Interior design ideas

Comfortable colors

August 30th, 2008

Color strategy can be divided into three areas of influence.
1. Active, invigorating, toning up zone. It can be sitting room, cabinet, gym and game zone of children’s room. Here bright, sated, intensively-warm colors should be: red, orange, yellow.
They invigorate and adjust on active way of life, and still raise arterial pressure, speed up pulse.
2. A quiet, weakening, relaxing and calming zone. It can be bedroom, a bathroom, and wardrobe. Here it is recommended to use pastel, cold shades: green, blue, dark blue, violet.
3. The combined zone, uniting cold and warm tone. It can be kitchen, table, and hall.
Here various combinations are possible, but they should cat in harmony.
Colors of rest and well-being: these are natural shades, especially those, which are connected with the sea: sand, coral, pearl.
Colors of the surrounding nature: shades of color of green moss or pine needles, gentle-brown.
And, certainly, colors of the sky: from pale color of the gray-blue winter sky up to deep blue of summer midnight.
All these colors can be used both in furnish of walls, and in furniture.

Unusual fireplace

August 19th, 2008

The principle of work of a fireplace without flue is quite simple. In special capacity (the fiery bath, the chamber of combustion) from stainless steel pour a little liquid fuel and set fire by means of a special long hook.
There are classical variants of fireplace decoration – with portals from valuable breeds of tree and marble. There are fantastic, vanguard forms, where the fiery bowl is placed in glass cylinders of the various sizes. First, thus even greater safety is reached. Secondly, unlike traditional forms, in glass fireplaces fire can be considered from any party. All fireplaces are produced only from high-quality natural materials: glasses of better quality, the present ebony delivered from tropical woods. There are models, where for a basis the Scandinavian stone and aluminium popular is used.
There different models of fireplaces: models for terraces, angular, on rolls, built in and separately standing fireplaces-frameworks. There are eve wall fireplaces.
The operating time of a fireplace depends not only on quantity of fuel (from liter up to five), but also on model of the fireplace. In average, it is a question of two-three hours, but burning can last even all day long.

5 advertising myths about shower cabins (Part 2)

August 8th, 2008

The door from polystyrene is cheaper, but in due course “grows turbid” and looses its attractiveness. It is better to buy matte or with figures ones: on such background traces of time are less appreciable.
Choosing doors sway a skeleton. If it is easily loosened, refuse from this variant.
In order that your legs did not slide in soap water, choose the pallet with figure.
Pallets of the angular form have not the most successful sizes.
Buying a cabin, take the plan of the bathroom and compare it with exact sizes of the cabin.
Getting multipurpose shower cabin you should be ready that it will be necessary to arrange repair in bathroom. You should be offered the scheme of “preliminary” works.

Shower subtleties
The more shutters the door has, the less than place will be inside of a cabin, but the skeleton at the same time is stronger.
Good doors are opened and closed silently.
Doors on rollers are more convenient and break less. Ordinary opening door requires greater area. It is more convenient to wash it, but in 10 years it will be necessary to change rubber linings.
Choose a cabin with a convenient seat. Do not hesitate to check in shop a degree of comfort: sit so as if you are in a sweating room.

5 advertising myths about shower cabins (Part 1)

August 4th, 2008

Multipurpose cabins which can be established instead of a bath are becoming more and more popular.

Myth â„–1
This pleasure is not only for elites
Today practically everyone can buy shower cabin. It is necessary to choose only suitable size and adequate price. If you have small bathroom, you can lay out a tile, make a waterproofing, hang up the amalgamator and establish shower corner, which would consist from one door and the pallet.

Myth â„–2
Shower and sauna in one bottle

In high-grade sauna the temperature of air should be not less than 80 оС. At such temperature of heating, if you would casually touch plastic, you would receive the strongest burn. Therefore in shower cabins only a Turkish bath, the coolest one, can be arranged. At 100 % humidity of pairs gets warm up to 40 – 45оС. If the seller will convince you, that in a cabin pairs get warm up to 60оС, do not believe in it.

Myth â„–3
Real massage!
In order that the massage was real, water from vertically located atomizers should flow not at the same time: first some seconds – from the lowermost of some, then – from the following, and so up to the top. Then it will repeat all over again. If such process is not present, it is not a massage, but a usual shower. Massage atomizers should be rotary and with jet thickness regulation.

Myth â„–4
Electronics is always cool!!
In multipurpose shower cabins the thermostatic amalgamator is better than electronic regulator. In them there can not be electronics of the same quality, as in models at the price of nearby 10 thousand dollars.

Myth â„–5
The cabin will serve you for a long time
Practically all details of shower cabins are made of plastic. It is considered as the most qualitative German plastic. But even the most expensive plastic cabin will serve a maximum for 15 – 20 years.

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