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Shocking truth about real estate in Scandinavia

March 27th, 2008

According to the research, carried out by the newspaper 24timer by means of the Statistical bureau of the country, 100 thousand houses of Denmark have no bathrooms, and nearby 25 thousand are not equipped with toilets.
Inhabitants of such houses are compelled to go to a toilet to neighbors and to use public bathrooms in the cellar.
There are no toilets and bathrooms in the apartments constructed in the beginning of 20 century. Their typical tenants are young men with a low level of incomes, and also greater group of elderly citizens.
In many houses, where there is no bathroom, bathrooms are established directly in the bedroom or in the kitchen.
Making comments on the results of research, specialists from scientific research institute Building Research Institute have noted, that “politicians of the country are more anxious with the state of city streets and squares, instead of improvement of living conditions of citizens”. In their opinion not less than 15 years before should pass until houses and apartments of Denmark will be equipped with toilets and bathrooms.
It is necessary to note, that Denmark has borrowed 12th place in the list of the most stable and prospering countries of the world.

USA: clever house will look after your children

March 21st, 2008

The technologies are presented to the USA, allowing supervising the house, pressing the button or with a touch of finger to the screen. The new system not only raises comfort and safety, but also allows looking after children.
Earlier systems of household automation were offered only to buyers of new houses, but now the systems can be established easily in any house. “House of new generation” became the most evident embodiment of system’s opportunities.
In the given construction it is possible to warm up an oven with a call from a mobile phone. It is possible to receive the notice by e-mail if the window in a nursery opens in the middle of night. If someone has come, the video recorder is put on a pause, and on the screen the face of the person calling at a door is displayed. When you start to look film, jalousies are automatically closed, and light gradually die away.
The most part of these devices are wireless. The system includes 170 switches, chambers of tracking and other devices, connected to house computer network and adapted for Lifeware software. Provisional cost of system NextGen home will make nearby $30 thousand.

Britain: supercheap house

March 21st, 2008

The inventive 52-year-old British has constructed own eco-house just for ten months and four thousand pounds (nearby $8 thousand).
The house of the British is constructed of straw blocks. As he said, it is possible to make buildings of any type of these blocks, and for construction similar country house no sanctions is required.
Now the enterprising British conducts rates on eco-engineering, receives commission fee for the help in construction of straw houses, and he has also opened web-site about them.

Well-known actress has bought 5-roomed apartment in New York

March 21st, 2008

American actress Cameron Diaz, who has become famous owing to the roles in such movies as “Something about Mary” and “Mask”, has got five-room apartment in New York.
As it has become known the actress looked for constant habitation in New York for more than a year. Her choice has fallen on apartment with two bedrooms, which is in a building of pre-war construction. Cost of apartments is hardly less than $3 million
The apartment has a large sitting room with a fireplace, cabinet and some bathrooms.

Straw houses

March 19th, 2008

Houses under straw roofs are quite popular nowadays. They are used both in England, and in the African villages. But the houses completely constructed from this absolutely nonconventional for us building material, are perceived while with some mistrust.
In the twentieth years of the last century the fashion on houses from straw bales has come to some American states.
But in the end of the century the southwest of the USA has again turned to cheap houses from waste agricultural products. Sheaves of straw have again started gleaming in hardworking hands.
Why straw houses are so popular now? The matter is that they are cheap, ease in use and straw has appeared faultless from the point of view of ecology. And moreover, the idea of the use of straw (as a matter of fact, waste of agriculture) has solved the problem of material recycling.
What do we need for the straw house?
First of all, we need straw. But it is not so easy, as it should be well-pressed.
Any stalks, but is more preferable take rye or linen straw as they for some reason do not cause appetite in all wreckers, may be initial material for blocks.
The sizes of blocks depend on length of straw. It is considered, that the stalks of straw are the longer, the more qualitatively they as a building material are.
The main thing is that straw in blocks was dry. If blocks have got damp, before the beginning of their construction, it is necessary to dry them well.

Designers have finished work above projects of country houses Aqua by Mirax in the USA

March 15th, 2008

The group of known American designers has finished work above design-projects of 13 exclusive country houses in project Aqua by Mirax on luxurious island Allison Island to Miami Beach (USA).
The project has been presented on March, 13th at international exhibition MIPIM-2008 in Cannes. Known architect Alexander Gorlin has taken part in presentation – the author of architectural projects of all country houses.
On March, 1st, 2008 work of known American designers Rene Gonzalez, Sam Robin, Trusher and Robert Brown on creation of an interior of each of country houses Aqua by Mirax has come to the end.
Designers have created unique internal space in each of country houses in view of all details of interiors dressing, furniture and hardware, adequating to architectural style and features of the project.
Four-storied country houses Aqua by Mirax are equipped with lifts, garages for two cars and own moorings for yachts. Each of country houses has bedroom, spacious wardrobe room, SPA-bathroom from Dornbratcht, and also sitting room, study, a children’s game room, table, kitchen, equipped with the professional equipment from Bulthaup, and 3-4 guest rooms with separate bathrooms and bathrooms. All country houses are equipped with audio and video system Bang and Olufsen.
The leader of landscape design the Swiss firm Enea Gardens has transformed specific terraces of houses Aqua by Mirax into exotic orchards with falls and pools with tropical small fishes.
The important part of interiors of country houses became unique subjects of the modern art and the design, earlier presented on world famous exhibitions Art Basel Design Miami.
In July, 2008, the project will be represented at the market.├В┬а

Multilevel illumination (Part 2)

March 14th, 2008

In working zone unusual decisions are not required. Here light should be uniform and disseminated: it should be general fixture, not giving shadows, and additional lamp at a workplace with an adjustable light stream on a flexible bar or hinges.
According to fashionable tendencies bedroom should have two light centers: at a bed and near the wardrobe. And it is important, that from each party of bed there was a separate fixture: the muffled, matte lamp on night little table or wall sconce above the bed. If it is children├втВмтДвs room with two beds “night lamp” also should be applied on each of them. The most important here is that illumination was sufficient for reading. And for a case the built in dot fixtures will ideally approach.
Dining table is a special place. Its illumination should be soft and cozy. The unusual aura above a table is created with pendant fixtures. Well, if you want a holiday, place on a candle on the table. It is the best way to create the atmosphere of mystery and celebration.├В┬а
It is boring to follow all necessary rules. From original novelties – “window” with artificial illumination in ceiling, playing a role of a luster is offered. In this case it is necessary to dot fixtures, which form a shone contour in the form of oval are placed on the access-ceiling. It looks very unusual and effective. Such “hole” in ceiling visually raises it and speaks about not ordinary taste of the owner.

Multilevel illumination (Part 1)

March 12th, 2008

It looks like the recent hobby for minimalism has become very popular. Now we choose cozy, “home”, even Eastern interiors. Sociologists name it “aspiration to hide in a cocoon”, and designers help to create such conditions in which it would be desirable to come back again and again with the house. And the unusual and at the same time carefully thought over illumination is one of the most important elements in cozy apartment.
Multilevel illumination has come to us together with a fashion for multilevel ceilings and has been named “light revolution”. Our eyes need rest and good illumination at the same time.├В┬а
In the beginning floor fixtures, a sconce, floor lamps were used at night and coffee tables. But the imagination of designers has gone too far. In general there should be some zones in the apartment. And each zone should have different purpose, different height of ceilings and, certainly, the illumination.
The diversified and bright light decisions are pertinent in sitting room. An interesting course relies in creation of several islands of light. Near to sofas and armchairs it is possible to arrange floor lamps, a sconce, floor fixtures with the lamp shades, giving a diffused light. Architectural and decorative elements – columns, arches, the niches, the open bricklaying – look effectively if to illuminate them with dot floor fixtures.

Spring style

March 4th, 2008

In order to give some spring style to your apartment, it is recommended to:
1. Use fixtures as Alternative to traditional luster. They can be lifted-lowered and turned into the necessary side.
2. Add “animal” details – it is almost obligatory element of popular nowadays interiors in ecological and ethnic style.
3. Replace the tulle (which is not in fashion now) with flax or organza.
Ethnic style is the most popular today – therefore it is possible to choose east or, on the contrary, northern patterns. It is better to use natural fabrics; in fact the dwelling should be not only beautiful, but also harmless.
Organza and veil are the most popular “spring-and-summer” fabrics for curtains. The veil is cheaper, this material softer and is well draped. Organza is more expensive, the fabric more rigid and it looks more elegant due to beautiful metal shine.
Colors should be natural: not bleached fibers, soft “natural” scale. It is very fresh and multilayered curtains from transparent fabrics (for example, organza) looked smart an unusual at the same time.
Sparkling with all rainbow colors crystal lusters will never get out of fashion. And, if there is respectable old furniture from an oak or mahogany in your sitting room, you may easily create classical interior.
If you like “hi-tech” style may use such fashionable materials as nickel, chrome, aluminum, white or transparent glass. Absolute absence of plafonds is the last trend of fashion.
It is possible to replace traditional lusters with modular systems: the long arm with set of fixtures fastens on a ceiling or it can partially go down on a wall. It is better to choose systems with lamps, which easily turn in the jacks.├В┬а it is possible to twist them in all the parties and to direct a stream of light into the necessary direction.

New York City’s famous Plaza Hotel is being re-opened after three-year renovation

March 3rd, 2008

As it has become known New York City’s famous Plaza Hotel is opening after three-year renovation.
Restoration of a 19-storeyed building, in which Marilyn Monroe was photographed and which lodgers were participants of group “Beatles”, has managed to its present owners in $400 million
Owners wished to transfer room-numbers of hotel in to private property; however, this idea has encountered resistance of trade unions and mayor of New York. Negotiations have led to that the majority of room-numbers will all the same remain to hotel, and nearby 200 of them will be sold into private possession.
Plaza Hotel has been opened in the beginning of the last century. It is known on many Hollywood films which were shooted in its walls.

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