elaboration of the image will be.
The glass mosaic has very wide scope: these are the walls and floors in any closed premises, from kitchens up to pools and bathrooms, and also a surface of furniture, fireplaces, and facades of buildings.
Smalto mosaic. Smalto is a version of a glass mosaic. But unlike last one smalto structure includes salts of kalium, instead of sodium, and other natural connections giving color to the material. Modern smalto is received in result of pressing fine parts of densely painted glass with addition of oxides and sintering at temperature of 700-800 C within the day. in result the material gets excellent physical and chemical properties: crashworthiness, frost resistance, stability various aggressive cleaners. Smalto is shining from within. Besides, each cube differs from others. Because of it the greater surface, which has been laid out by smalto of one color, does not look sadly. Available technologies allow receiving up to 10 thousand shades of smalto.

Influence of wood on health and emotional state of the person (Part 2)

November 26th, 2007

Not only color of wood, but also breed of a tree influences our health. Having chosen corresponding breed of a tree, it is possible to correct not only emotional state, but also character of the person. For example, the bamboo helps to supervise aggression, to remove irritation. The beech promotes development of tolerance in relation to associates. The larch helps to believe in the forces and to overcome uncertainty in. The oak relieves of vanity, helps to look objectively at the world, gives additional energy and reduces excessive anxiety. The hornbeam helps to develop a real sight at things and to get rid of prejudices and errors. The nut will help you to make right decisions and not to come under another’s influence.
Thus, wood is little bit more, than just building material. People and plants, being a part of one ecosystem, are indissolubly connected with each other. Tree is a material, created by the nature, in the wooden house you always will feel calmness, warmly and coziness.
Wooden windows are Indispensable attribute of harmless habitation. Unlike plastic, the tree possesses ability “to breathe”, that is to pass air through microspores, thus providing its continuous circulation. Modern wooden windows possess high sound insulation, low heat conductivity and stability to temperature drops and durability. Their aesthetic qualities concern to conclusive advantages of wooden windows. They are perfectly combined with a parquet and wooden furniture and help to create the finished shape of interior. That is why in the European countries, for example, Sweden, and Holland, three quarters of windows is made of tree.????
The country house constructed of harmless materials will create the special atmosphere opened for rest, helping to restore forces, energy and composure, to find balance with world and to find calmness and cheerfulness.

Influence of wood on health and emotional state of the person (Part 1)

November 24th, 2007

When we say “ecological compatibility”, we mean not only advantage for health of the person, but also environment harmlessness, both the goods, and all cycle of its manufacture. Speaking about harmless habitation, it is impossible to forget about such factor as ecological comfort, including a high degree of ecological safety, presence of conditions for rest and restoration of forces.
In comparison with concrete and brick houses, houses from a tree have a lot of advantages. One of the important properties of wood relies in its ability to update air in, and also to support optimum humidity, preventing dampness in the house. Tree is also an excellent heat insulator. Speaking about mechanical properties of wood, it is necessary to note, that the tree easily gives in to processing.
Besides, it is known, that wood possesses curative properties. In antiquity it was considered, that it removes weariness and restores forces. Today we speak about influence of wood on bio-energetic of the person. For example, it is considered, that such breeds as oak, pine, apple-tree and birch have property to give the energy while so poplar, aspen, bird cherry and an alder take it away. Those trees, which give energy, simultaneously render curative influence on an organism of the person: they remove stress and irritation, raise a tone, restore nervous system, raise activity. Some breeds of tree, for example, apple-tree and cedar, possess clearing and disinfectant properties.
Color of wood can influence a psychological state of the person. In the nature red color associates with danger, therefore wood of red shades can raise excitability, uneasiness and cause psychological discomfort. Dark, close to black color tree is capable to cause dejectedness. Warm shades of yellow and orange color waken energy; however, in lots they can provoke irritation. Optimum influence on the state of the person is rendered with oak or tic of light brown color. They create a cozy atmosphere and give to the person feeling of calmness, confidence and stability. Light shades also have ability to increase space and to make premise brighter.

Marble ladder

November 23rd, 2007

Today opinion that stone ladders are good only in smart locks is absolutely irrelevant. The stone is pertinent in any dwelling; its main advantage is harmonious combination to other elements of design.
In translation with ancient Greek the name “marble” means “brilliant stone”. The marble is formed of limestones under influence of heats and pressure. More often the marble possesses granule structure. Marble breeds can be completely (actually a marble) or are partially (marmoric limestones) crystallized.
In general there are small-, medium-and coarse-grained breeds. Fine-grained are the strongest and the steadiest. High wear resistance is provided with close communication of grains.
In beams of the sun the marble comes to life and starts to play every possible color combinations. By means of a marble it is possible to create so different ladders: warm and cold tones, massive or air, modest or magnificent.
The marble is quite strong and abrasive resistant; it is well processed and polished.
One of the most known and valuable deposits of a marble is in spurs of Alps in Carrara. The stone passes light on 4 centimeters depth. Such parameters are characteristic only for the most high-grade material.
The surface of a marble ladder can be polished, polished or is artificially made older. Polishing allows emphasizing beauty.
But at all advantages the marble is very much afraid of influence of various chemical reagents. Marble ladders should be preserved against thermal influences, from hit at a step of ladder sand and other abrasive particles.
It is very important to choose correctly cementing material for stacking a marble. If to use a cement mortal or glue, spots will soon appear on the marble. It is recommended to use special glutinous structures.
Restoration of the marble, damaged by scratches, may be done by means of repeated polishing surface. And for care of marble surfaces of ladders special means are required: stone impregnations and beeswax, which will protect a surface, will keep shine and color.
The combination of a marble to other materials is also possible. The combination of marble and metal elements will approach at “hi-tech” style, marble steps and marble hand-rail and carved columns will give to a premise a magnificent kind.
The combination of a marble to the wooden varnished parts of a ladder complex is not also excluded.

Your bedroom

November 13th, 2007

1. Close space of a bedroom
Bedroom is the intimae zone; it is not the place for work, watching TV, etc. There should not be phones, TVs, the musical centers, simulators, paper blockages, book shelves in the bedroom. All aforesaid takes away a lot of energy and distracts from rest and romanticism.
If there is no opportunity to place sleeping and a workplace in different rooms, take advantage of simple partition or a drapery from a fabric to divide both spaces. If you wish to place the TV in a bedroom, make it hidden in a niche of a case, etc.
2. Symmetry
Bedroom is a place for a two; therefore symmetry is preferable both in a decor, and in subjects, for example, two little tables, two night lamps, etc. If you are lonely, all the same equip a bedroom as if you have your sweetheart and it will involve love.
Beds with two mattresses or any dividing strip are bad, as they symbolize dissonance. It is possible to neutralize a dividing strip, having laid red bed sheet.
3. Pictures and images
In the beginning it is necessary to decide what should not be in your bedroom. There should not be family photos, only photos, where you together and no relatives and friends. The picture or the image in a bedroom should represent only pleasant and positive feelings that, waking up and falling asleep, you received only pleasant emotions.
There should not be mirror in the bedroom as it draws problems and anxiety, stirs to good rest and can draw intervention of the third party in your relations. Take mirror away from the bedroom, or drape it for the night.
4. Illumination
The rules are those: a lot of daylight in the afternoon, soft light in the evening and darkness during sleeping. The sunlight helps you to wake up in the morning in good mood; darkness does not prevent to sleep at night. For creation of cozy evening illumination it is recommended to combine various elements: ceiling and wall fixtures, floor lamps etc.
5. Sensuality
The bedroom should please not only an eye, but also other sense organs. It is possible to create sensual conditions with the help of:
-aromatic candles or sticks,
- bed-clothes,
- flowers.
We hope, our advice will help you to create cozy and comfortable bedroom.

How to build the house: recommendations (Part 3)

November 12th, 2007

It is desirable that the area of the kitchen would be not less than 10-12 square meters. It may be conditionally divided into two zones. In the first part it is possible to place such kitchen equipment as refrigerator, a sink, a desktop etc. The other zone of kitchen may be devoted to the dining room with all necessary furniture and a small bar. Windows of this room should be focused on the northern, northwest or east party.
Bathroom. It is remarkable, if the house will be connected to local or independent water and sewer networks. The area of bathroom should be so that it would allow placing washing machine and a water-heating column.
Depth of rooms in the house should not exceed 6,5 m with a view of maintenance of sufficient natural light exposure of premises. The form of rooms is considered optimum length at a parity and width 2:3. The least admissible width of aintraroom ladder should make 0,9 m at the greatest bias 1:1,25. By the way, a metal spiral staircase is also a quite good variant.
The hall can be transformed into one of the most elegant premises, for example into the hall which is connected practically with all rooms of the house. The general area of the hall should not be less than 6-7 square meters at the minimal width of 1,4 meter.
Summer premises (the glazed verandahs or terraces with the open apertures, galleries, loggias, and balconies) can occupy 15-20% of a total area of the house. Their depth, as a rule, is not less than 1,2 meters.
Now it is necessary to be defined, how many floors will be in your house. In this case of one-storied house it is possible to manage simple designs and the easy base.
Construction of two-storied houses with penthouses is on 15-30 % cheaper than three-storied houses. They are twice more economic on the area of building, expenses, they require less furnaces and pipes and are much more economic in operation.

Spiral and straight staircases

November 12th, 2007

Everyone who owns a cottage or 2-level appartments surely thought what lader to choose. You may think that ledder has no other functions as to serve your transportation from one floor to another but if you think so – this is not correct. Internal ledder can be the main decoration of your house. It can make it beautiful as well as to make it ugly. It has to work in pair with other decor elements. Ledder can show your character – if you own a wide straight staircase this means that you are opened for the guests. As far as if your ledder contains 2 or 3 parts underlines that your house is separated into few parts and shows that the entrance to private one is restricted. If you own a narrow spiral staircase this means the same as multi-part straight ledder. Stairs play a very important role too. We recommend you to consult with your designed before to buy a ledder. This can save you for doing a big mistake. Staircase is not a thing you’ll change in a week so be carefull while choosing it!

How to build the house: recommendations (Part 2)

November 11th, 2007

Four facades should be drawn on the plan: main, or obverse (from road or street), lateral (on the right and to the left of the main facade), domestic (from a court yard). Cuts should be carried out on architecturally-construction plans.
They may be of following kinds:
architectural – reflect an interior of premises without constructive elements;
constructive – show elements of a building (walls, overlapping, a roof and others).
Besides, the project of the house includes plans: the base; allocations of beams of overlapping; arrangements of bearing designs of a roof. There are two stages of manufacturing of the design documentation: the outline sketch and the design-budget documentation (that is the equipment design). The Outline sketch gives representation about a lay-out of the house, the basic constructive decisions, furnish of premises and their engineering equipment.
Norm of the area
Premises of the house are subdivided into two basic groups: inhabited (sitting room, bedrooms, children????????s room, dining room, study, library, a room for visitors, etc.) and subsidiary (wardrobe, bathroom, a sauna, boiler, etc.).
Let’s consider separate parts of the house and the requirement to them.
The cellar is intended for seasonal storage of vegetables, pickles and other products. Access to it is carried out through the hatch, placed on the free area of a floor, on a ladder-step-ladder. In a cellar or on a ground floor it is possible to arrange pantries, economic premises, a boiler-house, garage, or anything you like. The height of basements from a floor up to a ceiling varies from 1,8 up to 2,4 m.
Sitting room
The comfort of the house is defined by the attitude of quantity of members of family to number of rooms. An optimum variant is when each member of family has the separate room.



How to build the house: recommendations

November 9th, 2007

General view and lay-out
Before to start construction, it is necessary to define, whether you can adjust independently complex industrial, legal and financial attitudes with executors?
There is a set of high quality companies, not only accepting orders for performance architecturally-construction plans and arranging meetings with architects of projects, but also offering to consultation at the choice of the contractor for realization and also recommendations on internal furnish of the future house. In fact only the skilled architect can embody idea of the house of your dream in a stone or a tree. It is necessary to remember that the real professional will never offer the customer the only one variant.
At designing the house it is necessary to adhere to the certain rules. First of all it is necessary to choose scale – usually 1:50 or 1:100 for work above the drawing. Then plan axial, conditional lines, which are passing through the base and walls. Longitudinal axes on the drawing should be located left of a building and marked with letters of the alphabet, and cross-section – below and they should be marked with Arabian figures from left to right. A side of an external wall of 100-200 mm from an axis (depending on thickness of a wall) should be arranged from below on distance, and axes of internal walls – on their middle. These lines are very important, as at a marking of the house they are being transferred on the site. After that trace on the drawing of a wall so that thickness of each of them corresponded to the chosen scale. After that it is necessary to plan premises, dividing their partitions. It is very important to consider the parties of light. For example, southwest and western illumination is recommended for sitting room and northern – for the kitchen.

Furniture for bathroom

November 8th, 2007

Ergonomics and practicality are the basic requirements to bathroom furniture. Unfortunately, the sizes of our bathrooms do not always allow us to get greater and convenient furniture. Therefore, designers offer both original and magnificent complete sets, and compact, but capacious enough.
Prestigious: a tree
If the metric area of bathroom allow, it is better to choose wooden complete sets – from oak, birches and a tic. Certainly, they are more expensive. But designers have created a lot of models for such furniture. Practically each of them is a work of art.
The wooden furniture happens classical, ethnic and even wrought.
However, keep in mind: such furniture assumes spacious premise and good ventilation.
Middle class: laminated veneer
At cost veneer furniture borrows an intermediate niche between furniture from laminated particle board and a tree. Veneer is a thin layer of wood which structure and figure does not differ from a tree. It is beautiful and water-resistant.
Cheap: plastic
Furniture from plastic is, certainly, the cheapest one. Its???????? basic plus relies in minimalism.????
The plastic furniture (basically curbstones under a bowl and mirrors) may be both very narrow (from 50 cm at width), and wide (up to 150 cm).
Curbstones and mirrors can be angular, allowing saving a place in the bathroom.


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