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Fixtures Lucienne Monique: blinking of palace halls

January 29th, 2008

The life of the most people passes in beat of the big city, grey tones and precise sides. The mega city dictates the rigid rules: steel character, laconic forms and simplicity. But the less pretentiousness we have in our life, the more luxury we want. The easier the forms are, the more original imaginations on a theme of creation of ideal space are.
And then on a background high-tech minimalism the things reminding of palace halls, blinking of candelabrums and every possible shades of gold are born.
These modern details of an interior cause enthusiastic exclamation “Magnifique!” and take honorable place in bedroom or sitting room because they are fine.
Collection of Italian factory Lucienne Monique, became popular in 60th years of the twentieth century. The history has begun, when the company Lucienne Monique has fascinated everyone with its decorations. Having decided that it is not necessary to stop on reached; the company together with other subjects of an interior has started a series of fixtures.
It is no wonder, that the fixtures created, by factory, remind a beautiful stylish accessory, rather than an ordinary lamp more. Decorated by butterflies, paradise birdies, crystal drops of dew, they bewitch and inspire. Air dirigible balloons, gold handbells, naughty angels and slightly revealed tulips are capable to shine not simply space, but also to give to it stylish and magnificent kind.
Lucienne Monique is the guarantee of high quality, caused by experience of the Florentine masters and the advanced world tendencies. In the fixtures the company combines coloring of classics (all of tone gold, black, white, cream) and courageous design, the irreplaceable satellite of a modern life.

Chilean exclusive: the huge pool of a popular resort has got into the Guinness World Record

January 28th, 2008

South America has always attracted travelers with the rich culture and nature. Today, being built up with comfortable hotels and offering tourists├втВмтДв exotic “paradise” resorts, it becomes even more popular. Chile (with tremendous mounting skiing resorts and lakes) is one of the most mysterious countries of the Southern hemisphere.
Planning to visit this unusual country, famous impressing landscape and varying climate, first of all bring in your plan visiting of a resort San Alfonso del Mar, located in the city of Algarrobo. On territory of this picturesque place rich with 5-star hotels of the maximum class, company Chrystal Lagoons has constructed the pool, which was recently recognized the largest pool in the world. Earlier this place was occupied by Moroccan Big Splash pool (“Big Splash “), which is136 meters length and 91 meter width.
Chilean pool is not a pool at all, but the huge artificial lagoon reaching for length in one kilometer and containing about 250 thousand of cubic meters of sea water. The budget of pool makes 1 billion dollars: the area of territory, occupied by the pool, makes 8 hectares, and depth reaches 35 meters.
Many people have arrived to swim in crystal-transparent salty water, the only lagoon from the moment of opening. No any millionaire has such expensive pool. So the solvent tourists who are not troubling with a payment in 2 million of dollars (such sum is required on the maintenance of pool), enjoy pastime in the south of Chile.
Owing to computer system of a filtration and change of water fresh sea water continuously and trouble-free acts in Chilean “monster”. Not less comfort in pool is provided by warm water (26 degrees) and the temperature of water is nine degrees above the temperature of the sea. Of course, authors of the grandiose project name it a “delightful artificial paradise” and they are, certainly, right.

Make your dwelling fragrant

January 20th, 2008

Your dwelling should have the accent of your individuality, and its smelling sweet atmosphere should improve your mood and strengthen your charm. Spread out fragrant sachets in the wardrobe or case with linen. It is recommended to use such aromatic substances as lavender, which gentle easy smell calms nerves and does not interrupt other smells.
Put fragrant sachet and folds of curtains and put them under pillows of armchairs and sofas. Special covers will protect clothes from dust and bad smells. Use deodorants for elimination of the unpleasant smell distributed by means, protecting things from insects.
Put the sachet, impregnated by perfumes, in the handbags. If you are waiting for guests, you may flavor slightly air in a room by means of a spray.
Put a droplet of cologne or fragrant oil on the electric bulb before you will switch on the light. When this bulb will light up, aroma (under influence of heat) will extend on all room.
At combustion fire wood spread a pleasant invigorating smell on a room. If there is a fireplace in your house, you may throw a bay leaf, fennel, clearing of apples, an orange peel into the fire.

Color of house coziness (Part 2)

January 13th, 2008

Selection of color for various functional zones
In a children’s room pertinent light, warm and moderately bright tone is recommended. But if your child is active, we recommend you to add blue and green color. And red in a nursery is undesirable. It is useful to update children’s room interior even time in two-three years, in fact the child grows and develops. It is possible to change and color scale.
Both traditional white and various shades of blue are highly recommended for bathroom. Silvery color has become very popular today. If the bathroom is rather spacious and light, it is possible to make emerald or cowberry as primary color.
The kitchen and dining room allow using both bright warm tones. And for noble calmness – you may choose various shades of green or colors of a natural tree. If you aspire to a full transparency, it is possible to make white kitchen.
Bedroom – is the empire of soft tones. If you dream of a meeting with the partner you will enjoy bedroom in peach or light pink tones. In any case you should avoid registration of great volumes of red, bright yellow and bright orange (differently it will be difficult to fall asleep) and black. Dark blue, dark-violet and dark brown is also very dark for bedroom. We also recommend you to avoid grey (in order to prevent depression).

Color of house coziness

January 6th, 2008

The small detail of contrast color is capable to recover every day interior.
Characteristic of primary colors
Colors may be warm, cold and achromatic (white, black and all shades of grey). Warm colors (from yellow up to crimson) cheer up and tone up. Cold – calm.
Red – is a color of force, vital energy, and at the same time it is perceived by the some people as danger, therefore hot-tempered people do not need to take a great interest in red color in interior.
Yellow color cheers up, makes active intelligence. Such color is pleasant to people vigorous, loving to communicate, travel.
Orange color improves appetite, promotes rise of enthusiasm and creative inspiration.
Green color is the most “natural” color; it causes feeling of stability and rest.
Dark blue calms and creates sensation of cool morning. It also promotes free flight of idea. Violet color involves philosophers and pensive natures.
Brown is the color of ground; it approaches to people, quivering concerning the roots.
White color visually expands space and allows decorating interior with bright color details.
Black color draws depth and mysteriousness.

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