Interior design ideas

Garden illumination

July 26th, 2008

For paths. Often use or bulbs built in a path, or lanterns-columns. The first ones specify a direction of the movement, the second ones – softly shine a path and surrounding landscape. So, in darkness you will not stumble any more.

Small columns (may be of the most different forms) can shine a path in radius from one and a half up to four meters. Therefore designers recommend establishing them on distance of 4 – 5 meters from each other that there were no dark failures on a path.

For small plants.
Small decorative fixtures (for example, gnome with a small lamp in hands) are usually established near to the plant. More simple fixtures can be hidden in the ground of colors or grasses. At night the bed will as though be shone from within.

For bowers or sculptures. Sculptures can be illuminated only from below. Game of light in bends of a statue will give new outlines to its forms.

For a pond or pool. Underwater fixtures can be both usual (yellowish), and light-emitting diode. The second ones can have various colors and even to change it, being poured by all colors of rainbow. And light of usual small lamps, being reflected from water, will play and flicker not worse than illumination. So, relaxing effect is provided!

Yves Delorme in Russia

July 19th, 2008

One of the most popular in the Europe and Russia of luxury-marks of bed-clothes Yves Delorme offers elegant mistresses and owners graceful “bed-clothes” for beds and sofas.
The new collection autumn-winter 2008-2009 from the French brand will be presented to the European public only in September, at Parisian exhibition Maison&Objet. Russian clients are lucky: they can choose fashionable bed-clothes now. Novelties are “ahead of schedule presented in conceptual interior Yves Delorme Lifestyle by Mis En Demeure, which has been again opened after reconstruction. The main idea of new space – the union of the French linen manufacturer with colleagues from Design house Mis En Demeure which not only sells furniture and interior objects in Old French spirit, but also renders services on houses and apartments interior arrangement.
In Yves Delorme Lifestyle by Mis En Demeur, besides new collections of linen from balloon cloth and sateen with jacquard or print ornaments, pillows and towels from actually YD, and also Kenzo, Oliver Desforges and Pierre Frey, it is possible to buy oak beds, lockers and cases from natural or artificially olden oak (for example, one bed looks cracked up to cracks and grinded by wood fretters), baroque consoles and mirrors, cut color glass, lusters with the crystal suspension brackets, the flavored candles and amusing figurines.

Economy class Ceilings

July 12th, 2008

They do not assume use of expensive finishing materials and technologies. Each kind demands, that old paint or whitewashing has been removed from a ceiling all over again.

-these works are not so expensive.

-such ceilings do not allow hiding a pipe;
-if ceiling is curve (one party is more than on 5 centimeters above another), cracks between plates of overlapping will be seen.

The plastered and painted ceiling
The ceiling should be leveled on described above technology and then painted. Whitewashing and an oil paint are not used any more and can be replaced with more convenient water-dispersive paints.

Ceiling wall-papers
Ceiling wall-papers are being glued on the leveled ceiling.
In what premises are they applied? – in any except for damp ones – bathroom and kitchen.

Ceiling plates

Ceiling plates are made of polystyrene or polyfoam. They may be glue on any surface, which need to be slightly leveled. Plates happen not laminated – it is possible to paint them with paint and to wipe dust with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.
In what premises are they applied? – In any and especially on kitchens and in bathrooms.

Flowers in bathroom

July 2nd, 2008

Today bathroom interior is not less important part of design projects, than all other premises.
Small architectural forms and various compositions from immortelles or indoor plants make bathroom a place for relaxation and rest. But for some reason indoor plants in bathrooms are quite rare in spite of the fact that these premises require that rigidity of walls has been smoothed by gentle greens of plants. Actually, by means of greens bathroom can be made really magnificent.
Presence of the big window in bathing – is an ideal variant for gardening. In a warm bathroom it is better to contain the plants, which have come to us from the countries with a tropical climate.├В┬а Small window limits a choice of arrangement a little, but more hardy plants here will approach. If there is no window in bathing, do not despair. And in this case there are ways of plants maintenance.
In the big bathroom with a good window it is possible to create a certain similarity of jungle or, as a last resort, small garden. Magnificent ferns and huge leaves of philodendrons will transform your bathroom into magnificent garden. Sprawling betel palms will help to soften coldish shine of tile.
Bermuda arrowroots will perfectly approach for warm and damp atmosphere of bathroom.
Place some large single plants in large bathroom. It can be various palm trees.

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