Interior design ideas


December 23rd, 2007

So, you have already chosen and bought gifts, now it is a high time to wrap them. In fact it is necessary to present the gift beautifully. We offer you some ideas on gifts design.
Color paper
Here you can take advantage of the imagination and think up something original. For example, to decorate bright boxes with freakish mosaic figures, to cut out by means of special scissors, gear multi-colored strips. The main thing is that it was colorful and more cheerful.
Paper weaving
It is necessary to do your best in order to make out a gift in such a way. First cut out a strip in 4 centimeters width from two glossy sheets of a paper, put red and green strips beside with each other in chessboard order, bend the ends paste the paper on convolutions. The bow and fan may be also made of paper and pasted on a box.
Fabric wrapper
The most refined way to decorate gift – is to take fabric instead of a paper. It is necessary to make as much accurately as possible. Such wrapper will approach for a gift to your women, for example, for mums or grandmothers.
Blue-white boxes
With a bow: cut off a tape of the necessary length from plaster bandage (from a drugstore), fold double, stretch in bowl with warm water and make a bow.
Snowflakes: dark blue paint draw on a white brown paper of a snowflake.
Christmas tree: cut contours of Christmas tree on a wide strip of a color paper.
Strips: fill baking cups for cookies with a thin layer of plaster, dry up, squeeze out plaster from baking cups, drill holes and pass through strip.

Lalala hotel in Sopot

December 21st, 2007

In Sopot the unusual hotel is opened. Lalala hotel has only seven room-numbers, an interior of each one is developed by the young artists, who are not having design formation. Authors of the project mark, that creation of interiors has been charged to people without the special education, people with concept neither about design art nor about features of hotel business. Authors of the project mark expected to get something original and they were not mistaken.
Walk on two-storied hotel reminds excursion in are gallery. Each number differs from the others. In registration the most unexpected subjects and colors are used. For example, in one of numbers the bathroom is entirely painted in black color, a floor – in blood-red, walls in the third are upholstered by a shaggy black skin of the Siberian wolf. Legs of a bed, fit in ballet shoes, or red deer horns, supplementing a fresco on a wall leave indelible impression.
Students and graduates of Gdansk Art Academy took part in creation of hotel’s interior. Since June of this year the object carried out function of bistro, where it was possible to try rare grades of faults, unusual dishes and to take part in cultural actions, for example in concerts. Now it also offers accommodation. Lalala is situated in Rzemieテ窶コlnicza Street. Cost of residing will make 350 zlotys ($139). It is interesting, that the object is being positioned as hotel at presence of seven room-numbers instead of necessary ten.

New Year’s interior-2008

December 18th, 2007

Dark blue tinsel and gold Christmass trees
The majority of designers – both Russian, and foreign – offer to use gold colors and various shades of dark blue. And the more brilliant and flickering are, the more fashionably it will look.
Turquoise and bronze are the most fashionable color combination of the season.
Amusing bottle bobbins will perfectly decorate New Year’s table and can serve as a gift.
-New Year is a family holiday, when fashionable tendencies are seldom strictly observed. If are you keeping still grannyテ「竄ャ邃「s fur-tree toys-relics, it is possible to assume that your Christmas tree fur-tree will be traditional. And it is possible to give more fashionable kind to your house, having decorated curtains with tinsel. This year lilac and violet are the most fashionable colors. Buy violet candles and a lilac tinsel.
The bouquet, made of fur-tree branches, tinsel and garlands, will replace the most original Christmas tree.
Glamour variant
This year traditional combination – red and gold – is still fashionable. But dark blue color in its all shades and combinations – from blue up to dark blue – is especially fashionable.テつ
By the way
Not so long ago there was a tradition to give fur-trees of unusual colors. Let it be small, but absolutely inexplicable color for a fur-tree – red, orange, yellow, dark blue窶ヲ Natural vegetative materials – a coconut fiber, a feather, corn leaves are especially fashionable this year.

Best colors for your bedroom (Part 2)

December 17th, 2007

Important details窶ヲテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつテつ
Nuances are very important as they can create special atmosphere in the room.テつ Sofa pillows, coverlets, plaids, a sconce and floor lamps, carpets, floor vases and figurines, decorative utensils – these decor elements are creating good color link between, say, curtains and a furniture upholstery. Besides, it very much recovers and diversifies interior. The main thing is that is not recommended to overload premise with a lot of shades.
Your coziness
It is important to remember about the parts of the world. Northern (cold) part should be necessarily flavored by warm bright tones, southern – by cold. By the way, cool shades of gray-blue, pearl, pale-green can visually expand a premise. If the room, on the contrary, is very spacious, it will be desirable to use pastel or sated tones of warm scale.
Nougat on walls
Designers recommend sating scenery of the house with new paints depending on a season. For example, in spring interior colors may remind egg shell, golden-yellow or apricot. Paints should be gentle as the first spring flowers: cornflower-blue, May greens.
In summer cool and dim shades are recommended. Color accents should be made on silver-gray, green or bluish-beige, chocolate or coffee with milk. Metals and natural materials should be silver and bluish.

Best colors for your bedroom

December 15th, 2007

Modest variant
Any pure color is capable to cause irritation in human perception, it requires contrast. – Therefore, working out at the apartment’s interior, it is not necessary to prefer any one color, especially if it concerns to the so-called active palette (yellow, orange, red), because it will be psychologically impossible to stay in such premise for a long time. Color can be always combined with another. The main thing is to avoid strong contrasts – they tire eyes very quickly. Combine not less than three shades.
Pastel in bed
Blue and muffled yellow shades are well combined and the calming effect creates superficial light green tone – this variant ideally suits for bedrooms. – It is better to choose no saturated coloring lilac, green, blue and pink colors for childrenテ「竄ャ邃「s room. The composition of dark blue, yellow and white colors would be the ideal variant both for relaxation and work. Golden-brown color scale will create special cosines in your house.
Grey ambitions
Popular orange is capable to give the tired by black-and-white scale interiors joyful heat and high spirits. this color will attractively look in country and folk style interiors. But even in minimalist style orange color can be quite pertinent because of emotional discharge. From the functional point of view this color should be used in sitting room or living room as it promotes the liberated dialogue and individuality. Orange color can stimulate appetite – that is why it is simply irreplaceable in a dining room and on the kitchen.テつ
Red color requires absolutely special context – no other color can “argue” with its causing ambition and bright temperament. Perhaps, beige, grey and all the same white tone are the only shades, which are capable to restrain its ardor.

Laminate (Part 1)

December 12th, 2007

The massive board has appeared long before parquet and today it is one of the most popular floor coverings. Now, it is the most demanded kind of parquet.
The size of a separate die (board) and modern quality of processing allows realizing the most refined project both in separate premises, and industrially, that considerably raises its characteristics. The file serves as good alternative to natural piece parquet, as it is more durable and creates an image of expensive, beautiful, elite floors.
Oak concerns to the so-called core breeds of tree. Wood of an oak, except for the uppermost, “alive” ring, may be self-preserved. Internal rings do not participate in vital processes and they become impregnated with special substances and become stone during lifetime of a tree. Oak wood is an excellent construction material; it goes on underwater and overland constructions, device of underwater and basic parts of wooden courts (mainly old oak) and as machine, furniture, parquet and joiner’s wood (the winter oak is preferred).
Ash is a very popular breed of a tree. Its wood possesses high hardness and durability that is especially appreciated in floor coverings. An ash is also (as well as oak) capable to maintain greater loadings. Its wood is magnificent. Elasticity and its durability have been highly appreciated at all times.
Ash, owing to the durability, is an ideal breed for processing. Various kinds of a decor will help you to create unique interior. We appreciate the refined taste of our clients, therefore besides a wide choice of colors and grades of a massive parquet board; we offer various variants of a decor on your desire.

Ideal kitchen: Trifles and mood

December 9th, 2007

In kitchen’s interior of (as well as at any other premise) there are no unnecessary trifles, even if it is a question of absolutely small subjects: saltcellars, glasses for toothpicks or napkins’ holders. That all these small subjects help to create cosines, instead of splitting up space of kitchen, it is completely not obligatory to select them so that they were identical on color, but well to keep the harmony of the style.
For example, if there are inserted tiles with rural motives on the kitchen tile, it is possible to put whickered basket for bread or a painted saltcellar on a table. Accordingly, wrought luster will set other tone: on such kitchen trays with wrought handles or a suitable vase for fruits will look harmoniously.
It is not necessary to forget and about more appreciable interior subjects, such as hinged shelves for utensils (it is possible to choose the models decorated carved or wrought elements) and a curtain. In general window decoration plays an important role in design of any premise, and on the kitchen it becomes one of few ways to give to a room the necessary atmosphere. Air lacy curtains or practical jalousie with corresponding figure, a shelf for the decorative utensils, hiding an eaves, or set glass shelves on all window – the designer has a huge quantity of beautiful and cozy decisions.
No matter what style has been created, the ideal kitchen will turn out at preservation of balance of beauty and functionality. Huge quantity of pleasant, but fine bagatelles, which it is necessary to wipe not one hour, or a shelf with fragile souvenirs in inconvenient place, are capable to bring to nothing any design idea. However, really successful choice of interior elements differs from unsuccessful one by the fact that does not create any discomfort and gives only pleasure.テつ

Ideal kitchen: romantic teapot

December 8th, 2007

However, if it is necessary to study offers in the market of home appliances, it is possible to come to conclusion, that opposition of devices of kitchen style is not so important in some cases. Some manufacturers can offer not simply functional assistants on a facilities, but really designed bagatelles.
For example, the teapot twisted with rattan rope, or a toaster with a flower pattern on the case in it, which are the elements of design and are perfectly entered in country style of kitchen. If modeling number of the manufacturer, chosen by the mistress, is not so wide, it is possible to get models of not so white color, but of any other color: egg-yellow, terracotta, grassy テ「竄ャツヲ
Purchase of operating antiquarian devices is one more variant. Certainly, the electric kettle is very convenient and it is much comfortable to make coffee in coffee maker. But any style demands victims and use of such surprising “museum” subjects frequently not a victim, but ever lasting pleasure.
It is possible to address to the artist or to paint household appliances. Then there is a chance to create something exclusive, as much as possible suitable to design of kitchen. Certainly, dishwasher with the figure, repeating patterns on a tile, or the picturesque microwave, painted under national emblems, may become a highlight of any kitchen. The only thing is that it is necessary to consider that water resistance and thermo stability of paints were obtained. And they also should be safe in use: help to the mistress in cooking all the same remains the basic purpose of techniques and any other factors are desirable.

Ideal kitchen

December 7th, 2007

Combine incongruous
The majority of us would like to combine at the kitchen two, at first sight, opposite “directions” – high technologies and something more sincere, for example a retro or country. Certainly, someone prefers kitchen in hi-tech style and in this case plastic and the surfaces of kitchen furniture, trimmed under metal, are ideally combined.
Creation of gentle, in something “rural”, but modern kitchen requires special and frequently individual decisions. If to study the majority of design projects of such type and to find in common, it is necessary to appeal to built in techniques. When romantic “face” of kitchen is required, the idea of hiding all technical features seems very successful and easy.
Usually necessary atmosphere is created due to table and chairs (or, as a variant, benches and an angular sofa). The furniture with whickered elements, vintage inserts on a table-top is used. Thus, the kitchen is being divided into two zones: a place for cooking and a dining room – owing to use of practically opposite styles on the emotional saturation. At the same time both zones should be in harmony: a little bit romanticism “gets” on working territory, and on the contrary.

English style

December 2nd, 2007

We do not recommend you to choose this style if you:
Do not like sated on color interiors, with active motley textiles;
Prefer bright and air interiors; you consider as excess decorative friezes, socles and so forth. But if the set forth above reasons are not important for you, we shall consider components of the given style.
It is quite eclectic style as it incorporates influence of two epochs: Georgian (1714 – 1837) and Victorian styles (1837 – 1901). In days of kings of Georges English style was influenced by Greece and Ancient Rome. This style is characterized as majestic, constrained, proportional and symmetric. Walls are painted in one color. On a smooth background of walls borders, a plinth, the panels were actively used. The choice of color quite often depended on the party of light, where windows of the room were located. If on the north – warm shades, for example, pink, citreous colors, prevailed. If on the south – cold, such as azure, green colors, were used. In times of Queen Victoria – the time of technical knowledge, growth of well-being of people – various styles from all countries of the world and different epoch were used. Interiors of that time were full of elements borrowed from cultures of India, Japan, China, Mauritania, Ancient Egypt, and also such styles as rococo, the Luis XIV, Jacob I and so forth. During these period warm shades of terracotta dominated. It was fashionable to use three colors, which borders were read on three levels of wooden furnish, for painting of walls. Quite often the lowest part of the wall, simulating a socle, was not painted, but was pasted over with relief wall-papers.

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