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eBay is fined on € 40 million for sale of Louis Vuitton’s fakes

June 30th, 2008

The Internet-auction eBay is fined on 40 million euro in connection with sale of counterfeit production under easily soiled French groups Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), the world’s largest luxury goods manufacturer. Such decision was born with one of courts of France.
According to LVMH representatives, French division of the Internet-auction has not accepted necessary measures to prevent carrying out of auction, in which copies of bags and perfumes with trade marks of the companies, among which Christian Dior, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton are, have been exposed on sale.
In turn, eBay representatives are measured to protest the decision of court.
Let’s remind, in May, 2008, one more scandal has burst. The police of Germany have begun investigation on the fact of occurrence on a eBay announcements site of sale of the 7-month’s child for 1 euro. The announcement was in the open access on a site of auction within 2,5 hours.
In I quarter of 2008 net profit of eBay Inc. has grown on 22 % – up to 460 million dollars, the proceeds of the company (on results of accounting quarter) have increased on 24 % – up to 2,2 billion dollars.
The Internet-auction eBay works in three segments of the market – Internet-trade, electronic payments and communications.

Unique wardrobe for city apartments

June 23rd, 2008

Japanese designer Takeshi Miyakawa has developed a case-curbstone, intended for small city apartments.
Name Fractal 23 reflects a structure of this unusual subject of furniture: twenty three boxes of the different sizes, from very capacious up to very small, are put forward from a skeleton as if from a locker, and in the combined kind they represent a white cube.
Externally the case-curbstone reminds also light, laconic furniture of the Japanese house, and a puzzle, which is inside of one space hides a set of small ones. Harmless Fractal 23 is made of tree.
The studio of designer Takeshi Miyakawa works for eight years, developing original interior subjects.

Parquet in interior

June 19th, 2008

It is possible to consider influence of parquet covering on all interior as defining one. The invoice, color and structure of parquet set the fashion to the general color score. No other material gives such opportunities at the choice of style. Light wide strips of parquet boards create sensation of space, light and ease of a premise while at set of narrow strips the floor seems more compact. The light tree adds light to dark room and, on the contrary, a dark tree gives intimacy to the same room.
Much depends on a kind of stacking of parquet. The most widespread and durable stacking “fur-tree” though many already search for other, “not hackneyed” kinds of stacking are considered. Recently “deck” stacking parquet rods all over the world is popular.
In this case rods are displayed in a direction of light from a window that seams were not visible. Other traditional and new figures, each of which has the unique features are also popular.
Even the simplest parquet from ordinary breeds of tree considerably wins in comparison with other kinds of floor coverings, owing to the simplicity and ecological compatibility. Tree, as a building material, has a unique the ability to be restored.
No other floor will give such natural sensation of life and heat, as parquet does.
The parquet from a natural tree creates cosines and inspiration. But there is also one more difference of parquet from other coverings. It remains the same beautiful and stylish for a long time. The present wooden floor in the course of time ripens and becomes even more beautiful. It is the way how the truly natural materials work.

False ceiling in bathing

June 15th, 2008

False ceiling in bathing is very fashionable nowadays. Feature of bathroom, to which it is necessary to pay attention at furnish of a ceiling first of all, is that it is premise with the raised humidity. The surface of ceiling can contact not only with damp air, but also with water. Accordingly at choice of a material it is necessary to be assured in its moisture resistance.
Coverings with incorrectly picked up moisture resistance after a while start either to stratify, or to rust under the influence of fungi and bacteria. All other requirements to ceilings in bathing (light-reflective and sound-proof ability, fire resistance, and ecological cleanliness) completely correspond to the general, shown to ordinary ceiling designs.
Furnish of a ceiling in a bathroom by means of a pendant design is one of variants of decisions. It is beautiful and functional – under a false ceiling it is possible to hide electro posting, ventilating etc. rack metal ceilings, tiled, and also from water-resistant gypsum cardboard perfectly approach for bathing.
Today some types of tiled false ceilings are being produced. Not all of them are suitable for bathrooms – everything depends on material. It is possible to choose plates from a mineral fiber. This material is not afraid of moisture. However, besides mineral fiber the structure of such plates includes a secondary paper, clay and organic additives.

Color of kitchen and appetite

June 10th, 2008

Psychologists have for a long time tried to study the influence of color on the behavior, mood and appetite: different colors differently influence not only our mentality, but also our appetite. Let’s find what color to choose for kitchen that everything that you will prepare on it was tasty. And, the main thing, it did not allow us to overeat.
Grey color will help to grow thin
Are you going to loose some kilograms? Color kitchen in grey-pink tones: such combination muffles appetite and even causes disgust for meal! Grey color does not cause irritation, but thus it calms and muffles anxiety, and together with it and appetite.
Pink color (only not bright, but pale) makes the impression of some mystery, in a combination with grey it promotes self-scrutiny.
Orange and turquoise colors stimulate appetite
Orange and turquoise shades, and also their combinations concern to “tasty” colors. If you even will hang up a picture of these colors on kitchen and will look at it during meal you quickly will get rid of excessive leanness.
Orange color acts excitingly, thus it is very warm and vital color and it adds optimism.
Turquoise and blue-green colors muffle irritation because these are natural colors.

Ideas for your bedroom

June 2nd, 2008

If bedroom in the house is a separate room, it is highly recommended to use light pastel and warm tone, creating atmosphere of coziness. When the bedroom is not large, it is desirable to avoid right contrast colors. It is better to play on nuances – shades of one color or close to color scale tones.
Natural materials, natural colors – a lot of alive greens of plants and tree, light curtains and jalousie, a carpet from a wool or banana fiber on light parquet, fixtures with soft diffused light. In a bedroom it is possible to make a zone of rest with an armchair, a floor lamp and a low table. The bed can be separated by partition with shelves, low rack or translucent fabric jalousie. It is also possible to allocate a zone of rest, having covered a floor in with a carpet or a carpet covering of other color.
But bed, nevertheless, remains the basic furniture of bedroom. And it is necessary to choose it correctly. Every possible variants of skeletons, mattresses and headboards require thoughtful and slow choice, and, of course, experts’ recommendations. Skeletons and mattresses -are imperceptible, but the most important parts of your bedroom. They define qualities of dream and rest.
At a choice of a mattress it is necessary to pay attention not only to its softness or hardness, but also to a possible allergens in structure of its layers or features filling material. For example, latex mattress is made of natural or artificial foam rubber. It is the most durable type of mattresses, but they are not recommended to people with raised diaphoresis.

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