Interior design ideas

Rack in the interior

February 29th, 2008

The rack is the most traditional way of various subjects’ accommodation: from utensils up to a ships collection though it is intended initially for storage of books.
The rack is a set of shelves, deprived not only a face-to-face door, but also sometimes lateral shelves.
Many racks are equipped with put forward boxes and pallets. It allows storing a lot of subjects in it. Besides, there are mobile racks, on wheels. They are good that you can make rearrangement in the room without special difficulties. This plus will be especially clear to those people, who face the problem immobile racks, fixed to walls. However, immobile racks have some advantages – unfixed rack can drop everything, if you with it will not be careful.
Now racks are made of diversified materials: tree, metal, the plastic, the laminated plates and so forth. Besides, all these materials can be combined in any way. If the interior has hi-tech style, you will appreciate fashionable racks from glass and aluminum.
Racks can be used for zoning space. For example, in a small-sized apartment the rack can differentiate a room on children’s room and bedroom, having created additional comfort. And mobile racks will allow you to create some kind of „mobile zoning“, dividing a premise differently, and depending on your needs and desires.

Ceramic tile floor

February 28th, 2008

The name “ceramics” has occurred from the Greek word “Keramos”, which means “clay”. And it is the clay which serves the raw material for manufacture of any pottery, including and ceramic tiles. As well as all pottery, tiles distinguishes by the raised rigidity (they are not deformed and do not bend though are a fragile material), they are hygienic, easily cleared and are steady against chemical agents influence.
Researches in the field of aesthetics, carried out recently, went in two directions. First, it is a reproduction of marble or natural stone structures. A lot of efforts have been put in development of the invoice of surfaces and in increase in tile thickness, in new color scales and graphic decisions, since so-called “structures”, which now are the first obligatory step to new ideas and tendencies development. Secondly, it is creation of surfaces, pierced by weather and time.
Combination of a ceramic tile with various materials (glass, metal, a tree) is one more fashionable tendency. The combination of several formats, owing to what it is possible to achieve interesting decorative effect, is also used.
Ceramic tile is not just a decorative material. The world of ceramics is similar to the world of a fashion. Here there is also great variety and mixture of styles, colors and forms.
Knowledge of the basic world classifications, the basic types of the tiles (majolica, a ceramic granite, etc.), the parameters, describing technical features of tiles, will allow choosing correctly the given kind of floor covering.

Arabian lands will be built up with 1,5-kilometer skyscrapers

February 26th, 2008

Cities of oil kings are continuing to reach for the sky. Here the amazing imagination highest buildings will be created. But the latest news from Saudi Arabia has shaken the world, having forced everyone to speak about a new record. As it has become known, in Jidda construction of the new giant, which will take away a palm tree of superiority at already under being built skyscraper Burj Dubai will begin and it will become the highest building in the world.
City landscapes of the Near East, owing to a continuous stream of petrodollars, promptly get the ultramodern kind reflecting all building achievements of XXI century. Only just the tower Burj Dubai has been recognized the highest building in the world, as the new project which promises to break all conceivable and inconceivable records has begun.
Last week in Abu-Dhabi the chapter of the British firm Hyder Consulting, leading development of Burj Dubai, has declared the order for designing of a new tower which should become twice higher than Burj. Building company Kindom Holding offers to construct skyscraper Mile High Tower (1600 meters high).
Let’s remind, that tower Burj Dubai, which will be completed by the end of 2008, has at present reached 605 meters in height, and upon termination of construction it will tower above the ground on 818 meters. Thus, Burj has already overtaken the previous champion – a skyscraper in Taipei (508 meters). The new tower will also leave far behind both buildings.

World map in children’s room

February 23rd, 2008

Satisfy the small promising geographer and decorate his room with the world map.
Maps is a unique and interesting way to decorate a bedroom of any child; the corner, decorated by map will look originally in a room of young princess or the world of racing machines. Your son or daughter will brag of map to the friends and who knows, you can become the ancestor of the good tendency! Plus, it is the best way “to give” additional knowledge to your child. They will successfully cope control on geography!!
Advantage of maps
The fact, that use of world map can be educational for your child; will force any parent to appreciate it. But this form of decor has also other advantages. Here are some reasons of choice of map for children’s room registration:
- The map will perfectly serve both for a room of the boy, and for a room of the girl.
- The map grows together with the child. Having decorated of children’s room in Disney style of character, for example charming bears, you will soon face the problem of alteration since the bear will cease to be nice to your little girl and when she becomes the teenager she will not want to see them any more. Maps approach to any age.
- Maps are rather cheap and accessible.

Feng Shui for your office (Part 2)

February 22nd, 2008

Color of office chairs can be used for stimulation or support of a personality of person, who uses them. People in whose character Metal is a basic element, can choose a brown chair for support or white one for concentration. Those, whose basic element is Water, can choose dark blue chair for improvement of quality of dialogue or black one for strengthening their position. Green chairs will strengthen cooperation between the Tree and the Tree; red chairs will make people of Fire more vigorous; people of the Earth will feel conveniently at support of brown color, but they can receive greater advantage of dynamism of reddish shades.
3 “S”: Separate Sites Stimulation
All the ways long energy stimulations can be used at office. Think of colors and symbols of elements, crystals and plants. If conflicts occur between fellow workers, it is necessary to stimulate southwest zones of office. Energy balance of northwest zones encourages command thinking and strengthens leaders’ qualities of managers; these zones well approach for boss’ places at working meetings and conferences. Lack of creative abilities can be partly compensated by activation of the western sector, and those, who searches for glories and recognitions, should appeal to the south. The southeast is the sector of material welfare and it always requires careful attention, no matter the character of your business.

Feng Shui for your office

February 21st, 2008

Black desk slows down reaction a little and dulls attention while wooden tables of more light colors create sensation of reliability and contain potential of growth. The size of a table should be convenient enough: not too greater that the employee had not to try to keep step with papers, but also not too small that it did not feel deprived. The square or rectangular table symbolizes support of an element of the Earth. Round or semicircular table better approaches for those, who is engaged in creative work.
Reflecting surfaces or mirrors in immediate proximity from a table are highly recommended as they “double” the volume of work, which needs to be done.
“Mountains” of folders and documents also render oppressing influence on our aura. Reduce quantity of papers to a minimum and leave only those documents that have the direct attitude to current work.
When you use phone, be convinced that the cord does not cross a working zone and that you can sit directly during conversation. If you bend or sit with the telephone tube pressed to a shoulder, your backbone is bent, and your energy appears blocked. It is very important for those who should make a lot of phone calls.
Avoid the light sources, located directly above a head; in effect, it is necessary to avoid any subjects, which are hanging or sticking out above a workplace. If you cannot move a light source it is possible to change position of a table a little. Shelves above a table render similar influence and should settle down sideways or behind a back.

Candle with glass ornament

February 14th, 2008

In course of time, after different feasts and celebrations a great lot of useless candle ends of candles collect and today we offer you to make an original candle with glass ornament.
Necessary details:
• Candle ends
• Match
• Glass bottle
• Can
• Package from under milk or juice
• Scissors
• Hammer
• 2 spokes
• Sticky tape
Stages of work:
For the beginning we shall make the form for a candle. We shall take a package from under milk or juice and we shall measure height of our future candle right on the package and we shall add 2 centimeters. After that it is necessary cut off the form and let’s look what has turned out.
Now it is high time to put glass bottle into the cotton bag and break it into fine splinters (it is possible to replace it with ready chipped smalto), of which we shall make an ornament. It is better to pick up glass of different color: brown, yellow, and red, blue, green.
Now, it is necessary to fuse candle ends. It is better to make it on a water bath: put candle ends into the can and put it into hot water.
While candle ends melt, we shall make the ornament. For this purpose we shall take the form-package and we shall put it on one side. On the formed horizontal surface we shall lay out bottle splinters. Now you should very accurately fill in the turned out ornament with the fused wax so that it has been covered completely. In order that the wax has not flowed out, unbend 2 centimeters upwards. Let it cool down. Process other parties in the same manner.
While wax cools down, we shall make a match. Its length will be equal to height of a candle plus 5 centimeters so that the match was rigid, it is necessary to dip it some times into hot wax.
Put cross-wise 2 spokes on the package-form. Put to the bottom a match between them, having fixed the top end by sticky tape. After this the remained wax should be filled in the form in some receptions! (otherwise the wax will melt on the ornament and it will spoil the pattern). Leave it till full hardening. Now you can remove spokes, cut a package and truncate a match.

Marriott will construct a network of luxury-hotels for young millionaires

February 12th, 2008

In the nearest future the young solvent tourists, tired of boring pomposity and classics, can stop in new, equipped on the latest word of technics the hotels, constructed by the well-known leader in the world hotel market Marriott International Inc. As company’s management has informed, Marriott together with company Ian Schrager is going to open a new network of premium-class hotels for youth worldwide.
The first hotel-boutique under absolutely new brand Edition will appear in 2010. While precisely it is not known, where the hotel will be situated, but it has become known that the style of the hotel will be typical for all hotels of a new network. New hotels will have no more than 200 room-numbers, and their design will be so that it will attract young and modern people, who wish not only to have, but who also want to receive unusual impressions. Famous architects and designers will be engaged in registration of hotels.
Hotels of a new network will be located in large cities of the world – in Paris, Madrid, Miami, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In total it is planned to build about hundred hotels.
Company Ian Schrager – the leader in fashionable class hotels – will be responsible for process of designing and marketing of Edition hotels.
Corporation Marriott, headed by members of one family, already owns 18-th brands, including Ritz-Carlton, Courtyard, Ramada and Renaissance. All hotels offer qualitative service of a high level, however, today the company wants to conquest of hearts of young and solvent generation.

Arabs buy up British queen’s real estate

February 9th, 2008

Company International Hotel Investments, controlled by Dubai government, has entered into the agreement on purchase of London hotel Metropole on quay of Thames, and also the several next buildings, which are being possessed by the British crown.
The sum of the transaction has made 130 million pounds sterling (more than $255 million). As it has become known, apartment houses will be constructed there, and the hotel will be reconstructed.
International Hotel Investments, in which portfolio construction and management of 15 hotels enter, has been chosen among several applicants for purchase of the specified site. According to Charles Gardner, the chapter of company Crown Estate, operating royal property, criterion of selection was a project of reconstruction of a historical building of the hotel, constructed in 19 century.
In result of reorganization in a building, the total area will make more than 37 thousand square meters and the hotel will offer 283 room-numbers and elite apartments.
Arabian investors buy up the real estate in large cities of the Europe and America more actively; in particular, it concerns New York and London. In January, 2008 belonging authorities of Qatar Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment has bought London’s Chelsea Barracks for 959 million pounds sterling (nearby $2 billion).

Furniture for bathing (Part 2)

February 7th, 2008

All furniture for bathing is conditionally divided into three categories – floor, wall and combined team. The first group includes washstands, which are established directly on a floor; instead of fasten on a wall.
If you have decided to do without a locker under a bowl, table-top may be wonderful alternative to it. It is necessary to approach to its choice with mind and to remember, that no matter, how beautiful it was, the practicality in this case is more important. In case of table-top, it should be very wear proof. Usually table-tops are made of natural tree (oak or a pine), MDF or plastic. Besides, table-tops can be monolithic, for example, they may be made of strong glass or artificial stone. They are very expensive and require special care.
Surface of table-top (tree or MDF) is usually processed by several layers of first coat and enamel, which is not afraid of scratches and water. By the way the guarantee on furniture for bathing makes at least 10 years and serves much longer. But, despite of such safety measures and water resistance, especially to hot water, it is necessary to be very accurate with table-tops.
As a rule, metal hand-rail-hangers for towels are located of edges table-top, and the bottom is equipped by several cases for different trifles.

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